Playstation 5 Re-stock Thread

So what's the social media etiquette for people who manage to snag something in a product launch? If announcing you ordered a PS5 upsets those who haven't managed to, is the appropriate reaction complete silence or extreme survivor's guilt?

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Target delivered my ps5 about 3 hours ago and my bank still hasnt been charged. But my Pulse 3d headset which comes tomorrow from target has been deducted. Is this normal? Anyone else buy from target get their ps5 and not been charged yet?
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My PS5 from Sony direct came. Code that was sent on Thank You card doesn't work though. Now just waiting on Amazon, and I need to go pick up one from Best Buy.
I just got my code to work on the app. It’s a Sony direct avatar bundle. No idea what they look like yet, though
OH MY GOD the delivery date was showing arrives tomorrow for my target ps5 now tracking is showing 14th. I hope the first one is the real time it’ll arrived

Says revised delivery date Saturday by 9pm ugh
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About what time did Sony Direct go live the last couple days? Was the time consistent?

Am covering all bases here, crossing fingers one of them -- just one -- gets beyond the payment to the Confirm screen and email

So has Amazon been doing refreshes like Wal-Mart? If so, I guess I'll try again at 9 but this shit is causing me to have a nervous breakdown. Like the rational part of my brain says that I'll get one eventually and that there's really nothing to play on a PS5 right now that I can't get for a PS4 save for DS, but the irrational part, and the one that's taking over right now, is telling me that the sky is falling due to not being able to get one.
Also wondering this. Do we have any idea when future waves from Amazon will be?

For the orders that were placed through BB, does anyone know if these orders are being shipped to the store so that they can be picked up or are the pickups being staggered by BB and their stores to prevent the rushes of people to the store for their pickups? It just seems odd if it's the former since they could just ship it directly to the customer.

Non prime Amazon account and I finally got a charge to my card and it’s preparing to ship so it looks like it will come way before the 23.
Yeah, I was in limbo with Amazon, ended up getting one at Target for pickup. I cancelled as soon as I got back and got the cancellation email right away. Then this afternoon I got another email telling me I had cancelled it, so I figured something was up with their stock. Sounds like those that waited it out will be getting them sooner than expected.

I'm actually surprised that Amazon and Walmart delivered my items on release day!

Happy Hunting everyone!


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Just got mine from Gamestop. Not too crowded, simple in and out. Someone came in behind me looking for extra consoles but there were none.

No offers of $1200 in the parking lot unfortunately.

Received my Sony direct ps5 today, my other from sam’s club was delayed until the 27th. The sams one was pre ordered the day pre orders went up and they won’t even let me cancel it, tried 4 times.
Still haven't received my games from GS from the bundle - is that reason enough for me to ask a refund for my shipping cost? I paid extra to guarantee launch day deliver, didn't expect the games to not come

I would get a refund especially if you paid extra (supposing they aren't difficult to find now). I had a feeling that things were going to be slow so I ended up doing store pickup for what I really wanted.
Literally my whole reason for the PS5, which was my buy-in for the PS3 as well
Still trying ...
It will easily be in my top 3 GOTY for the year. I still think Cyberpunk will be absolutely amazing (if it comes out this year lol).

That being said I think Demon’s Souls is probably the best looking game I’ve ever played.
I was picking up my Spider-Man at GameStop earlier and they were warning people that the handles on the PS5 box break easily. :whistle2:k

On the Walmart preorder front, I'm now seeing a FedEx label created from Solutions2 GO based in Lake Forest, CA. The estimated delivery date is Wednesday, 18 November. I hope it doesn't take that long, but at this point I'll take what I can get. Note: As has been the case with many of you, this has so far occurred without a credit card charge.

Got it in my cart, finally got to the checkout and then it went OOS after I selected my preferred address

I fucking hate every piece of shit scalper who runs bots to snag all of these, and I fucking hate Wal-Mart for not allowing in store pickup to at least give us a fighting chance

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