Mothershaqfuing bootleg Wii U Pro controllers!


Being the CAGs that we are, we all jump on a good deal faster than you can say "backlog". However, that can have its consequences, especially if you're buying from third-party sellers on Amazon and eBay.

Case in point, there are counterfeit Wii U Pro controllers being sold at lower prices than MSRP but still advertised as the real deal. You can read all about it here (not my blog).

Here's some comparison pics (XL screenshots alert):

Legit (top), bootleg (bottom);

Legit (left), bootleg (right);

Legit (left), bootleg (right);

Legit (top), bootleg (bottom);

Legit (left), bootleg (right).

Also, the Nintendo logo is missing from the bootleg controller's cables.

What I would like to confirm (and will happily update the topic after someone does confirm it) is that even legit controllers have a typo on the printed label on the back of the controller. Instead of "received", it says "recieved"on the second to last line right above the "For consumer service" square.

I bought mine directly from Amazon (sold and shipped by) and it has the label with the typo. Some people on other forums are saying that the ones from Best Buy have the same thing.

Let's help each other!

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Does the bootleg box have the gold Nintendo seal? If so, I'd be contacting Nintendo.
Some of them do, just like the original one ("Official Nintendo Seal"). Some have an incorrect version of the seal (no "Official" written above the Nintendo logo). Even though the one from the images I linked above doesn't seem to have the seal anywhere on the box, I've read reports that it's there, it's just that the flap folds out differently (it's glued to the inside).

Not that having the seal or not means anything. These aren't simply unlicensed third-party controllers, but counterfeit versions of the controller manufactured by Nintendo. If pirates are going through the trouble of producing a bootleg controller, there's nothing stoping them from printing a small fake logo on the product's box.

That typo on the legit ones still amazes me, though. I can't wait until some other CAG confirms it's real.

Geez, that's horrible. Great post EeK85, and great blog entry!

I'm just crazy leary of third party sellers on Amazon, and even more so after reading things like this.  You see so many comments on Amazon of people claiming stuff's fake, and then you find out they bought it from a third party seller.

Wow I've been hearing about this all over the net.... But from what I heard, it's not just this seller selling these fakes.

I probably wouldn't care if they acted the same.  Thanks for this post as you have mentioned it does not.  I'll stick to official channels for these. 

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