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How many copies of a game can I trade in?
​You are allowed to trade in 4 copies of the same game (same system) within a rolling 30 day period.
What do I need to trade in an older console?
The console, power cable, av cable, and controller. Sometimes they don't care about USB charge cable but ymmv. 3DS XL trade would be console, charger, and stylus. Some have reported being charged a refurb fee for missing the stylus, but again ymmv (answer stolen from anarchyburger)
FAQ will be entered when those questions get asked frequently.
Does the Pro Membership B2G1 coupon apply to only games, or accessories as well?
The coupon applies to both games and accessories, per the wording on the coupon.
I have a $XX.xx pre-owned reward certificate, and I want to use it on a B2G1 transaction. Should I?
It depends. If the three games are equal value, do not use your certificate. The value of the certificate would be applied to the free game, which would not benefit you. If one game is more expensive, you can use the certificate to make it the same value as the other two games ($5 reward certificate applied to transaction with two $10 games and one $15 game would make all three games $10).
ASL/SL: Assistant Store Leader, Store Leader; manager positions at GS.
B2G1: Buy two, get one free. Typically refers to the coupon you receive when becoming Pro.
GCU/BB: Gamer’s Club Unlocked, Best Buy
GS: GameStop
JD: Junior detective, an employee who is out to get someone
LP: Loss Prevention; this is the department that actually bans accounts after being flagged.
TC/TiC: Trade credit.
TIV/TV: Trade in value, or what a game currently trades for. When posting a TV for a game, always use the base value.

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Different stores will set their own personal limit. The cash register limit is 4 of the same copy for the same system every 30 days. After 4 your account gets banned / limited.
Yeah it's very YMMV. I've done it in the past in some stores that didn't care but I'm not worried about it if I'm denied trading more than one in at a store. I'd just go to a different store or wait 24 hours. But you don't get automatically banned like if you were trying to trade in 5 of the same games within a 30 day period unless someone looks into your account I guess.
But you go through the trouble of buying multiple copies of Fallout 76 to bring to various Gamestops for ~$10 extra Gamestop credit per copy, at the risk of being trade-banned. Maybe you could do better with a better-paying job.
i do? wow, i didn't know i did that. that's so weird. that explains those gaps in time.

why are you so mad about people flipping games? it's hypocritical of you to be in this forum and then tell people to get a better job cause they're just trying to save money.

MWT went live at my local store. Did not try fallout 76 although I should've

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It's 1 per day. My store is incredibly strict and they still don't care if I come back 4 different days and trade the same game each time.
i said that in my original post. 1 copy per store, per day. 4 total copies in a rolling period before trade ban.

Do GameStops get their stock randomly or are there set dates and times? I've been looking for an oled and all the GameStops in my region (san diego) tell me they haven't received any besides the preorders.
Randomly.  Only Monday through Friday.  Stores don't order stock after launch, it's all auto-replenish so they have no say in what they get.

Ouch! That hurts, didn't think it would tank that bad, bought 20 copies to trade in.
I once did the same thing, luckily the title I bought rebounded after about a month and I got my original profit margin back out. You unfortunately may be boned, that FO 76 TIV seemed like a honeypot to me. Was tempting though.

i do? wow, i didn't know i did that. that's so weird. that explains those gaps in time.

why are you so mad about people flipping games? it's hypocritical of you to be in this forum and then tell people to get a better job cause they're just trying to save money.
No point in engaging that guy, he's a mental case who wants to flex his job and act like his pathetic life is somehow superior to other people enjoying theirs.

Traded in four games from the MWT list. All got the bump and extra boost towards Battlefield. Mario Party Superstars despite being listed on their sheet did not trigger a trade-in boost.
Also traded in a switch and got $260 for it, walked out with a white OLED.
Where are you located? I called around today and the stores got 6 on Thursday but sold out by today
Is there somewhere I can go to find out which games are currently getting the 30% trade bonus/G2L? It seems like usually it just gets posted in this thread randomly, so where do the people that post it get their info?

There's typically signage in store that states what titles.  Sometimes there isn't though and the only way to know is the employee to look up the active promotions manually.

Can anyone who traded in a switch please tell me what the process was? What they checked what they tested, what they cleared, etc.?

I'm tempted to trade in for the price, but have a small dilemma. My OG switch that I use on the regular is from release day and hackable, so I'd kind of like to keep that in case I ever decide to go that route. I also have a Japanese import Dragon Quest Switch console, but I'm obviously not trading that in. I'm considering swapping out the backplate so that I have a hackable Dragon Quest Switch and trade in a patched Japanese switch. They are both region free so it's not like a customer would ever care/know the difference. 

The only things I could think of that would stand out would be the serial number (not sure why they would check this, but maybe they do for v1 vs v2 switch) or if they factory reset  while I'm in store, the default language would probably be in Japanese. 

They enter the sn in the process of the trade.  I'd advise against trading in an off-region console.  Think of the mom & kid who will end up buying it.

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They enter the sn in the process of the trade. I'd advise against trading in an off-region console. Think of the mom & kid who will end up buying it.
Yeah on second thought I think I'm just going to pass, as the DQ switch is a V2, and I should keep it that way. Will probably still get an OLED eventually (maybe will wait for a special edition) and my OG switch should still easily get $260+ (in cash) if I ever decide to sell.

As far as a mom/kid getting a foreign console, to my knowledge there is ZERO difference between the two (Both play physical games from all regions, both have English settings, and the e-shop/DLC is tied to the Nintendo account region and not the console region). But someone can correct me if I'm wrong.
I think this same page was posted already but here it is again


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Just a note, that page isn't official GS marketing.  It's made locally by someone, so there may be things wrong with it or change before release.

Depends who all that person who made it shared it with.  Sometimes they have friends all around the country.  Just saying none of that is guaranteed to stick, it isn't official marketing.  Official marketing is always on posterboard/cardstock and in color.

I just traded in a copy of Fallout 76 and can confirm that it’s going for $20. I can also confirm that Riders Republic qualifies for the additional 20%.

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I'm aware. It's still not official. You can send email documents through GSO, it happens all the time.
It's also existed in one form or another for over a year now and I think it has only been wrong once. It's as close to official as you are going ot get at this point since Gamestop can't pull their head out of their ass.

I'm just saying it's subject to change as it's not official what-so-ever and made by a person not in marketing.  It's not even supposed to be printed anymore or updated same with the reserve "binders".

Still regret not buying more $0.03 Fallout 76s from wally. Didn't think it was worth the shelf space at the time. Wish I had taken a picture of the 20+ copies I left sitting in the clearance section for this thread now  :fridge:

Struck out on finding anything good today - Did see a few plain 2DSs. Nothing worth picking up - but word is most stores are required to send all retro stuff back to warehouse now and can only sell in-store for a few days when the trade hold drops depending on how strict they follow their DL. Funny anecdote as I was chatting - was told stores couldn't tell you how many OLEDs they had left because of fear of robberies.  :no:

Yeah, that's always been the policy on retro, that's not new.  The company has explicitly said stores are not allowed to sell retro at all, but some stores and DM didn't listen and sold anyways, might just be another crackdown/tracking trend going on again right now.

The systems on hand/in stock has always been LP procedures, they're never supposed to disclose those numbers.

I was able to find an OLED 30 minutes away. Got home, transferred my data, and then traded in my old Switch for 260 at my local GS. I'm going to miss my neon green joy cons, but I suppose I have brand new white ones, so definitely not complaining.

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