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This thread will attempt to provide a place to discuss past/present/future PC gaming deals. While mainly focusing on Steam games, any standout sales may also be presented. I will not be updating every Daily/Weekly/etc. sale. The tools to help individuals become a smarter shopper will be provided below.

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Honestly, I doubt most people would get through the BASE Fenix rising game. The obstacle course one of the additions added was hard as hell, but I honestly got lost in the game world. I STILL don't think I beat it.
Honestly, I doubt most people would get through the BASE Fenix rising game. The obstacle course one of the additions added was hard as hell, but I honestly got lost in the game world. I STILL don't think I beat it.

I don't think I'll have trouble finishing the game. I loved Odyssey by the same dev and it's pretty much a lite clone. The funny thing is I purposefully skipped the DLC seeing they were so different from the main game and the price wasn't right. Seeing the whole package now for the same price makes it worth taking a chance.

Still, a huge dick-move by Ubisoft to drop a substantially best-ever discount just after the Winter Sale. I remember Jade Empire did this exact thing and caused an uproar since it was the pre-refund era on Steam.
Going to try a few demos (Amedama, C.A.R.D.S., Cryptmaster, Esport Godfather Origin, Infinite Realms, Split Square) and try some of my Steam sale games to see if I'll keep them or wait till bundles (Omori, Tangle Tower, Troubleshooter). Steam is very lenient for refunds so try them out. If they run like poop, that's a good thing to refund for too. Steam refunds help me take chances on things I'm not sure about for sure, and even though it makes the Winter sale have some less enticing sales, I do love the refunds.
Immortals Fenyx Rising is far more "finishable" than most Ubisoft games, I got to the end in a month of free play on Amazon Luna and it was only about 35 hours or so, that's tiny compared to most of their stuff and I'm a very methodical player who can't resist shiny temptations on a map. The only thing it really has in common with Zelda is the kind of movement and climbing freedom that make it difficult to go back to games without it.
Since finishing Tokyo Dark and Twin Mirror - both which were good murder-mystery/CYO-adventure games, BTW - I've been messing around with for RPG's both Mato Anomalies and ELEX 2.

Mato Anomalies
is basically another Persona 4: Golden type of game (semi-open world/turn-based combat/JRPG-style of game), but gone totally bonkers; bonkers mostly in the good way. The story, characters and writing is really good & way out there (which means there isn't a ton of voice-acting, but it does happen; I'll get to that. Also, besides the story, characters, and writing being really good & also out there - well, so is the interesting dystopian sci-fi futuristic game-world & setting too, for that matter. This game has so much going on here & to keep up with, it's giving me a similar feeling to the underrated Final Fantasy 13, in which you really need to read that Codex to get the lingo & understand what the heck they're even talking about. I ain't even got into the fact that you can hack other people's minds - and that it's done in the form of a fun & interesting card-battling game, too - where you have card decks and everything, as if this was Pokemon, Triple Triad from FF8, and/or something of sort. That's also not even getting into the game's cool art-style here, the cool cut-scenes in the usual type of cut-scenes we get in-game (where there actually might be voice-acting - I kept the game in its original audio language & with English subtitles and it sounds good), some cut-scenes are done in a moving comic-book style, and more. This game's a lot to take in & digest b/c it has so many things going on here - but if you can hack it & tackle it, it certainly early on feels worth checking out. Even at 3 hours in or so, it certainly ain't the best thing ever - but it's so damn cool & unique, I still want it to be. I hope this thing remains really good and doesn't full apart....b/c this game's really interesting, unique, and fascinating to me.

ELEX more ELEX. Not super far into it - around 2.3 hours, according to Steam - but so far, it's good. Differently recommend playing ELEX 1 first, as the game takes place not super-long after the original ELEX and there's already references & character stuff, which it does expect you to remember from the first game. I loved ELEX 1, so I expect I'll also like ELEX 2, in the long-run...provided it doesn't fall apart and all. I'm using mainly the DX12 build here - b/c my God, even on a SSD, DX11 version takes a while just to load. And it both loads and runs quite a bit better on modern hardware, if you're using DX12. Regardless, if you played ELEX, you know what you're walking into: another Piranha Bytes game with some Eurojank and lots of that 3rd-person BTC (behind the character) type of action-RPG goodness. Also, it's nice that I can put it audio-wise in Non-English and use this game's original language here, which sounds much more emotional & passionate; it just works better w/ the game, IMHO. Enjoying this one so far - but yeah, I've got to give it time and it also ain't easy on Default (Normal) difficulty, like many PB games. Just, also note - there is an Easy and an even lower Story Mode, which might help those who have a tough time w/ any sort of PB games, as even PB seems to getting a bit more accessible with their difficult games by adding modes like these - haven't touched those modes yet, BTW. Early on here, but so far - yep, I'm liking it. Hopefully, like most PB games, it's at least good, by the time it's over and I've finished the campaign.
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Already finished all the demos I was trying out. This set had a bunch of stuff that could be good potentially, but just felt unpolished for the most part. Cryptmaster is worth a try and decently original. I wrote down all my thoughts below:

Cryptmaster - 29 minutes completed demo. This was a very unique one. It is a first person dungeon crawler where you type out things to fight. I don’t have any idea how it’d play with a controller, but I doubt it would be good. You need to figure out your attacks by learning things from chests and boxes. There are turn based and real time modes where you type out your moves and the characters do them. Some enemies have shields that block from certain letters. The graphics are really cool black and white stylized like a graphic novel. They do make it hard to see things in the environment. The cryptmaster themselves is the narrator and looks creepy and is voice acted very well. This was super unique and I enjoyed it quite a bit. The demo goes through a prologue I’m guessing. I would get it on release just with a slight discount if the price is right. 7.5/10

Esport Godfather Origin - 11 minutes. This felt awful to play. It is an autobattler simulator of like a League of Legends or DOTA style game. It supposedly has AI art, very generic sounding music similar sounding to some 90s songs, weird confusing gameplay including a simulator of ranked choosing of champions. I don’t know how to use cards or do anything other than train my team. The developers need to make a better tutorial for this to have any chance at being good. I would only get in the cheapest of bundles. 4/10

Infinite Realms - 6 minutes finished one run. This is a kind of like Disciples 2 turn based strategy game. You have a main unit who is powerful, but if you lose it you die. You can use cards to summon things, cast spells, and build structures. Honestly the tutorial was near terrible, the game play okay but shallow, decent enough graphics, but generally felt unpolished. I feel there is a good game here, but I felt very weak and had no chance to win either the tutorial or the first try I did. 5/10

Split Square- 7 minutes. This one is another confusing kind of card game using it for action fighting. You go around a world and use cards to do attacks in a 2D plane where you can fly and break blocks. It is a bit confusing with a badly designed tutorial. The attacks and movement feel very, very floaty. The music and graphics were decent enough. You try to make it to a boss at the end of a block and have a time limit to do so. Honestly with some polishing it would be an OK game, but it is confusing for attacks and the battle system feels weird as well. It controls so-so with a Series X controller and I never understood how to refresh my attacks without losing ten life. 5/10
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For anyone Tier 3 or above on alienware arena, they're giving away Kitaria Fables steam keys. Was still 3k+ available when I claimed one a couple minutes ago.

I dunno what you all do to your poor hard drives to kill them. Or Maybe I'm just lucky but knock on wood I've never had one fail on me Seagate or Wd.
I currently have over 50TB of storage in my home, so, I probably have a larger sample size than most.
True that's quite a larger sample size compared to maybe 10tb i have at most. Though probably not too uncommon for gamers with multiple systems with external hard drives and internal. As I only have 1 external on my ps4. I don't have any on my other systems.
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Anyone also seeing buzz around Enshrouded? YT algorithm all of a sudden started flooding me with videos and the game is allegedly hitting EA in two weeks. I put it on my wishlist as it absolutely has my attention now as well.
Anyone also seeing buzz around Enshrouded? YT algorithm all of a sudden started flooding me with videos and the game is allegedly hitting EA in two weeks. I put it on my wishlist as it absolutely has my attention now as well.
I tried out the demo/beta of it a couple months back, and tossed it on my list. I haven't seen any ramp up in ads, though.
Capcom adds DRM to Back-Catalogue of Games.

Capcom has been updating their OLD games on Steam and adding more anti-tamper DRM called Enigma Protector to them, to prevent modding.

They started with RE: Revelations 1 and it's expected to be added to others too.

It has caused stutters in RE: Rev 1 and performance of 10-16 frames less.

Link -

Make no mistake, this has nothing to do with "inappropriate mods" (ie the Street Fighter nude mod scandal) or cheating and everything to do with them seeing mods as competition for all the costume DLC they sell.
Reply: Capcom nonsense.

Similar to the Skyrim problem and Fallout 3 problem where we need down-graders b/c updates broke community-made fixes, mods, etc - I do wonder if someone will create down-graders or something so we can play the older versions with mods.

Hey, Capcom - this would be the time to bring your OLD games without Enigma DRM over to GOG, so we can buy DRM-free versions of your classics so we can use mods on those versions.
I feel like Capcom gets this overconfidence similar to Sony where they have a few years of absolutely killing it, then get too overconfident and do a bunch of dumb stuff. I've been saying Capcom has been riding high for a while now, since probably RE7 and they've been hitting great game after great game and been consumed friendly. Hope this doesn't set them on a reverse course. Adding anti tamper drm to games as old as Rev 1 is ridiculous and so unnecessary
Malicious updates; way to make an argument for console version of games. While yes, they're DRM'd by default, I don't get potentially non-functionality from a game on disc I own otherwise.

Valve should modify their return policy such that there needs to be a new window for certain updates that eliminate features (ex. microtransactions) or adds DRM post release. Companies wouldn't do that if they suddenly bled cash for doing something asinine.
Valve should probably force some of these games w/ important key versions that are loved, highly moddable, etc. in either two ways. One could be just issueing a brand new entry in Steam - especially if a key version's been highly modded for like years, decades, etc. Or expand in the Library for said game that there's more than just Beta's in the extras section, where you have branches in Steam to allow for multiple key versions the community loves.

Could be similar to GOG does when they notice there's key versions - have branches in their Extras Section on the Installers section and/or GOG Galaxy for "downgrade" to older versions.

System Shock 1 Enhanced's newest version has issues w/ stutters - always best to downgrade to the right below it on GOG. also, Two Worlds II on GOG has a branch before ALL of the NEW DLC's got released (before version 2.0), which was a KEY version for numerous years and for big-time mods like WorldMerge (which adds content so that MP maps were intergrated into the game and so they work offline & in single-player mode) and other mods.
Valve does have a history of granting refunds for games that stopped functioning normally; might be worth trying to submit for it. A rash of refunds is certainly more likely to give Capcom pause than the easily ignored review bombing that will just get filtered out by the Steam algorithm anyway.
So far the shitty Enigma DRM hasn't been added to anything where a performance impact would really matter (RE5 would run on a toaster), and it's been removed temporarily from RE Revelations, but the problem is one of these days they'll probably add it to a current AAA game where the performance impact does matter.. like RE4R.
More on the Capcom Enigma Protection DRM fiasco:

Looks like also on here is Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective too.
I was wondering why denuvo was suddenly removed from Ghost Trick. Now it makes sense, they removed it to replace it with another DRM lol. The funny thing is there was a surge in sales when it got announced that denuvo was removed cuz people weren't aware of enigma at the time
That stinks. Big fan of PB's stuff for a while. Darn shame their underrated 3P action-RPG's never entirely caught on and was mostly niche.

Gothic series, Risen series, and ELEX series are so underrated.

And I'm enjoying ELEX 2 a lot right now, some 8 hours or so into it.

Hopefully, some publisher's smart enough to scoop PB up.
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