The Admiral's 2011 NFL Pool! Congrats to Gravel! King of the Pool!

I thought about just going with whoever the opponent of the Bengals is every week, but I decided against it. Except for this week.

Week One: Cleveland Browns

Thanks for holding the contest!
I finished 4th in my first year last season, hopefully I can do even better this year. I'll edit my pick in closer to the first week, but those are some tight matchups.

Thanks for running this again Ackbar!

EDIT: My Week 1 pick: San Diego
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Week 1 - New England Patriots
Week 2 - Pittsburgh Steelers
Week 3 - San Diego Chargers
Week 4 - Bye
Week 5 - New Orleans Saints
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A tradition like no other. Thanks again AA.

Week 1: Kansas City Chiefs Hmm Cassell injury, lets go with Arizona Cardinals instead.
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Wow there isn't a clear choice for me in week one.

For now, I'll take Tennessee New England, but I have no confidence in this pick.

Thanks for holding this again!
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