Madden 15 Xbox One League - 3 Seasons Completed! Moving On To Madden 16!

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Hey N8? Can I sign 2 of the lowest ovr QBs as space savers so I do t have to use my only 2 FA picks on a QB?

I'm sure a lot more QBs will be available once roster cuts have happened. And since FA will be open I can always choose my QB then. But obviously I need a QB or 2 to play the preseason.
Hey N8? Can I sign 2 of the lowest ovr QBs as space savers so I do t have to use my only 2 FA picks on a QB?

I'm sure a lot more QBs will be available once roster cuts have happened. And since FA will be open I can always choose my QB then. But obviously I need a QB or 2 to play the preseason.
Just do that with one QB (lowest rated). Injuries are off, so you don't have to worry about that. Yes, he'll end up playing the whole game, but if you're signing a low level guy as a "space saver" that you intend to cut anyway, it shouldn't matter. That way you're not wasting your free agent moves...but aren't taking full advantage either.

Current List: 
Group 1 
Green Bay
Miami - Josh Robinson, CB
Denver - QB Ben Roethlisberger
Group 2
Houston- FS Khalid Wooten
Chicago - CB Dametric Easley
Tennessee - TE John Carlson
New Orleans - MLB Curtis Lofton
For future reference, trade proposals are supposed to be sent to me via PM and not posted in the thread.

My league has been doing it that way for a few years, since we all generally agreed it wasn't helpful allowing everybody and their mother to comment on trades that may or may not be approved.

Sending the proposal through PM ensures that only the trade committee sees it until it is either approved or rejected.

And since most everybody has made their first free agent selection, we'll move on to our second round of draft style free agency starting tomorrow at 9AM ET (I like doing it this way since we only have two groups...and it will allow us to flip the start times).


Group 1 (May choose a second free agent starting 3/24 @ 9AM ET)


Green Bay - John Jerry, RG - Kevin Hughes, RT

Miami - Josh Robinson, CB - Justin Blalock, LG

Denver - Ben Roethlisberger, QB

Group 2 (May choose a second free agent starting 3/24 @ 9PM ET)

Houston - Khalid Wooten, FS

Chicago - Dametric Easley, CB - Steve Beauharnais, LOLB

Tennessee - John Carlson, TE - Jordon Bray, CB

New Orleans - Curtis Lofton, MLB - Kyle Arrington, CB

Free Agency will be completely open 3/25 @ 9AM ET

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New Orleans Saints Sends

DJ Redmond
Age 20
73 Overall
Contract Info: (Rookie 4th round Pick) 4 Years, 4 years remaining, (2016: 420k, 2017 520k, 2018 640k, 2019 820k) signing bonus:400k
Spd: 91, Cth 73, CIT 62 SPC 76, RTE 74RLS 55, AWR 64. Confidence 20

Kairi Fortt
63 OVR
4 yrs, 2 remaining (2106:610k, 2017 780k) signing bonus 400k
Confidence: 99, Pur 78, Tak77, SPd 81, PRC 66 Hit Power 87, Block Shed 83, Acc 87, Man Coverage 70, Zone, Coverage 72

Buffalo Bills

Kiko Alonso
81 ovr
Contract Info: 4yrs, 1 year remaining, (2016 1.28Mil), signing bonus: 1.6mil
Confidence: 23 Pur 90, Tak83, SPd 81, PRC 88, Hit Power 80, Block Shed 78, Acc 88, Man Coverage 70, Zone, Coverage 86

So Buffalo has Kiko sitting on the trade block. When I plug Fortt and Redmond into the trade block thing it shows a "High" interest for Buffallo on both. Saints get a 1 year deal with a starter (with little to no confidence) who will probably command a highsalary/franchise tag going into next season. Buffallo recieves a young quick rookie WR who was taken in the fourth round and a 99 confidence Super Bowl Champion linebacker to plug in on special teams and possibly starting in ther bills base 4-3 or on passing downs.

6 years of service for 1.
Trade Rejected - We didn't see much value going Buffalo's way here. Redmond has speed....but terrible release, mediocre route running, and no real standout catching attribute. Fortt is slow, doesn't cover the field very well, and has so-so tackling. Even with his 99 confidence, it's a tough sell calling either of these guys prsspects...especially when this league won't be around long enough for them to grow.

Conversely, Alonso has several valuable skills and makes an immediate impact on your team.

Trade Proposal Alert (WITH CPU)
New Orleans Saints Sends
2017 2nd Round Pick

Geno Smith
75 ovr
Contract Info: 4yrs, 1 year remaining, (2016 1.45mil), signing bonus: 2mil
Confidence: 11, Short 77, Medium 71, Deep 79, Power 93, AWR 56

I thought i'd throw this one out there. Don't know how everyone feels about trading next years draft picks (I'm down for 4 seasons!).
Pretty good theoretical haul for the Jets. They just spent a ton on Nick Foles, heck they might even cut Geno before the end of pre-season. Give the Jets some love and see a Geno Smith redemption story, why not?
Trade Rejected - This one didn't even really need to be discussed. Mathmatically, there isn't time for a 4th season unless we're all skipping Madden 16. We're just beginning season 3...and each one has been taking us about 3 months. April/May/June. So, season 4 would be July/August/September. Aint happenin, lol.

Sorry, man. It does at least say in the OP that trades with the CPU would be heavily scrutinized.

We have advanced to Week 2 of the preseason. The deadline for this week will be 3/26 at 11:59PM ET.

And again, free agency will be completely open 3/25 at 9AM ET.

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In case anyone is wondering, Cotton Grays jersey is currently sold out. It's currently on backorder and in high demand. Let me know if anyone wants to pre-order one from the next order.
Titans - 16

Bears - 10

I have experienced Cotton Gray! lol :lol: Oh, man. Poor, poor Cotton. He had a rough go of it in this one. After coming in in the 2nd quarter, he went 3-13 with 2 INTs for a QB rating of 0, lol. He was also sacked 2-3 times, with my rookie DT, Wayne Silva getting to him twice. I can't believe I found Silva in the 4th round. He's a 77 OVR with Superstar development and the game had him projected to go late in the 5th round. I know EA loves the idea of "gems", but that shit is stupid. He's already pretty high rated with a high ceiling...that's called a stud, EA.

Anyway, Panoramic eventually had to bring in Matt McGloin to stop the bleeding as his offense just couldn't go anywhere with Gray at the helm. McGloin was able to add a late TD to at least get Chicago into the endzone once on the day. Conversely, the Chicago defense was very stout. I had trouble running the ball (still not sure if I'm a fan of Beast Mode in this game). But surprisingly, Zach Mettenberger came in and made a few really nice touch passes that got me into the endzone. He then followed that up by making a few really bad, yeah. Not taking the starting job any time soon.

It was a fun game though. GG to Panoramic. But can I say...holy crap are the kicking meters WAY slower against human opponents on All-Madden than they are vs the CPU. I know that has always been one of the concerns, but maybe I've never played against another person on All-Madden to actually see the difference. No idea why EA thinks that's necessary. Just leave it one speed regardless of who you're playing against. If it's a lag concern, then just leave it slow against the CPU too. The kicking game is already more challenging without the arc.

Also, that hit stick fumble I caused on your first drive was complete EA bullshit. I did it with Jason McCourty....who has 78 tackle and 60 hit power. Yup...not random at all. Totally determined by player skill, haha. Anyway, thanks for working with my crazy week to find time for the game, Panoramic!

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That's not just an All-Madden thing. The kicking meters have always been slower for me when playing online.
Oh, yeah, I know. It's just markedly different on All-Madden. I'd almost say it's twice as fast against the CPU. My best guess is that it gets exponentially faster vs the CPU, but doesn't actually change against human opponents. So, by the time you reach All-Madden, you really notice it. But after playing the CPU and then going to a human team, it makes you feel like you're on rookie difficulty, haha.

So my rookie that was picked not to get drafted and the only reason I got him is because he was from West Virginia is a 64 OVR and has a 57 RLS but beats press every time and is the reason I have been winning my games. I'm glad it's preseason and you don't get much exp(I got 900) so I don't feel so bad with how much I throw the deep ball to him but in 3 games he has 12 TDs on 18 receptions for 519 yards he is always 5-10 yards pass the CB but yet hopkins with 90+ RLS can't get pass a corner to save his life I don't get madden.

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It's tough because he's also playing against 2nd string defenders. I definitely see similar things though. I feel like I can hardly ever throw to my #1 WR because most teams have at least one competent CB with good man and press numbers. And even though Kendall Wright has 82 RLS (along with 95 ACC, 96 AGI, 92 SPD, and 84 RE), the only time he really gets open is against zone coverage. I guess that's why teams move receivers around in real life. The problem though is doing that in Madden is generally bullshit because the defensive coaching options are so shitty.

I still don't know why they haven't brought back defensive assignments. It's a horrible oversight. And yeah, allowing that would basically leave us with the same scenario of CB #1 on WR #1 all the time....but I guess at least he'd be in different places in different formations, and that alone would create different opportunities and scenarios. I hate that having your #1 WR in the slot in Madden has essentially become an exploit. It's lazy, garbage programming.

I don't know his stats but he was manned up against browner I think he was on Hopkins in the 1st quarter then jumped to my rookie the rest of the game
Yeah...that's the other tough thing...the preseason sub packages are broken as hell. Even though I have 7 WR and 3 TEs on my team, I've had a few instances where my starting RB (Lynch) and my starting LT (Lewan) were subbed in AS RECEIVERS on the same play. My depth charts are completely filled out with proper positions and these weren't Bill Belicheat play calls either. Just random EA shit that makes no sense.

Ugh...I'm about done with All-Madden already. It's the biggest bunch of horseshit I've ever seen. I've got a nice highlight package coming soon. Anybody who has ever said that turning up the difficulty makes your AI play smarter has no clue what they're talking about. The 76 OVR Washington Redskins just handed me my ass...with what basically amounted to cheating on part of the CPU. There is no way in hell these things should happen.

On top of that, I worry that because of how the CPU plays on encourages cheesing to beat them. Sure, it's harder...but it's the cheap kind of harder. You've got 73 OVR RBs shrugging off hits in the backfield and turning it into a 6 yard gain. It's just broken garbage through and through.

I mean, I'll stick it out for this season since this was basically a science experiment anyway. But I can promise there is zero chance future leagues will be run on All-Madden. It is not good gameplay. If you believe it is, you need to have your head examined.

EDIT - Maybe I'll get that clip uploaded by Christmas, lol. It appears that the most recent system update has made the Upload Studio even more worthless than it was. It's so slow now, and I don't see a way to do multi-clip projects anymore. Sure would be nice to have a file manager or some way to just browse to the video files and maybe transfer them to a flash drive or something.

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I agree on All Madden, n8. It actually increases the madden-ness of the game. Not in a good way. All pro with sliders is probably the best bet.

Edit: and with 8 user players, we' ll all be playing a lot of comp games.
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When over half of my CPU games last season were shutouts, some with the CPU only gaining 50 yards on offense. I think switching to something more challenging is in order. But it's up to all of you guys.
Wow! That's not fun. I wasn't suggesting a switch. I am down to grind it out. I have been playing more offline on all madden and figuring it out. You have to play a little differently.
When over half of my CPU games last season were shutouts, some with the CPU only gaining 50 yards on offense. I think switching to something more challenging is in order. But it's up to all of you guys.
Well, we'll probably stick with it for this season. I think without adding a new element, I most likely wouldn't have been interested in doing another season anyway. And time will tell how much can be attributed to the weirdness of preseason. But if I start noticing changes in the statlines for games or the way people play, then it's only going to confirm my beliefs.

I completely agree about the CPU being easy many times on All-Pro. But I think the assumption that All-Madden is the way to remedy that problem is a little misleading. Sure, it's harder. But from what I've seen so far, the gameplay is much worse. What I'm seeing is an emphasis on all the things that are wrong with the game. Here's the video from my game that hits on a few things.

I will totally admit that playing in the rain...against a team running the pistol almost all the damn time could make for a bit of an outlier. But some of the breaks they were getting were just unreal.


Wow those highlights are brutal. All-Madden is no joke. Not sure if you guys removed me or not but I'm done. Just a FYI for whoever sent me a message on Xbox asking to play our CAG game.
Ok, guys. We have advanced to Week 1 of the regular season! Hooray for no more scrub back ups, haha! The deadline for this week will be 4/3 at 11:59PM ET.

My rookie blows past starting CBs it's so dumb I just quit throwing the ball and ran it the rest of the game.

All-Madden feels so much easier than all-pro that we were on last season did you change up any of the sliders? It was hard to get 300+ yards passing now I can do it in a half 

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Saints start the season 1-0. Pretty nice outing by Josh McCown for his first start in a Saints uniform. Rookie QB Jetemiah Rosemond is waiting in the weeds, but faces competition in newcomer Tyler Bray.

If it's possible N8, please try and advance us at 11:59pm. I'll be going on vacation the next day and would love to save myself some season ending injuries. I'll be away for my Broncoes game which sucks, but I'll make sure to toss my team on auto.
Hope LV saw that I advanced the league mostly on time tonight (I was maybe like 10 minutes late). Just didn't have a chance to update the thread at the time.

But we have advanced to Week 2. The deadline for this week will be 4/7.

Yea he played already

I just almost got maddened 1st game playing the browns I'm up 3 scores in the forth and it locks up can't snap the ball or call a timeout 2nd gamethe browns just beat me in the ground going on 3 10+ play drives but I was able to put the game into OT and picked off manziel two plays later knile davis broke off the winning TD run

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