The Admiral's 2011 NFL Pool! Congrats to Gravel! King of the Pool!

FYI I'm travelling today. I won't be able to close the pool until sometime around 8 est.

Once the pool is closed No new entrants will be allowed in for any reason. So get your picks in today.
Thanks for doing this year in, year out, Admiral! Had a lot of fun last year, look fwd to more fun this year. Despite all that, my Week 1 pick, Tennessee Titans. Good luck everyone.
This is a little off topic but I was wondering if any of you guys want to join my Yahoo Fantasy League. The live draft is at 4:15 EST but we only have 7/8 teams. As you know, we can't start without an even number of teams, so please help a guy out :) It's just a standard (default rules) set by Yahoo. Nothing fancy.
Week1: Arizona Cardinals

Thankz for running thiz every year Admiral. :D
One of my fav contest/thread/CAGz stuff win or lose. \\:D/
I salute ye! *MGS Big Boss salute hand motion* :bow: :applause: :whee: :bouncy: :mrgreen:
Week 1: Packers

Thanks for the Pool again ADMIRAL! Its cool of you to do this every year for us.

I want a reason to care about tonights game. If I win great, if I lose, meh, I'll be out 8 weeks earlier than usual then.
The pool is now closed. Updating Picks. Please check the list to confirm I have your correct pick posted.

Slight housekeeping. Got an PM from dazed6201 regarding another entry. His son wants to participate but his account, Goalkeeper, does not yet have ability to post. So I'm adding him to the pool and his pick is San Diego. Hopefully he'll be posting startign in week 2.
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