Madden 15 Xbox One League - 3 Seasons Completed! Moving On To Madden 16!

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I'm definitely down for another league. Hopefully we can fill it up this year. I'll do my best to get previous members back in.
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If I find a cheap or used copy of 15 I will do the bestbuy preorder and be in as well.

Have not played Madden since 2012 with any real time into it. How is the new installments? I hate cheese play
I put some time in. Load times are nuts.
Really? Do you mean load times going into a game? Or like load times going from one section of the menu to another? The former is somewhat acceptable (though still stupid for a game that is on the hard drive, after all). But if it's the latter, that's going to really hurt the game. NHL 13 had a similar problem, and it made checking stats, looking at the auction house in Ultimate Team, etc. agonizing.

So I haven't played Madden consistently in a while, but here are my thoughts on playing the trial for about forty five minutes. 

1. I don't like Ben Roethlisberger. He seems to be the face of this years Madden. He does all the menu voices/tutorials and the game starts with the Steelers winning the Super Bowl. 

2. There are some serious frame rate problems with their new presentations for me. During the sideline scenes the game and audio were both stuttering and getting out of sync. 

3. The load times getting around seem a lot longer than Madden 15. It's hard to tell from how much I played though. 

4. The presentation has good ideas, but players talking to each other comes off as lifeless and rubbery. Would it be too much to ask for the lips to be synced up? 

5. The new catching mechanic seemed really easy. Hard to make a decision on this until I play a little more. 

I played it yesterday as well.

1)- I agree.  I thought that whole mini game at the beginning was stupid.  I actually LOST while testing that mechanic.  If you hit the X button too late, you catch the ball and dive like an idiot.  

2)- I saw the same thing.  I chalked that up to the digital EA access version, or my connection.  But if it happened to you too, then it may be a game problem. 

3)- Load times seemed normal to me.  Although the menus were slow

4)- The presentation was blah to me.  I didn't expect much, didn't get much

5)- Only the X button problem I had, otherwise I agree.  Did anyone make an Odell Beckham catch against you?  I had a right handed Miami receiver make a left handed ODB catch and Simms and Nantz gushed over it for about five minutes.  So I guess now that that animation is in the game we're going to see it tons.  

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