List of All Free Steam Content

Two games free to keep on Steam until the 19th:
Dead island Riptide Definitive Edition

RPG Maker XP
Free to keep from the 12th until the 19th on Steam. Let's you make RPGs with graphics reminiscent of the SNES. A spiritual successor to Stewart Smith's Adventure Construction Set, Bard's Tale Construction Set, or Forgotten Realms Construction Set.
This game has been free since November and it's not bad if you're an older gamer that can still appreciate games without high quality graphics. They would have been decent 30-35 years ago.
Space Crew Legendary Edition is free to keep if you claim it before the Ides of March.

Also for some reason on other boards people were excited that Star Control II: The Ur-Quan Masters was available free on Steam even though it was ported to the PC, Mac, and Linux over 20 years ago and released as FreeWare without needing Steam's launcher.
The port that works on any 21st century computer (and some late '90s as it ran on a 300mhz laptop with 96mb of RAM) and has been available for 20 years and works without an internet connection:
New Steam version that requires you to log in to Steam to play:
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