PixelJunk Eden, Monsters, and Shooter (PC-Steam) 5x Bundle Giveaway from CAG


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CAG is giving away 5 Steam code bundles containing: PixelJunk Eden, PixelJunk Monsters, and PixelJunk Shooter

To enter the contest: post in this thread and/or tweet from our contest page. Ends 12/18/13.


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PixelJunk Eden

With a spectrum of new features and controls re-imagined specifically for the PC, PixelJunk™ Eden will feel brand new for even the most seasoned veterans of the PS3 version. Swing, climb, and jump your way through massive “gardens” of vibrant other-worldly plant-life in this truly organic platformer and grow each garden as you explore and guide your tiny yet agile "Grimp" toward the elusive "Spectra" which are hidden throughout each stage. Ride giant plants as they grow beneath you, then swing from them destroying Pollen Prowlers in an ever-increasing cacophony of pollen. Be fired from cannons, float in zero-G, warp to mirror worlds or simply be buffeted about by the wind while clinging desperately to a dangling leaf; each garden has a unique set of challenges, puzzles and enemies that will expand your mind!

Featuring a minimal original techno soundtrack and unique graphic style both of which were created in harmony with each-other by Indie multimedia artist “Baiyon”, Eden will give you an experience like no other game on this planet, or the next.

PixelJunk Monsters Ultimate

The critically acclaimed PSN hit PixelJunk Monsters Ultimate makes its way to PC for the definitive Monsters experience! Tikiman the Forest Defender is in trouble. Hordes of monsters are sweeping through his realm, hoping to chow down on his offspring – and it’s up to you to defend them. Place weapon towers at strategic points around the landscape to destroy the invaders and save the little ones. Collect treasure along the way to build up your arsenal; countless waves of monsters are out to get them, so be prepared to fight hard!

Key Features:

  • Play four game modes: Single player campaign, local co-op play, online co-op, and a host of additional challenges
  • Play Together: Local and online co-op will have you sharing your machine or playing with your friend over the net for a shared memorable experience. Online leaderboards show you how you stack up against your friends and everyone else in the world!
  • Tikiman will travel across three distinct islands, spanning 47 unique environments to protect his offspring from monsters that attack by land and air. He will use every tower in his arsenal, special power ups and more to protect them!
  • There is also the mysterious Tum-Tum Island, that randomly generates levels for near infinite replayability!
  • This amounts to literally hundreds of hours of gameplay, all set to an awesome soundtrack to keep you in the zone!
  • We have also included unlockable content including concept art, music videos, sound tracks and more!
  • For Steam we have created over 20 brand new achievements, giving the game 52 in total for you to unlock! Not to mention trading cards and badges!
PixelJunk Shooter

In PixelJunk Shooter, you must pilot your spacecraft through a range of cavernous environments in a bid to save the scientists trapped underground. Making your way through the game will rely on your keen sense of observation and the ability to manipulate your surroundings. Add in a swarm of dangerous enemies, hazardous substances and stranded survivors in need of your help and your mission objectives are pretty clear!

Action, adventure and entertainment await you. Be the hero and rescue the stranded scientists while enjoying a world of fun retro visuals and a dynamic soundtrack that reacts to the level of danger that you find yourself in!

Key features:

  • Battle across 15 stages with your spacecraft to save the scientists
  • Navigate cavernous puzzles by manipulating water, magma and even a strange black magnetic liquid
  • Recruit a friend and play local co-op
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Sweet giveaway!  So glad these came out on the PC since I don't have a PS3, but always wanted to give them a go.

Well, as with the last contest I recall, guess post context doesn't really matter, but... hope to win =P.

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