The Admiral's 2011 NFL Pool! Congrats to Gravel! King of the Pool!

Only a couple days left. Gonna post current picks soon. Remember you can change your picks until closing. Please make a new post. don't change the old one.
Week 1: San Diego

Thank you Admiral for hosting this contest again, I look forward to it every season!
Week 1: Patriots (I think - I may change before tomorrow but I wanted to get it in).

[quote name='FoxHoundADAM']Last year I was out after the first week, I'm going to go conservative this year on my first pick.

Week 1: Philadelphia[/QUOTE]

LOL - Philly could be staring at an 0-3 start if they aren't careful. I would not want to go into the dome on opening day and play the Rams (who have improved a lot since last year). Stud QB, RB and WR. Well-coached defense. You might be right but this isn't a conservative pick, IMO.
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