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I got a new email with the title "Answer 1 Question - get 100 points".  Links to a 2 1/2 minute video, and answer a poll after that for the points code.  Video can be scrolled through to get to the poll and points code afterward.  I'm not sure if the code will work without watching the video and doing the poll, but I'll post it below anyway for those that want to try.  

Points code:  VIDE-OSAR-EFUN-2SEE

KFR is changing. No more points after 12/15/2021.
Found this information on the site.

"On 1/3/22, the new Kellogg’s Family Rewards® is coming. It’s going to be easier and fun-er to earn rewards, offers and deals. Keep doing all the things you love on KFR! You’ll earn points up to 12/15/21 and you can spend them until 12/31/21. You’ve got plenty of time!"


It’s simpler – and more fun! Starting on 1/3/22, each month will unlock more opportunities for rewards. No more slowly accumulating points and waiting to spend them. No more keeping track of how many you have or need."
fuck ! All I'll be able to afford by mid December is 4 coupons.

"easier and fun-er to earn rewards" yea, I bet...

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Pandemic Cereal Quiz: 500 points (8 questions) Expires: 12-31-2021

[attachment=36216:Screen Shot 2021-10-14 at 22.06.41.png][attachment=36217:Screen Shot 2021-10-14 at 22.07.36.png]

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Haven't seen anything here lately. Has anyone tried the Minecraft coins promo? What a trash and difficult to use website!!
I've done the Minecraft coin promo a few times and its been a huge pain having a receipt get approved.

i deactivated my account. No way to earn 5 tokens (remember it's supposed to be super easy), and not always anything worth redeeming for.  They ruined their program. Probably to save money by having less rewards to dole out.

I want to say the first or second month of the new site I tried to redeem the five tokens for a $5 amazon gift card. It wouldn't process so I opened a support ticket. It went OOS before the ticket received a reply.

I'm waiting for my second Minecraft promo to process. It said five days but it's been two weeks.

KFR is done. 

Kellogg’s Family Rewards® is all about the foods you love, loving you back. To better do this, we’re ending the Kellogg’s Family Rewards® program to directly connect you to your favorite brands. All the fun offers, promos and recipes you love aren’t going anywhere.

Keep enjoying KFR and scoring tokens for awesome rewards until December 31, 2022. You can log in and redeem rewards until January 15, 2023. Got questions?

bread's done