Steam Trading Cards Trading Thread

Have: Snow Globes #5, #7, #10

Want: Snow Globes #1, #3, #6

PM here or add me on Steam for trades.

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Snow Globe #3 (x1)

Snow Globe #4 (x1)

Snow Globe #7 (x1)

Snow Globe #9 (x2)


Snow Globe #6

Snow Globe #8

If you want any I'll trade just for the sake of helping out.  Or make an offer.

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Hi everyone! I need:



I have

     3 - x3

     5 - x3

     9 - x3

if anyone can help me :D

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Snow Globe #5

Snow Globe #8.


Snow Globe #3

Snow Globe #4

Snow Globe #7

Dead Island: Riptide Summer Getaway

XCOM Support class

Various L4D 2 cards.

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Hey guys if any of you are looking to help out a fellow CAGer or just get rid of your spare snowglobes, I could use a few to give to my wife so she can craft a badge and make it to that magic level 5.  I'd buy the cards on the market, but I just added funds today and stupid Steam has now blocked me from buying and selling cards.  Ugh!

I'm looking for #2, 5, 8, 9, and 10.  I have a duplicate #7 to give back or pass forward to others.  Add me on Steam if you're able to help!  SteamID:  Lord_Zath

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Hello, I'm looking for cards from the following games:

Castle Crashers

Runner 2

Toki Tori 2+

Ducktales Remastered

If you can help me out, shoot me a PM!

I'm new to Steam. Well, technically. I've been a member of Steam for 5 years now but I never actually used it until now (not much of a PC gamer BUT I'm thinking about buying a new computer soon so I'll definitely be looking into it!)

I have Duke Nukem Megaton Edition and I'm looking to complete the trading card set. I have 2 extras of the octabrain and I'm looking for every other Duke Nukem card, if you can help out let me know.


Looking for cards for Mark of the Ninja.

I currently have some from Beatbuddy, The Swapper, Super Sanctum TD, with more games with drops.

PM with any offers.

Looks like this thread is pretty much dead, but I'll post here anyways....

Anything I have doubles of I will trade 1:1... If I don't have doubles then the prices is 1:2.  I'm a crafter and I trade to craft... I dont care about hoarding cards, or amassing huge amounts. I care about completing sets.  Help me do that and I'll help you as well!

Send me a trade if you see something you like!

Empulse on Steam

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Playing COD:Ghosts for the first time since I got it.

Man this game is shit bad.

But the promises of cards.. :(

Anyone have Risk of Rain cards ?

♥ Laney's Steam Cards ♥

Call of Duty: Ghosts
- Deep Cover
- Shark Tank
- Federation Space
- Aftermath
- Double Header
Pixel Piracy
- Banana Guy
- Cat
- Chicken
- Crab
- Kamal the Butcher
- Tribal Leader
- Shopkeeper
- The Pickpocket
Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO)
♥ Want ♥
Bastion Cards
Payday 2 Cards
Send me a trade offer for whatever you think is fair !
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