The Admiral's 2011 NFL Pool! Congrats to Gravel! King of the Pool!

Admiral Ackbar

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Welcome to the 2011 NFL Suicide Pool.

Complete rules are below but it's basically simple. Pick a team each week, never the same team twice, and if they win (or tie) you move on. Everyone gets one Bye. Don't be late.

Post a team for Week 10 by Thursday, December 1st at 6pm EST. Pool will be closed to entries after then.

I recommend not to post placeholders. Post a team. Then you can always come back and change it.

Prizes - $120 gift card to, Copy of Portal 2 for PS3/PC, Copy of Dragon Quest 5 for the DS.

Gravel is King of the NFL Pool for 2011!!!
Week 1 - San Diego Chargers
Week 2 - Pittsburgh Steelers
Week 3 - Baltimore Ravens
Week 4 - Green Bay Packers
Week 5 - Bye
Week 6 - New York Jets
Week 7 - Dallas Cowboys
Week 8 - New York Giants
Week 9 - Atlanta Falcons
Week 10 - Philadelphia Eagles (Everyone Lost/Survived)
Week 11 - New England Patriots
Week 12 - Houston Texans
Week 13 - San Francisco 49ers
Week 14 - Seattle Seahawks
Week 15 - New Orleans Saints
Week 16 - Tennessee Titans

Week One Results
Week Two Results
Week Three Results
Week Four Results
Week Five Results
Week Six Results
Week Seven Results
Week Eight Results
Week Nine Results
Week Ten Results
Week Eleven Results
Week Twelve Results
Week Thirteen results
Week Fourteen Results
Week Fifteen Results
Week Sixteen Results

See the results from last years NFL Pool.
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Welcome to the 2011 NFL Suicide Pool run by your host, Admiral Ackbar. The rules are the same as every year, Pinky!

*** NFL Suicide Pool Rules ***

This is all done at my whim and leisure and I can alter rules or prizes anytime I want. I don't plan to, but sometimes the unforseen comes up and I need to be flexible. This will be a fair and fun pool where everyone gets equal opportunity. Please don't take this too seriously. Not to mention, there's always the Admiral's Money Back Guarantee. If you're not satisfied with the way this pool is run, you get your money back. Of course, to join is free, so you.... You get it.

Entry Period

Members can only enter the pool until 6PM EST on Thursday, September 8th. Approximately 24 Hours before the first game of the regular season. Sometime after 6PM EST, I will lock down the pool and there will be no further entrants allowed. In the interest of fairness this is non-negotiable. So I recommend you joing before 6PM EST on Thursday, September 8th.

Any CAG member may enter the suicide pool. To enter, just pick your team or take a BYE for week 1. Post your pick in this thread. Players who post their interest in playing but forget to place a pick by week 1 will automatically entered with a BYE.

How do I play?

1) Each week pick a team to win. (or tie)
2) You may not pick the same team twice.
3) Every player gets one (and only one) BYE to skip a week.
4) If you accidentally miss posting a pick your BYE will be automatically spent to keep you in the game. To quote Spider-Man, "Everybody gets one."
5) Make sure you get your picks in before the weekly deadline!
6) You may change your pick up until the deadline.
7) If the team you pick loses their game, you're out.

When are my picks due?

There's always confusion on this point so let me reiterate. I run a soft closing. In other words, I may say the pool will close after 8PM on a Saturday, but I might not actually lock it down until I sit down at my computer and look over the latest posts. Which might not be until 10PM or maybe 8AM the next morning. I do this because I can't be at my computer 24/7. And there's always someone who's late or forgets.

I will explicity post, sometime after 8PM on the closing date, that the pool is closed for the week. That post will not happen before the posted time. Make sure your picks are in before the closing time to ensure your picks count!

What if everyone is eliminated the same week?

We have a do-over and everyone survives to the next week until we get a single winner.

What about the playoffs

We've yet to have the game survive until the playoffs.

But based on previous discussions, we developed a new system. You can pick any playoff team, but you must also pick a score. If three people pick the same team, and the team wins, then whomevers score total gets closest to the actual total wins that match.

New England beats Indy 16-9 = 25

Player A picks Indy 13-21
Player B picks New England 14-7 = 21
Player C picks New England 14-9 = 23
Player D picks New England 21-17 = 38

A loses because he picked Indy. C wins because not only did he pick the winner but his total was closest to the actual total score.

When do picks need to be in again?

Picks generally need to be in the night before the first game of the week. Usually Saturday night or early sunday morning at the latest. Wednesdays for weeks when games start on Thursday.

Do not be late!

Once the week is closed, it's closed. After I close the week, I can't allow any more players in. Picks that are late do not count! So get your picks in! If you miss one deadline and you have a bye it will be used automatically. Otherwise, you're out.

*** Last Words ***

So that's it. Get your picks in, don't pick the same team twice, and remember you have one bye week. Couldn't be simpler. And don't forget that at any time I can change or cancel things since this is being run on my good will. But I don't plan to and probably won't.

Good luck!
Week 1: Arizona

I was hoping you would do this again as last year I went out in the first week. Here's to hoping I make it farther this time. Thanks!
week 1: Houston Texans
week 2: Detroit Lions
week 3: bye
week 4: Chicago Bears
week 5: New York Giants
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[quote name='Halo05']Nice, time to make it past, I dunno, week 3 this year.

Week 1 - Cleveland Browns[/QUOTE]
Ugh, this.

Week 1: Cleveland!
I can't believe people are going with such a risky pick in the first week with Cleveland.

Admiral thanks for doing this again!

Week 1: Philadelphia
Week 1: Pittsburgh

taking a chance on this 1 but the steelers have won their first game for the past 8 years in a row i think it is
bread's done