Megazell's Free And Legal PC Games List!

Action Games List



Single Player Only!

  1. Acwabatics
  2. A Super Mario Summary
  3. Ancient Greek Punishment
  4. Attack Of The Killer Swarm
  5. Baru Mei
  6. Big Building Boom Blues
  7. Blokanoid
  8. BoxInBox
  9. BubbleGUNN
  10. Bubble Storm
  11. Bug Hunt
  12. Camelon
  13. Chak's Temple
  14. Chaser
  15. CHAWP!
  16. Cobex
  17. Connected Nodes
  19. Dark Deed
  20. Digger Ant
  21. Doppler
  22. Dracula Cha Cha
  23. DX Ball
  24. e3.14center
  25. Endless Migration
  26. Endless Migration 2
  27. Frustrating Tiny Rooms
  28. Garden Gnome Carnage
  29. Gauge
  30. God Of Thunder
  31. Hexagon
  32. High Vaultage
  33. Hot Coffee
  34. It's a tab
  35. Liftman
  36. Los Mosquito
  37. Many Paths To The Golden Heart
  38. Megamash
  39. Mini01
  40. Mushroom Roulette
  41. Ms. Particle Man
  42. Nuclear Outrun
  43. Orbit Man
  44. Orfeo: a Game in Music
  45. Overpopulous
  46. Owl Country
  47. QWOP
  48. R.A.M: Saving TPS
  49. Rainbow Space Donkey
  50. Ri-Li
  51. Roar Rampage
  52. Rocket Jockey
  53. Rocket! Waxy's Rocket Party
  54. Rouge Moon
  55. Route960
  56. Russian Subway Dogs
  57. Samurai Railroad Mansion
  58. Save Your Folks
  59. Shikun
  60. Shit Bit
  61. Sushi!
  62. Sin Car
  63. SkullPogo
  64. Skywire
  65. Snowball
  66. Speed Thrasher
  67. Star Drill
  68. Super Box Factory: Regional Manager
  69. Super Busker
  70. Super Human Cannonball
  71. Super Spike Dislike
  72. Surprise Bullfight
  73. Terrorist Killer
  74. The Dumb HiJacker 2
  75. The Good Ship Higgs Boson
  76. The Hatchlings
  77. the universe within
  78. The World's Biggest Pac-Man
  79. TurboPac
  80. Uchuusen
  81. Unbearable: OHTLTSWALTB
  82. Vertix
  83. Vertical Impulse
  84. Vidiot Game
  85. Winter's Heart
  86. Xiq
  87. XWung
  88. Zaz
  89. Zneik
  90. Zombiepox
Multiplayer Only!

  1. 2QWOP
  2. Bombermaaan
  3. Co-Op
  4. Griefer
  5. Kompendium - Exuberant Struggle
  6. Kompendium - March Eternal
  7. Kompendium - Ora et Labora
  8. Kompendium - Twilight Beacon
  9. Kompendium - Capricious Atom
  10. Kompendium - Chang Chang
  11. Kompendium - Zeta Forge
  12. Kompendium - Hostile Pantograph
  13. Kompendium - Glitch Tank
  14. Push Push Penguin
  15. Quadrasquare
  16. Straight, No Chaser
  17. Tea Time Quarrel
  18. Yourglass

Single Player and Multiplayer!

  1. Beat Juice Radio
  2. Binary Land
  3. C:Medieval
  4. DX Ball 2
  5. Forget-Me-Not
  6. Frets On Fire
  7. Jet Packers
  8. LBreakOut2
  9. Netpack
  10. Orbital Snake
  11. osu!
  12. Ragmeg Alleycat
  13. Rainbogeddon
  14. Stepmania
  15. Transformice
  16. Uberleben




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Adventure Games List

*All of these games are single player only.*


Single Player Only!

  1. .heartbeats
  2. /follow
  3. 15 Minutes
  4. 1899 Steam & Spirit - Episode I
  5. 503 - Service Unavailable
  6. 5 Days A Stranger
  7. 6 Days A Sacrifice
  8. 7 Days A Skeptic
  9. Abduction
  10. Absent: Part I - Innocent Until Proven Guilty
  11. Actual Destination
  12. A Cure for the Common Cold
  13. Adventure: All In The Game
  14. Adventure: The Inside Job
  15. A Grain Of Truth
  16. A House in California
  17. Air Pressure
  18. Alien 8
  19. Amertis
  20. Annie Android: Automated Affection
  21. Antimatière aka AntiMatter
  22. A Raindog Story
  23. A Second Face
  24. A Song In The Void
  25. As The Village Turns
  26. A Tale Of Two Kingdoms
  27. Automation
  28. Balloon
  29. BATMAN
  30. Beauties and Beasts
  31. Beautiful Escape: Dungeoneer
  32. Beneath a Steel Sky
  33. Ben Jordan: Paranormal Investigator - Case 1: In Search of the Skunk-Ape
  34. Ben Jordan: Paranormal Investigator - Case 2: The Lost Galleon of the Salton Sea
  35. Ben Jordan: Paranormal Investigator - Case 3: The Sorceress of Smailholm
  36. Ben Jordan: Paranormal Investigator - Case 4: Horror at Number 50
  37. Ben Jordan: Paranormal Investigator - Case 5: Land of the Rising Dead
  38. Ben Jordan: Paranormal Investigator - Case 6: Scourge of the Sea People
  39. Ben Jordan: Paranormal Investigator - Case 7: The Cardinal Sins
  40. Ben Jordan: Paranormal Investigator - Case 8: Relics of the Past
  41. Ben There Dan That
  42. Black Lodge 2600
  43. Blind
  44. Brine
  45. Byte of the Draculator II
  46. By The Numbers
  47. Cave Trek
  48. Cedric and the Revolution
  49. Chance Of The Dead
  50. Cherry's Quest for Coffee
  51. Choice of Broadsides
  52. Choice of Intrigues
  53. Choice of Broadsides
  54. Choice of Romance
  55. Choice of the Dragon
  56. Choice of Vampire
  57. Choice of Zombies
  58. City
  59. Closed World
  60. Coil
  61. Cosmos Quest I: To Find A Sun
  62. Cosmos Quest II: To Find A Sun
  63. Cosmos Quest III: The Mines Of Isagor
  64. Cosmos Quest IV: The Ayatolian March
  65. Crow and Foxy
  66. Cult
  67. Cyber
  68. Dacey in the Dark - Prelude
  69. Digital: A Love Story
  70. Dirty Split
  71. Dead City
  72. Death On Stage
  73. Donna: Avenger Of Blood
  74. Don't Duex it!
  75. don't take it personally, babe, it just ain't your story
  76. Dragon History
  77. Dragonsphere
  78. Dráscula: The Vampire Strikes Back
  79. Dusk - A Moonlight Romance
  80. dys4ia
  81. Echos Of Terra
  82. Ed Watts: Bar Runner
  83. Egress The Test of STS-417
  84. Enemy Of The Solid State
  85. Escape From Chaotic City
  86. Eternally Us
  87. Everybody Dies
  88. Exposed
  89. Face Time
  90. Facade
  91. Fedora Spade: Case 1 - Prologue
  92. Fedora Spade: Case 2 - The Red Ring
  93. Fedora Spade: Case 3 - Death Wears a Fedora
  94. Fedora Spade: Case 4 - The Last Job
  95. Five Lethal Demons
  96. Five Magical Amulets
  97. Flight Of The Amazon Queen
  98. Fritter
  99. God Came To The Cave
  100. Guilded Youth
  101. HARD SPACE: Conquest of the Gayliks
  102. Head Over Heels
  103. Head Over Heels Deluxe
  104. Heartland Deluxe
  105. Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy Remake
  106. Heroes Rise: The Prodigy
  107. Hotel
  108. Housefly
  109. Illegal Communication
  110. Island
  111. I Fought the Law, and the Law One
  112. I Remember The Rain
  114. I Was A Las Vegas Show Girl
  115. Jimmy The Troublemaker
  116. Juniper's Knot
  117. Katawa Shoujo
  118. Keys Of Gamespace
  119. King's Quest I
  120. King's Quest II
  121. King's Quest III
  122. Kitten Catastrophy
  123. Kuma Story
  124. Last Tuesday
  125. Les Miserables: The Game of the Book
  126. Lightning Master
  127. Live Forever
  128. Loondon
  129. Love Punks
  130. Lure Of The Temptress
  131. Mall Monster
  132. Maniac Mansion
  133. Masked
  134. Mental Repairs
  135. Mirage
  136. Missing
  137. Murder Dog IV - Trial Of The Murder Dog
  138. Murder In A Wheel
  139. MSPaint Adventures/Homestuck
  140. Nanobots
  141. Narcissu
  142. Nelly Cootalot: Spoonbeaks Ahoy!
  143. Never Alone Hotline
  144. Next To Evil
  145. Night of the Testicle
  146. No Action Jackson
  147. Noir
  148. No Longer Subject to Judicial Review
  149. Nurse Quest
  150. Oblitus
  151. Oceanspirit Dennis
  152. Oceanspirit Dennis: The Naked & The Ninja
  153. Octodad
  154. Oiche Mhaith
  155. One Curious Nightfall
  156. Opera Omnia
  157. Osada
  158. Out Of Order
  159. Palacin
  160. Paper Plane
  161. Passage
  162. Photophobia
  163. Pledge Quest I - The SpaceVenture Adventure
  165. Prodigal
  166. Professor Neely And The Death Ray Of Doom
  167. Quasar
  168. Quest For Glory II: Trial By Fire
  169. Rambo The Last Blood
  170. RE:Alistair++
  171. Rein
  172. Relive Your Life
  173. Reversion - Chapter 1 - Escape
  174. Robolution
  175. Rosemary
  176. Shifter
  177. Side Quest
  178. Six Shots Of Whiskey
  179. Snakes Of Avalon
  180. Samorost
  181. Soliders Are Dreamers
  182. Space Hunter
  183. Split Fighter
  184. Spooks
  185. stdbits
  186. Stench Mechanics
  187. Stranger By Night
  188. Strangers
  189. Stupidella
  190. Submachine Network Exploration Experience
  191. Submerged
  192. Super Cartographer
  193. Superhero League Of Hoboken
  194. sync::routine
  195. Technobabylon - Part I
  196. Technobabylon - Part II
  197. Technobabylon - Part III: In Nuntius Veritas
  198. Teenagent
  199. The Binary
  200. The Box
  201. The Breakdown
  202. The Cat And The Coup
  203. The Curfew
  204. The Day That Nothing Happened
  205. The Dreamhold
  206. The Fabulous Screech
  207. The Journey Down, Chapter 1: Over the Edge
  208. The King Of Shreds And Patches
  209. The Kite
  210. The Life Of A Pacifist Is Often Fraught With Conflict
  211. The Lonely Wizard
  212. The Marionette
  213. The McCarthy Chronicles: Episode 1
  214. The Mirror Lied
  215. The Old Tree
  216. The Play
  217. The Republia Times
  218. The Strange and Somewhat Sinister Tale of the House at Desert Bridge
  219. The Tin Soldier
  220. The Trials Of Odysseus Kent
  221. The Unicated
  222. The Wager
  223. The White Chamber
  224. Tiny Hack
  225. Trilby's Notes
  226. Uin
  227. UNGA needs MUMBA
  228. Unmanned
  229. Venator
  230. Wages of Darkness
  231. Warthogs
  232. What Linus Brockman Sees When He Closes His Eyes.
  233. World of Text
  234. Yeti
  235. YouDunnit
  236. You have forgotten how to use a pen!
  237. Zero 2


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Puzzle Games List


Single Player Only!

  1. 8:Capsule
  2. Adore Puzzle
  3. Adore Puzzle 2 - Flavors of Europe
  4. Alphabits Scramble
  5. Angry Birds
  6. Angry Boulders
  7. ASS - Advanced Shiny Simulation
  8. A to B Basset
  9. Atomic Worm
  10. Balls Crazy
  11. Big Bang
  12. Big Kahuna Reef
  13. Blocks Of The Undead
  14. BlockSum
  15. Brain Storm: Tower Bombarde
  16. Break Entry
  17. Bubble Chains
  18. Caged Math
  19. Cat Poke
  20. Chronocat
  21. Colororo
  22. Craequ
  23. Crazy Lunch
  24. Crazy Over Goo
  25. Cut The Rope
  26. Danger Energy!
  27. Deadly Rooms of Death: Architects' Edition
  28. Demonica
  29. Dungeon TV Factory
  30. Duotris
  32. Eunaborb
  33. Flowers Of Error
  34. F.O.L.D. - Fantastic Olfactory Latrine Discoverer
  35. Followed
  36. Fract
  37. Glum Buster
  38. Gunbrick
  39. Hanano Puzzle
  40. Hapland 1
  41. Hapland 2
  42. Hapland 3
  43. Hero! Defeat the Devil!
  44. Home Base
  45. Jag
  46. Jewel Up
  47. Logister
  48. John Cube
  49. Jhink-Toy
  50. Kinetics
  51. Lackadaisium
  52. Langman
  53. Loop Raccord
  54. Madris
  55. Mouse Maze: Speed Run
  56. Mr. Smoozles Goes Nutso
  57. Number 23 Escapes!
  58. Ouka
  59. Pandora's Gearbox
  60. Passengers
  61. Planet Of The Jellies
  62. Popochi
  63. Promises
  64. Psychoballs
  65. Puzlox Blox Revolution
  66. Puzzles
  67. Ratsacks Adventures
  68. Rebirth
  69. Red Spheres
  70. Reverse Order
  71. ROM
  72. Seven Dimensions
  73. Shocker: The Electrifying Super Hero
  74. Sokoban 4k
  75. Split Party!
  76. Splume
  77. Stroke
  78. Surprise Bummies
  79. Talesworth Adventure: The Lost Artifacts
  80. Temple of Tangram
  81. The Cat That Got The Milk
  82. The Design
  83. The Sense of Connectedness
  84. These Robotic Hearts Of Mine
  85. Tikei no Kami
  86. Tiltor
  87. Tinker
  88. UFO on TAPE
  89. Wind And Water: Puzzle Battles
  90. Vortex Arena

Single Player and Multiplayer!

  1. Breakis
  2. Cultris I
  3. Cultris II
  4. NullpoMino
  5. OscillioBros
  6. Oxyd
  7. Peggle
  8. Peggle Extreme
  9. Peggle - World Of Warcraft Edition
  10. S.T.A.C.K.E.R. - Nuclear Scavenger
  11. The Bub's Brothers
  12. ZicZac


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RPG List



Single Player Only!

  1. &
  2. A Blurred Line
  3. Ahriham's Prophecy
  4. Ainevoltas 2
  5. Ancient Domains Of Mystery
  6. Angband
  7. Ara Fell 2k3
  8. Ardentryst
  9. Ark 22
  10. Before We Were Dead
  11. Blades Of Heaven
  12. Blood of the Chameleon
  13. Cosplay Crisis
  14. Desktop Dungeon
  15. Dink Smallwood
  16. Dragon Age: Journeys
  17. Dragon Warrior Reborn I
  18. Dragon Warrior Reborn II
  19. Dragon Warrior Reborn III
  20. Dubloon
  21. Dungeon Master - Return To Chaos
  22. Dungeonminder
  23. Guardian Of Paradise
  24. Elona: Eternal League of Nefia
  25. Exit Fate
  26. Fenix Blade: Scarlet Halo
  27. Final Fallacy
  28. Final Fantasy VII: The Dark Cloud
  29. Final Vision
  30. Finding Eden
  31. Forgotten Elements
  32. Four Winds Fantasy DX Championship Edition
  33. Frozen Depths
  34. Games Journo Story
  35. Heroine Iysayana
  36. Hero Quest
  37. Iter Vehemens ad Necem
  38. Jacob's Matrix
  39. Last Scenario
  40. Laxius Power
  41. Laxius Power II
  42. Laxius Power III
  43. Legacy Of Flan 4: Flan Rising
  44. Legerdemain
  45. Legionwood: Tale Of The Two Swords
  46. Legionwood 2: Rise Of The Eternal's Realm
  47. Leo & Leah: A Love Story
  48. Linley's Dungeon Crawl aka Crawl
  49. Lost Hero - Story of Gilgamesh
  50. Love and War: Act I
  51. Madness
  52. Mage Craft
  53. Nazghul
  54. Nethack
  55. Polymorphous Perversity
  56. Powder
  57. Rainblood - Town of Death
  58. ro9
  59. RuneSword I
  60. RuneSword II
  61. Shadowflare: Episode One
  62. Sunset Over Imdahl
  63. Super Adventure Puzzle Fighter Alpha 2 Gold Text Edition
  64. Super Mario RPG: The Seven Sages
  65. Tales of Maj’Eyal
  66. Temple Of The Spear
  67. The Haunted Ruins
  68. The Lost Stone Chronicles - Kingdom Realms
  69. The Malstrums Mansion
  70. The Spirit Engine I
  71. The Spirit Engine II
  72. The Warrior's Tale
  73. Tower Of The Sorcerer
  74. Trapdoor Below
  75. Turnament
  76. Ultima IV
  77. Vikings of Midgard
  78. Zelda Classic

Single Player and Multiplayer!

  1. Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup
  2. Dungeons of Fayte
  3. Knights of Dillaria
  4. Knights of Dillaria: Twin Worlds
  5. Lost Labyrinth
  6. Openglad
  7. Shakes & Fidget


Science Fiction

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Shooter Games List

Arena Shooters



First Person Shooters

Single Player Only!

  1. .kkrieger
  2. 1916 - The War You Never Knew
  3. 2nd Encounter
  4. 8-Bit Killer
  5. Action Doom
  6. Action Doom 2: Urban Brawl
  7. Another Bound
  8. Another Bound - Neo
  9. Antibody
  10. Arc Aether Anomalies
  11. Autonomous
  12. Avert Fate
  13. Black Shades
  14. Blockmania: Kill Blockmen 2
  15. Boom
  16. Bullet Train
  17. Chex Quest 1
  18. Chex Quest 2
  19. Chex Quest 3
  20. Cholo
  21. Damned Cemetery
  22. Dead Aim
  23. Derelict
  24. Doom 6666
  25. Duty Calls
  26. Execution
  27. Freehunter
  28. Gravity Bones
  29. Harmony
  30. Land Of The Dead - Loot & Shoot
  31. Last Stand
  32. Lego Wolf3d
  33. LMNT
  34. Mirror Moon
  35. Prison Break
  36. Prometheus
  37. QQUAK
  38. Renegade X
  39. Return Of Triad
  40. Somewhere In The Space
  41. Stratus
  42. Super Counterfeit Gaiden
  43. SYSTEM SHOCK - Portable
  44. Tag: The Power of Paint
  45. VectorLocust
  46. Voxelstein 3D
  47. WG Realms 2: Siege Breaker
  48. Yeti Hunter[/URL]

Multiplayer Only!

*All of these games can be considered CO-OP.*

  1. BeGone
  2. Celestial Impact
  3. Control Monger
  4. Daikatana: Deathmatch
  5. DDAY: Normandy
  6. F.E.A.R Combat
  7. Half Life 2: Deathmatch
  8. Just Shoot
  9. Legends
  10. Legions Overdrive
  11. Man VS Machine
  12. Postal 2: Share The Pain
  13. PRISM: Guard Shield
  14. Ratz Instagib
  15. Red Alert - A Path Beyond
  16. Sapphire Tears
  17. Transfusion
  18. Tremulous
  19. TribesNext aka Tribes 2
  20. Unvanquished
  21. Warsow
  22. Wolfenstien: Enemy Territory
  23. World Of Padman

Single Player and Multiplayer!

*All of these games can be considered CO-OP.*

  1. Alien Arena
  2. America's Army
  3. America's Army 3
  4. Area 51
  5. AssaultCube
  6. Battlefield 1942
  7. Black Mesa
  8. Blackout
  9. Blood Frontier
  10. Cellfactor: Revolution
  11. Code Red - Battle For Earth
  12. Code Red - Martian Chronicles
  13. CS Portable
  14. Cube
  15. Cube 2: Sauerbraten
  16. Cube MetalHeart - Sauerbraten Extended
  17. Digital Paintball - Paintball 2
  18. Duck Doom Deluxe
  19. Fight Zone
  20. Full Spectrum Warrior
  21. Gore - Ultimate Solider
  22. Marathon
  23. Marathon 2: Durandal
  24. Marathon Infinity
  25. Mega Man 8-bit Deathmatch
  26. Nexuiz Classic
  27. OpenArena
  28. Phosphor
  29. Red Eclipse
  30. Resonation
  31. Smoking Guns!
  32. The Hunter
  33. Urban Terror
  34. White
  35. Xonotic
  36. ZDaemon

Horizontal Shooters

Platformer Shooters


Single Player Only!

  1. 10800 Zombies
  2. 1213 - 'Immunity'
  3. 1213 - Episode 1
  4. 1213 - Episode 2
  5. 1213 - Episode 3
  6. 7th Swarming of the Machines
  7. 8-Bit Halloween
  8. Abuse
  9. Action Cyborg
  10. Alien Carnage
  11. All Of Our Friends Are Dead
  12. AEON FLUX Episodes
  13. Anyman
  14. Army Assets
  15. AuSable
  16. Barnacle
  17. Beluga Mk II
  18. Bernard and Hank
  19. Bernard and Hank - Springtime Again
  20. Bi-nary
  21. Bii-nary: The War Against Pop-ups
  22. BlasterMan vs YellowSkull
  23. Blob Wars - Metal Blob Solid
  24. Bombie Zombie
  25. Bulletsss
  26. BulletZORZ
  27. Call Of Duty 6
  28. Captain Commander
  29. Codename: Gordon
  30. Commando
  31. Dangerous World
  32. Dear Agent
  33. Descension
  34. Destructivator
  35. Extermination
  36. Faster Blaster
  37. Frostbite
  38. Furry 2
  39. Goldeneye 2D
  40. GunDude
  41. Gun Girl
  42. Gun Girl 2
  43. GunLimb
  44. Hard Hat: The Rebellion
  45. Hard Hat 2: War Ensemble
  46. Hard Hat 3
  47. Halo Zero
  48. Hero
  49. Hero Core
  50. Iji
  51. I'M OK!
  52. Infernal Edge
  53. I Wanna Be The Fan Game
  54. I Wanna Be The Guy
  55. Iwanaga
  56. Jables’s Adventure
  57. Jigsaw
  58. Kapitan Binarny
  59. Lunar Jetman
  60. Matrix Dude
  61. Mechanic Man
  62. Mecha Spider Island
  63. Megabot
  64. Megaman: Day in the Limelight 2
  65. Mega Ran in Language Arts
  66. Mission Extreme
  67. Nether Dimensional Runner
  68. Ninja Senki
  69. Nitrome Must Die
  70. OnEscapee
  71. Paper Titan
  72. Photon Baby
  73. Pixel Force's Halo
  74. Plasma Warrior
  75. Poacher
  76. rComplex
  77. Rework The Dead: Evil
  78. Robocop 2D
  79. Robocop VS Terminator 2D 2
  80. Robocop 2D 3
  81. Robo Slug
  82. Rocket Mario
  83. Rockman 7
  84. Roger Fastman
  85. Rokka Chan
  86. Sennyuu
  87. Shotgun Ninja
  89. Soundless Mountain 2
  90. SpaceGrub
  91. Special Agent
  92. Star Guard
  93. Stariod
  94. Station 37
  95. Super Big Gun Adventure
  96. Street Bike Fury
  97. Super Crate Box
  98. Super Obliteration
  99. Super Stun-N-Run
  100. TAGAP
  101. Teppoman 2
  102. The Hive
  103. The Last Stand - Union City
  104. The Power
  105. Worminator 3
  106. Xain D Sleena
  107. Zub

Multiplayer Only!

  1. 0Space
  2. Anamaton
  3. Brutalo Deluxe
  4. Gang Garrison 2
  5. Liero
  6. Madness Reloaded
  7. Soldat
  8. TeeWorlds
  9. Tiny Tumblers

Single Player and Multiplayer!

  1. Action Fist
  2. Blip and Blop - Balls Of Steel
  3. Duel 6 Reloaded
  4. Dungeon Chaos
  5. Hurrican
  6. Jetz Rampage 4
  7. Not-So-Massive Action Game
  9. Rambros
  10. Scrapped
  11. Stick Soldiers I
  12. Stick Soldiers II
  13. TAGAP 2
  14. Wootman
  15. X Evil
  16. Zylatov Sisters


Single Player Only!

  1. Facewound
  2. Privates

Multiplayer Only!

  1. General Conflict

Third Person Shooters

Top Down Shooters

Vertical Shooters

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Simulation Games List









Vehicular Combat

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Strategy Games List

Multiplayer Online Battle Arena


Single Player Only!

  1. BOTA

Real Time Strategy

Tower Defense

Trading Card Games


Single Player and Multiplayer!

  1. Elements The Game

Turn Based Strategy

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Free PC Gaming Bundles/Game Competitions

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is your philosophy?

A: Well, I like to get the best deal possible at all times for the items of want.

I've always known that there are several ways to get something. Money is NOT the ONLY way to get the things we want in our lives. Most people would observe this truth in their daily lives. They know someone that gets a helping hand freely for a service or item because he/she knows someone...etc. This can be true in all social classes.

It is my stance that I won't go over a certain price for an item of want. Using retail PC games as an example. When I was into paying for PC games that amount was $20. I would never go over that price if I could help it. I would never go over $400 for a PC or upgrade. No matter what. I never felt like I was missing out because I did not get what the next person did. I just never had that compulsion.

I will not steal or cheat for an item of want. I place no judgement on those that do but it's just not my thing (this should be obvious but just to settle any future argument). Now if it was an item of need and I was in severe dire straits...Who knows?

I know what an item is worth empirically (through research, review...etc) but in the end I stand firm on my terms of what I will and will not spend $/time/resources on. If the price and I don't meet, others would say that's tough for me and I say that's tough for the vendor and we both move on. I see this as thoughtful consumerism. What I want to get and how I get it, must be a positive and progressive thing for me and my own. Others can do as they like.

I try my best not to take anything for granted. If that is even remotely starting to happen, I have wonderful people in my life that will quickly remind me not to! I am very glad and very thankful for the things that have come my way. I am also very glad and thankful for the things that have not come my way. What I don't have use for I will donate to others. With the exception of consoles and console products...those I place in the recycling bin after some "arts and craft" time with them.

Q: Why do you prefer to play freeware and f2p PC games?

A: Because freeware and f2p are freaking awesome! When I was younger and up into my early 20s I was a avid retail PC gamer. I even played consoles for a time, stopped around the debut of the PS2. Then I noticed "nasty" trends in retail video gaming. Unfortunately, those "nasty" trends became standard and that was a deal breakers for me. I walked away from traditional retail. The quality of freeware PC games was getting better and better at just the right time for me and so I went on my path.

Q: What were the "nasty" trends?

A: 1) The rise of 'release and patch' later mentality.

This practice became so common place that I began to feel these were intentional acts to recoup finances for software projects. In doing so, the consumer ended up paying for a game that was not completed. This lead me to ask questions - Why do people buy games on opening day knowing full well that most games are launched botched/incomplete and will require a patch later (if at all - Some companies may not care or survive long enough to do this). Especially, in the PC gaming industry because as games get older they become cheaper, more stable and more content rich (mods). It just made more sense to wait as a consumer. For me I was just tired of the whole thing and moved on to freeware and f2p. In freeware and f2p.

2) The rise of DRM.

There were too many times where I would get a game and some mishap would occur due to DRM that were interfering with the proper functioning of my PC. Sure, I'm technically inclined and I could work my magic on removing the DRM (with some searching) but then my gaming time becomes more work than fun. I have to work on getting a game to work probably...that I PAID FOR? No thanks.

3) The rise of DLC.

So not only were games being released botched and riddled with DRM but the games were getting shorter and DLC were soon to be released...meanwhile, the price of the games did not reflect this. Just another reason to say no to the retail video gaming industry.

Q: OK, I can understand that. But isn't going only freeware and f2p extreme?

A: I don't think so. Freeware has been a part of PC gaming since it's inception. There are very creative people making excellent games. It's hard to say no when the freeware and f2p scene are doing so many things right and the retail scene is not.

Q: Retail markets have changed on the PC considerably, though. Look at the success of STEAM, GOG and Humble Bundle. Aren't those companies doing great things you can get behind with your $? A lot of games are sometimes for sales under $5 or "pay what you want" with DRM and such.

A: Well STEAM is great and it has done a lot of great things for PC gaming as a whole. In the end though it's a super system of DRM. I am against DRM. I love the freeware and F2P sections. I wish the freeware games on STEAM were more visible. But I can understand why they are not.

GOG is great. If I do put money one day back into the game industry, in a non-donation fashion, it would be through GOG (or a system like it) because of their no DRM policy. Why not now? Well, I have many if not all of their classic games offered. Played them when I was younger and don't see the need to get them again. Wish they had a donate button.

Humble Bundle is what retail PC gaming should be across the board. I'm not just talking about their "pay what you want" feature. I like the lack of DRM and the support provided to play the game as you want on the OS you want like Linux. As I move away from the Windows OS in 2014 and beyond I can see myself giving this group money without hesitation.

All of the other methods of PC gaming, that are no longer on disc, have been good too, IMO. They are not perfect but it looks like a bright future with so many business models doing things differently to get a piece of the pie. This is great for PC gamers because we have multiple choices and ways to get our games. Which as we can see with the Humble Bundle, are positive and progressive for the PC gaming community as a whole.

Regarding the lowering prices of PC games...this has always been a trademark of PC gaming since I started PC gaming (April to June 1988). So this is nothing new to me. It is great though and I think it helps a lot of up and coming new PC gamers get into the groove the right way.

I'm just not ready to go back into retail so quickly and beside I have a ton of freeware and f2p games to finish ;)

Q: If I find a game on your list that is not free and legal will you take it down?

A: Yes. If a game posted is actually not available for free legally it will be taken down. Make sure that you post or PM proof. I usually mark them off in red with a little quip or remove them entirely.

Q: Do you ever donate?

A: Yes. I donate from time to time to developers that make excellent freeware games.

Q: I've noticed that when you are on STEAM/Raptr/Xfire you're playing a lot of retails games that are not free...What's up with that?

A: Good question. If the game is old enough prior to 1998-ish I probably bought it. The rest of the games I got through giveaways like these: Portal Free From 09/16/11 to 09/20/11, ArmA II, Men of War and Tower Bloxx free from The SUN and Green Man Gaming from 07/08/11 to 07/12/11, Empire Earth free on GOG on 12/14/11 and more. These games were free for a time and then went back to being retail.

For all of the other retail games you see me playing, I either got them during a contest, forum member giveaway or a online/RL friend gave them to me out of the kindness of their hearts or some other devious motive.

On 10/13/12 - I did get the Divine Divinity - Pay What You Want Bundle from GOG. Going forward I will support DRM free retail games that are pay what you want.

Have a question you want to ask? PM or Post It! I'll look it over and add it. Let me know if you want your name shown or hidden.
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decent showings from the rpg, fps, and racing genre you have there. i submit to you Albatross18 for a sports game (i think its back to being called Pangya now) for a free Hot Shots golf style game complete with special shots. Give it a look if you haven't already.

Also, while I'm not personally a fan, League of Legends is a free DotA styled game for something in the "kind of an RTS" genre.
[quote name='crystalklear64']decent showings from the rpg, fps, and racing genre you have there. i submit to you Albatross18 for a sports game (i think its back to being called Pangya now) for a free Hot Shots golf style game complete with special shots. Give it a look if you haven't already.

Also, while I'm not personally a fan, League of Legends is a free DotA styled game for something in the "kind of an RTS" genre.[/QUOTE]

Not a video game sports fan (I play the sports in RL though) but I will give it a shot.

I been doing volunteer work at a program for at risk and runaway children for many years. Besides homework I assist with the IT department that uses donated computers. Since there is little funding I have the honor of looking for free and legal games to install to entertain the children during down time...So I've been posting games like this on different forums where there has been PC gaming interest.

I will check out the game and pass it along to the kids and others :)
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You should add Trackmania Forever. The game is awesome. It looks fantastic, plays great, and has a really good built in track creator.
[quote name='SEH']You should add Trackmania Forever. The game is awesome. It looks fantastic, plays great, and has a really good built in track creator.[/QUOTE]

It's on my list. I have over 9456 games (last time I counted) that are free and installed. It's a very popular game at my children's center :) Some of them have even made tracks and mods for the game :)
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