Official Collector's Edition Compilation XI - 2020

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Official Collector's Edition

Compilation XI - 2020

Includes Books, Consoles, Controllers, Games, Miscellaneous, & Steelbooks

Anthology Index: 
  1. The Everything List
  2. Collector's Edition Games - January to March
  3. Collector's Edition Games - April to June
  4. Collector's Edition Games - July to September
  5. Collector's Edition Games - October to December
  6. Collector Edition Games - TBA to 2021
  7. Extra Space

Deals: (Updated 12/20/19)

  • What is this thread? A massive collection of limited edition games & other attributing items, included with links. 
  • Why put it all in one thread? More traffic due to collaborating interests.
  • Why is that important? This keeps the thread popular and doesn't risk a failed CE from falling through the cracks unnoticed. 
  • What can be discussed here? Anything relevant to what is posted.
  • Why make another CE compilation? Karma. 
  • Where are the big pictures? Still here, scroll down. Due to the increased number of CEs, a preface post is needed. 
  • When is the Final Fantasy VII CE? Not announced. Granted, IF it does, you can bet I will devote an entire page to it. 
  • What about other CEs that have been announced? Give me a minute. It takes a bit of time to format the title, price, date, & retailer links in correctly.
  • What about the Book/Steelbook/Console/Misc. Picture Posts? I condensed the thread. Not necessary to include pictures for all those items. They will still be included in the Everything List post.

Old Official Collector's Edition Compilations

X - 2019

IX - 2018

VIII - 2017 & 2018

VII - 2017

VI - 2016 & 2017

V - 2016

IV - 2015 & 2016

III - 2014 & 2015

II - 2013 & 2014

I - 2011, 2012, & 2013

  • (OOS) = Out of Stock
  • CE = Collector's Edition Game
  • LE = Limited Edition
  • BK = Strategy Guide, Art Book, and/or Lore Book
  • SB = Steelbook
  • CC = Console and/or Controller
  • MC = Miscellaneous
  • Anything linked means it exists. If not it hasn't been announced yet.

Major Retailers: 
Patch Notes: (Updated 12/27/19)
12/27/19 - Version 1.1

  • Added:
  • [CE] Watch Dogs: Legion: [Ubisoft]
  • Deals:
  • Fixed:
  • Updated: 

12/20/19 - Version 1.0

  • Added:
  • Official Collector's Edition Compilation XI - 2020
  • Deals:
  • Fixed:
  • Updated: 
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I'm glad I got the PC CE, seems like the PC is the only way to the play this game. I can see the PS4/XB1 copies hanging around for a while given how bad this game runs on those systems. But the way this CE is boxed is beyond stupid... the stickers holding the sleeve ripped off some of the box. Bestbuy re-stickered it with their red stickers which only caused more ripping.
Yeah I am contemplating if I should sell my ps4 copy and buy the pc version. Hmmmm

It's not technically a collector's edition but did anyone else in here that's in the US order Hyrule Warriors from shopto for the extra items? If so have you received it yet? My tracking number says it is in Greece which seems strange to me with Shopto being based in the UK and me being in the US.
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bread's done