Humans gone in 30 years? Beginning of Mass extinction

I mean, it's nice to have hope (see: religion) but the reality is nothing will change us but change itself. Even then, some smokers will take their final breath with a cloud of smoke.

Those are some interesting people!
Marc Morano is a great patriot. If you find yourself concerned about global warming or climate change or whatever crisis these criminals are selling, you should read his book or at least dig more into what he talks about in interviews.

When I was very young, they were worried about global cooling. Then it was the ozone layer. Then it was the rain forest and save the whales. Then it was the oceans. Then it was recycling and reducing water consumption (turn off the tap!). Then it was global warming. Then climate change. Now the climate crisis. 12 years to live. No wait, 10. No wait, 9. We're all gonna die!!!!11 Sure...

They said back in the late 80s that if we didn't "reverse" whatever by the year 2000 it would be "too late." Still here 21 years later.

In the mid 2000s, they said we would have to become climate refugees and migrate to Antarctica. Didn't happen.

They said the UK would never see snow again by now. Of course it's already snowed again this winter in England.

The ever clever Prince Charles said in 2011 that we only had 96 months to save the world. More like shake people down for taxes and donations to globalist foundations.

They said back in the 80s that by now we might be as much as 9 degrees warmer. Check your local weatherman's forecasts on the evening news. See how many times he indicates that there's been a new record high, and if not, when the last record high was actually set.

And it goes on and on. Now they've got groups like the very evil Sunrise Movement brainwashing kids today. And who is funding them? Gee whiz. Would you believe it's the Rockefeller Family Fund and George Soros? Why do these people hate you? That's a good question to pursue.

I'm just shocked at how many people believe in the grand conspiracy theory. If you look at the populations of China, India and Africa, then we cannot talk about extinction. It's just that some ethnic groups assimilate others. 

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