Offical Disney Movie Rewards Code Thread

Hello2023 - 25 points

Reminder - The codes for the seasonal celebration expire tomorrow.  This should be the last code for that based on the calendar, but if you haven’t entered any of the codes, you have until tomorrow to get the points.
Check your email for a unique code with the subject “You Deserve To Be Rewarded” - 25 points

Also, they put a ton of stuff on sale.  The sale apparently runs until January 24th.

Check your email for another unique code worth 25 points with the subject "You Deserve To Be Rewarded".  Also, I just got a reward and it had a unique code in the package worth 8 points, so, if you get any physical rewards, look at the other included papers just in case.

They put a lot on sale recently. Go to redeem and click sale. Some nice movies that include digital codes.

Edit- Picked up Captain America: Winter Soldier( includes Digital HD) 900 points. This completes my digital Captain America trilogy. All thanks to disney movie insiders.

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Same. With a price of free, Disney probably only manufactured like 20 of them.

Wait, doesn't that say 25 points in the image?
Yeah, it says you get 25 points for linking your D+ account, then they charge 25 points for the poster. So free*. I didn't get one either, for that price, I probably would have, but I ignored the email because I thought it was like the other one they did (Black Panther maybe?) where it was exclusive to D+ linked accounts, but the poster was still a standard number of points. Probably for the best either way, I don't think I would have actually put it up.

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