LEGO Deals 3

I never called them. I ordered from Amazon and they still sent me the pieces. So Lego is actually being proactive and getting customer info from other retailers. If you bought from a store, though, you'd probably have to call them.
Amazon says I bought mine September 1st, when did you get yours?

Interesting.  My sister got me one at a B&M Lego store, but put it on my VIP card.  I'll call next year if I don't see anything.

Merry Christmas.

I might actually get to build my son's new Tie Fighter since he's been playing SW Battlefront all morning.

Noticed that Target didn't start any Lego clearance yesterday, although I don't hold out much hope for this year as everything except for Chima and City is gone.

Wife got me the Sandman and Rhino supervillain team up set and First Order TIE Fighter set

Not sure if I want to keep the TIE fighter. It's nice but there are other sets I want more. Anyone care to try to talk me out of it, recommend it?

My son just built his First Order Tie and we both like it.  Wings feel more secure than the last Tie set, color scheme is cool, double cockpit is really nice, great mini's-the pilot's helmet has a hose dropping down that is flush to the body so it looks like it is plugged into the suit.

Keep in mind I got it for about $45 and not $70.  I'd be less satisfied at $70.

The big down side for me is that I now have to get Poe's X-Wing because you can't have one without the other!

I didnt get any Lego for Christmas but i had a ton of fun playing with my niece and nephew who had plenty of sets to build (I watched because I know better).

According to brickseek the Ninjago polybag in the Christmas section at Target is still 3.99. Was hoping for a post holiday markdown.
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According to brickseek the Ninjago polybag in the Christmas section at Target is still 3.99. Was hoping for a post holiday markdown.
Not sure what is going on over there, because a couple of Christmas items I've been tracking that SHOULD be 50% off automagically today are showing full price via brickseek.

EDIT: they ring up half off (but not ending in 8) in store. Found an insane score today. I check Lego DPCIs every week or two, and noted a couple of days ago that the Death Star 204-00-0661 was showing 1 on hand, 0 available at a store pretty close to me but full price. Odd, I thought, but this was the same store that I had stopped in a few days prior to Christmas at and happened to catch the employees stocking the toy aisles. On a flatbed full of boxes from Lego, was an Expert Creator Pet Shop modular 204-00-0673. Rang up full price $149.99 at that time, however.

No idea why these sets were available at this location, but I checked their DPCIs again yesterday and both showed prices HALF OFF and both were showing 1 on hand, 0 available. I went there this morning, and unbelievably found the Pet Shop with a clearance sticker on it, sitting there on the last toy aisle (where the motorized cars and outdoor large bulky games are). I then checked the DPCI for the Death Star and it indicated Stockroom: Yes, so I found an employee near there that was working on the Christmas/Holiday clearance section. She checked the DPCI on her little Target iPod as I told her it might be in the back to which she replied, "How many do you want"?!?!?!?! Of course I go well how many do you have???? Two. So one for my nephews, one for us. Woot. $199.98. $199.98, and $74.98 before redcard discount and taxes. Merry post-XMas to us!

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Came up with the excuse of needing dog food to justify a trip to Target. Signs say 30% but the Ninjago polybag still scans at 3.99 while the unimpressive Friends singer poly (086-14-0377) was 50% off at 1.99. Realized the Ninjago DPCI starts 204- so despite its location it's not considered part of the Christmas stuff.

Some regular Lego was 30% off. Nothing terribly exciting and not much to expect it to last for another drop. City, Chima, Creator, jungle and elves Friends, the Black Friday arctic set of course.
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The target I'm at, but don't live near have HUNDREDS of the Friends poly for 50% off. If I lived closer I'd wait for 90%.
Target has a bunch of Elves sets for 30-40% off. But most aren't for shipping so you will have to look for site to store. The $20 spa set is $12, the $15 set is about $9, the $10 set is $7. They are really nice sets, I have the $15 one.

Mid-TN walmart had a ton of stuff marked as clearance but OOS. I was able to get the scooby-doo lighthouse for $35 down from $50. Oddly enough they had two star destroyers (75055) that i hadnt seen in months anywhere local. Still marked $129.

Other mentions were:

Kylo ren shuttle - $89

Ninjago morrow drag - $35

Quinjet - $59

Are the discounted prices at Walmart universal (i.e. Falcon would be $109 at every store)?
No, best way to check is by downloading the walmart app and checking the in store price through there. They also had the imperial shuttle for $74, Kylo Ren's Shuttle for $89, and Anakins Modified fighter for $30, which is a Walmart exclusive.

EDIT: Death Star Dual is $59, I found it at one store, but didn't want to drive 20ish miles one way.

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Found minecraft the mine for $69, av7 cannon for $30, police dog unit for $17 and imperial star destroyer for $99 at Wally World today.
Oh, dang, I have that one--opened and assembled, that is. Wasn't that a giveaway with XX$ purchase off at some point? I think that's how I got mine. I could be confusing it with something else.

I have the same issues with their website all the time. I have to search twice before it works.

I'm on a mac + chrome.
Yeah it used to work on the second try but the last few months it doesn't at all. I'm on Mac plus Chrome and Safari and it never works. I thought it was only for sales, but now it's just all the time.

Saw a couple Nexo Knights or whatever at Walmart. They actually look really cool. They had the car that turns into a horse, and one that splits to a sword looking plane.

The Ninjago polybag in Target's Christmas section is now 50% off in at least one store. DPCI 204-00-1721
They couldn't have been yesterday when my Target had a ton and I was there. I bought two for full price but I think it's a great pollywog, so much better than that horrible Friends one.

Two TRU's near me were supposed to have at least 20 Stormtrooper Sergeants left but neither store could find them. If anyone can pick up one or two for me please let me know. One of the TRU's still has a crap ton of Threepios I could pick up if needed. I did pick up the Tiger poly though

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