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Chicago's Very Own thread

9/11/ 2010 Meetup - at Galloping Ghost Arcade - Brookfield IL
top row:shieryda, CAG 79, ryosnk, slowdive21, mrosnwo, chi.bri
bottom row: Blackout, Ruben (ryosnk brother), dpac andWeaponX2099

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Hello, I am a Chicago guy so I would like to start a Chicago thread so maybe we can help each other out by letting Chicago area cheapasses find cheap deals.

-Saturday, April 5 at 3PM Dunaly's on the Square 3137 W. Logan Blvd.-

Would anyone be interested in a CAG Chicago meet up at game works (in woodfield)? They have a special for $10 on thursday for all you can play from 9 to midnight.

More info here:




Chicago member List (Now I know who gets my games :wink: j/k)

Darkside Hazuki
Johnny Postman
Jonny Polychronopoulos
Rocksolidaudio (1up located in San Francisco)
ryosnk (Addison and austin)
shieryda (located near Six Corners)
Walt Jay

Here are some little known stores in the Chicagoland area.

VideoGames Etc.
4351 N. Harlem
Norridge, IL 60706

Gamerz Garage
6128 Cass Ave
Westmont, IL 60559

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GO WHITE SOX AND CUBBIES! Maybe next year!
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Okay, I am in on this, but we have to agree to share the wealth, because I have scavengered the following locations:
Ford City Target
2000 Cicero Target
South Pulaski Target
Elston Target
31st gamestop
Roosevelt/Canal Gamestop
Cermak Gamestop
Ford City Best Buy
Ford City Circuit City
Clybourn Best Buy
Clybourn Circuit City

I have quite a few penny guides up for trade as well as a few games I'd be willing to part with. in general the Targets have treated me well, but you have got to be diligent about checking the clearance rack and scanning things and asking questions...I'd be happy to post what I've got and to discuss with whoever ways to organize our cheap asses together.
Okay then. Post away bub. Lately I just go to a few stores:

Matteson Target
Matteson GAmestop
Matteson EB (sucks Horribly)
Homewood Target

But sometime I go North Riverside Mall (when I'm unfortunely broke) and fing good stuff there.

Chicago Ridge Mall's Gamestop, EB and Two indy stores. The one across the Instant Replay (I think) sells imports.

I'll think of more good to decent places.
I found a opened copy of sly cooper at South elgin target and they sold to me for 5 bucks!!!

Quick someone go open more games


I live in chicago, but i live downtown, so theres no good places for me, id be up for metting at a bar though, peace
[quote name='shadd01']I live in chicago, but i live downtown, so theres no good places for me, id be up for metting at a bar though, peace

thats what Im talking about! I mean its not even $10 for me to take the train in, and $5 for a bus pass for the day. What places would you all want to meet at?
[quote name='BigNick']
thats what Im talking about! I mean its not even $10 for me to take the train in, and $5 for a bus pass for the day. What places would you all want to meet at?[/quote]

well since it seems that everyone is pretty spread out, i suggest something in the middle, maybe something in downtown....hehe, but im kinda partial, it really doesnt matter to me
[quote name='WeaponX2099']How about ESPN Zone.[/quote]

As long as I can easily get there on the bus, I could care less!
Might be interested, but i do have a wife, a 3 year old and a two month sometimes it's hard to get out if you know what I mean.

i'm a couple of blocks away from make that US cellular, so downtown is no problem whatsoever...there's also Sox games this weekend as well if a bar is too...well...barry for everyone.
The Disc Replay that is right next to Best Buy in Village Crossing usually has a decent selection of used games. They give cash for trade ins and that is why so many people sell back over there. There is also another Disc Replay in Harwood Heights, right next to the Gamestop on Harlem and Lawrence. Lots of good deals if you get lucky.
I live in downtown(north) and work in the burbs so I pass by many stores.

Best Buy in Niles (corner Golf rd / Greenwood) have the best selection of $9.99 or less clearance games and 1 cent strategy guides. Store also has vast amount of GGCs.
I live near downtown.
Game stores i usually go to the gamestop on canal and roosevelt. Nothing much there.

I go up to north ave alot. I just traded some crap into the Eb and got extra 10 bucks for 3 games.
The guy let me slide even tho i was missing a booklet for a game.
Im game to meet at a bar or something. It would be really cool if some one could host a lan party for 6-8 of us. I would pitch in for beer! I could bring the switch and cables. Xbox is what I got.
I respect that fact that you are doing sometihng like this. it is a very good deal and I feel it does help people in the chi area to find games or not waste gas. but CAG is now going to be full of local area posts. I can see it now the san diego post, L.A., N.Y., little havana, sweet water texas, etc. great idea.
hey guys, glad to see so many people from around here. i live on the north side, and would love to get together for some gaming. i also frequent the targets, best buys, circuit citys and such around here so i might be able to help out with any questions. anyhow, i'm living with my dad at the moment, and he's going out of town for a week or so. if everyone is interested, you guys could all come over to my place this saturday night and we can get our game on. i have two good-sized tvs and all three systems, we'd just need another system and some extra controllers (and whatever games we wanted to play, obviously). let me know if there's any interest.
Hey all I'm on the northwest side and have all three systems, couple controllers for each and all teh current mutli games. I'd be up for a lan party any time soon. Something along the lines of Halo, Smash Bros and Pandora Tomorrow maybe? I dont know what else people play these days. Thats about all we did at school this year.
everyone who has posted in this thread should have received the following PM:

"hey, i dunno if you've checked the "chicago's very own" thread recently, but i'm inviting everyone from the area over to my place (north side of chicago, near lincoln square) this saturday evening/night to play some games. i figure we'll do halo and mario kart:dd at a minimum, assuming people can help me out by bringing some of the hardware and such. we can all throw down a couple bucks too and get some pizza/beer (for those over 21)/whatever, and people are welcome to stay as late as they want or crash on my floor. i'm sending this same PM to everyone who has posted in the thread, but feel free to forward it to anyone else from the board you know is from the area. so i guess let me know if you're interested so i can get some idea of if enough people can come to make it worth organizing. please RSVP in a PM, but post in the thread too regardless so that everyone can discuss this more openly. i'll post all the exact info in the thread once i have a better idea of what's going on and who's coming. thanks. i hope this ends up happening, it should be fun.


p.s. we could all bring some games we want to trade and do a swap meet of sorts as well."

so, yeah, let me know.
Im in. How will parking work? I could jsut take the train and bus. I have a xbox and 4 controllers. I have a gamecube, 4 controllers, but no network adapter. I can also bring a switch and network cables. BEER!!!!!! Oh ya, I'll bring a digi cam so we can send some pics to CheapyD.
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