Kmart Game Discounts All Platforms Starting At $5 - Most Store Pickup Only YMMV


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Edit Edit- Various markdowns by platform:








Ground Zeroes $5

Kinect Sports Rivals $20

AC4 $20

Titanfall $20

Wash Dogs $25

Madden 15 $30

Evil Within $30

NHL 15 $30

Destiny $40

Shadow of Mordor $40

Far Cry 4 $45

AC Unity $45


Ground Zeroes $5

Knack $10

MLB 14 $15

AC4 $20

Wash Dogs $25

Madden 15 $30

Evil Within $30

NHL 15 $30

Destiny $40

Shadow of Mordor $40

Dragon Age Inquisition $45

Far Cry 4 $45

AC Unity $45


Castlevania LoS 2 $5

LA Noire $5

SC Blacklist $10

Stick of Truth $20

NHL 15 $20


NHL 14 $5

Castlevania LoS 2 $5

Arkham Origins $10

Rayman Legends $10

Beyond $10

Wolfenstein $20

Xillia 2 $20

NHL 15 $20


Disney Magical World $10

Paper Mario Sticker Star $10

Lego City Undercover: The Chase Begins $10

Mario Party Island Tour $15

Mario Golf: World Tour $15

Pokemon X $15

Pokemon Y $15

Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds $20

Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon $20

Kirby Tripe Deluxe $20

Mario & Luigi Dream Team $20

Tomodachi Life $20

Bravely Default $20

Yoshi's New Island $20

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Edit- The game has gone down to $5 now but the PS3 version can no longer be added to the cart.  The 360 version has gone to $5 as well and can still be ordered.

Castlevania Lords of Shadow 2 $10 at Kmart.  Not available for shipping but has in-store pickup if it's available locally.

Seems to be $30-40 most places still even though it didn't review nearly as well as the first game.  Free rental though since it trades back to BBY for $10 right now and GS for $13.

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I saw a Playstation Move bundle with Medieval Moves and Sports Champions priced at $84.99. Would anyone know if this is marked down? I would have asked to price check it, but there was no one working in the electronics department at the time. I waited around for a while too.
I seen a move bundle clearanced at my Kmart early this year and was around $20. Never hurt to ask them to check.
Managed to find 2 Wonderful 101s for trade. This kmart was 30 mins away from me and still had a good selection but mostly everything was still ringing up full price.

Wii U
Donkey Kong Tropical Freeze 49.99
NSMB and luigi u were both 29.99

Zelda, Luigis Mansion and Todo life were all reg price.
When this deal was active, I didn't see any of the games in the store. Today, I see a copy of Ground Zeroes in the glass after the deal is dead. I know who's responsible, too. The main manager of my Kmart is a bastard who pretty much flat out refuses to sell games for less than $10. He probably hid the game until the sale was over.

My Kmart had a Wind Waker HD for $40, a $60 Hyrule Warriors, and some random PS3 crap games in the cabinet.

On the shelf with the "budget labels" was mostly junk - aside from a DS Lego Star Wars I-VI (considered it), and a bunch of FFXIII GH copies for PS3. I think for $5, those are worth it if you don't have it already, but I do.

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