PSN Gamesharing Feedback Thread

+2 to 

Bought BlazBlue CPX resell from group I hosted

Bought Omega Quintet phantom and Persona 4 Ultimax resell from me.

+1 to Pantsu_ and SyctheX3 for buying BlazBlue CPX phantoms from the group I hosted.

For anyone still using this Fyren should not be trusted and should not be dealt with.  Timeshared a game from me, and never gave it back.

+2 to JarJarBlinks for purchasing DMC and Resident Evil HD Phantoms

Newbie bust seems legit enough...Fast payment and no deactivation issues

Follow up post to my previous one about Fryen.  He took a long vacation and thought he deactivated before he left.  He compensated me for the time and got the game deactivated.

Hi fellow members of CAG,Im here to warn you about this member [member='CallanGWProx'] .

He was selling me a Dying Light phantom for PS4 on june 10, but after i gave him a 10$ PSN credit he ignored me.

Everything seemed normal, be aware THIS IS A SCAMMER.

I also contacted him via PSN and was mocked again.

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