Madden 15 Xbox One League - 3 Seasons Completed! Moving On To Madden 16!

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Advanced. For some reason I thought I already did it, but I think I was just remembering booting the game up to put Chicago on auto, haha. Whatever.

We have advanced to Week 12. The deadline for this week will be 5/20.

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Yeah, franchise practice is nice.  Sounds like they are trying to fix confidence, but it still carries from one season to the next.  They do give you an opportunity to increase it in the offseason with prep.

All I know is that I'd better not start a season with a guy who's spent his whole career on my team and running the same playbook have a fucking loss of 25 confidence due to "not knowing the playbook".
Looks like some decent changes so far. Free practice, cleaner player cards, and the ability to assign wins are all very nice to see. It sure would be great if they talked about improving website/mobile functionality. Those are must have improvements from a commissioner standpoint.

Henry Melton - 44 sacks 

lol jesus. i'm kinda glad i was out of town during our game. but I hope I get to play you in the playoffs... Your rookie WR is amazing.

Nate, I know you said a while back that you were done. But would you have any interest in playing our Week 17 game sometime over the next few days?
Nate, I know you said a while back that you were done. But would you have any interest in playing our Week 17 game sometime over the next few days?
Probably not going to have time. We just closed on our house yesterday, so we're in the middle of packing/painting/moving small things/changing locks/etc.

I'm going to be out of town from 13th-20th I was wondering if you would be ok with making the deadline for the divisional round sunday

Looks like we're only waiting on "ONE" real game..outside of n8's..if he's still playing. 

Other than that Broncos @ chiefs...Steppano Z..where are yoooouuu

Well, I'm probably going to need somebody to volunteer to commish these last few weeks and keep advancing the league. We'll be moving into our house on Monday, so I'll probably be without internet for a few days (it's nobody hold your breath, haha).

As for an advancement schedule, I have no thoughts. Unless you want my opinions on the best type of paint for concrete floors or how to put a plastic shed together, I'm of little help right now. :lol:

Looks like steppano z will be able to play his game after 10pm central, tonight. 

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I'd be interested in a Madden 16 league (or if you guys re-start this current Madden). I prefer the Dolphins or Colts. I run a league of my own so I familiar with the sim style of play.

Yea , I'm not getting my game in tonight. Still at fucking O'Hare, delayed to 10:45 with rumors going around that pilots are timing out so flights getting cancelled BC of lack of pilots.
Feel free to sim mine. Or I can play tmrw since I'm off of work.. Up to u guys. Don't really give a fuck right now, fuck spirit. Never flying with them again. The cheapness isn't worth the lack of customer service or lack of communication.
We have Advanced. 

Divisional Playoffs:

Chiefs  @ Texans

Cardinals @ Saints

Titans @ Dolphins

Vikings @ 49ers

Let's get these games played gents. 

I will not be home till late Friday can you hold off the advance until then I would really like to play my game I could play that night
We Have advanced to the Conference Championships.

Saints get a free ride to the superbowl with a cpu battle versus the vikings. 

Tanabeo, when can you play? 

Hey SirAdam and Tanabeo, are either of you up for a season four? If not, can I take over as commish so I can get another draft/season in before 16 drops?
No problem. I saw later that someone else had shared it in the deals forum as well, but Amazon isn't really advertising their Prime game specials so much.
Bumping to say the CAG Madden League will be back this year. Not going to lie, I was on the fence until the new guy came along and made his league. There's no need for beating chests or any of that...but some people appreciate history. And that is something we've all created here. So, call it necessary motivation, haha.

Of course, some people just love lots and lots of Madden, so there's no reason they can't play in two leagues. And considering where the JV League got its start, I can't begrudge the existence of a second league.

Anyway, we will be back. I really have no idea what to expect from Madden this year. I'm not sure what online franchise changes EA has implemented...if the website and/or app works any better...or if it's just going to be more of the same.

Either way, we will most likely do a lottery for teams again like last year. And we'll be putting the difficulty back to All-Pro. All-Madden was just too inconsistent, in my opinion.  Sometimes it was impossible to win...and other times, you had rookie WRs drafted in the 6th round that the AI still couldn't cover (Antwon Jolly, ahem...)

If anybody has any requests or suggestions, feel free to post them. Thanks, guys! :)

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Yeah, I mean...I have the game pre-ordered, so I figure it just makes sense to do a league again. I can't see myself really being immersed in single player...and seriously... fuck MUT.

My only concern is that American Truck Simulator is supposed to be out that same week. Sooo...I could be doing a lot of hauling around 'Merica at that time. I can't wait for the Confederate flag paint job mod, lol...I keeeed. :lol:

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