Playstation 5 Re-stock Thread

Interesting - the items show in stock and ready for pickup today (once anyone is able to checkout).  Suspicion #2 confirmed?

So I changed my store and had to re-verify my email address.....and now Im getting "Sorry, we're having a system issue, but it should only be temporary."

Starting to be over this shit lol

Had "Waiting for more inventory" for 10 minutes, now "Add to cart" and I can't get it into a cart lol

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Im just refreshing my cart over and over....I had the system and checkout button appear a couple of times but wasnt able to get through when it did pop up.

Item in cart - same issues as noted above.

Noticed that the app has updated to say "Not in Stock" at my location, with pickup available next Monday, 12/21.

Yet add to cart button, and it won't add to cart, now says OOS at all nearby locations.  Lasted less than 30 seconds.  fucking ridiculous.

How much traffic are these companies getting to bring them down like this?  The demand is ridiculous.  Its gotta be from people looking to make a quick buck too.  I have been part of every console launch since the NES and i have never seen demand for one product just crash major commerce sites every single time.  baffling. 

Now it says act fast only 2 left at your store.  

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Back to waiting for more inventory.  Says I have an item in my cart but when I go to the cart there is nothing there.  Jesus Christ this is insane 


I cant edit my cart, but have both the disc and digital one in it.   Can't get close to checking out, but is there a limit of 1 for each type or just in general?  Not that it will even let me edit my cart to remove one...

This is how I got a Series X for my buddy's nephew for Christmas.  However that drop was at 4am lol.  Now everyone and their fucking mother is after a PS5.

Did anyone even get one? I haven't seen a single confirmation from anyone. I'm convinced it was impossible. Every store around me apparently had 2.
My order went through, there was a few in my cart though and it wont let me see the final order details......  I must have clicked add to cart 100 times, keep giving me an error.

Not super optimistic on this

When they released them back before thanksgiving i was able to get some kind of verification email.  did they try that this time?  

I can add the digital but not the disk to cart. So inventory must be trickling in.
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