The new trend of praising women just for being a woman.


"Female empowerment" is the new hot thing right now. Its the new trendy thing to be all about if you want some easy attention and fake hollow praise.
Not that I have an issue with women being equals, I just cant stand when its forcefully shoved down my throat constantly. Besides, forcing it on people will not help your cause. When was the last time someone with a differing view than yours tried to forced their opinion on you and actually changed your mind?
Basically for right now women are the new black people in where they run around demanding to be treated equal and so on, but at the same time expect special attention and treatment given to them for being women. And sadly no one can have a differing opinion because if you do then your chastised for not being pro girl. You more or less are forced to either keep your mouth shut or stand in line saying "Girl power" or "You go girl".
Reddit has been over run with posts like "Look a female tank instructor" its a tank instructor, the fact its a female is inconsequential, its still just a instructor. Then that posts gets ton of vacuous facebook comment worthy shallow and generic comments on it. When new ghostbusters came out almost every time you heard about it you only heard about it being all women, no one really talked about the movie itself, it was like their one and only thought on making the movie was to just have all women and they put the actual movie itself after that fact and that is why it sucked. Not because it was all women, but because all women is all they cared about. Blu ray sets of "Influential female directors"....well that fact they had boobies doesnt mean they were good directors or that they deserve attention for having boobies. And all this other non sense about how great women are for doing something that anyone can do. Instead of praising a woman as a person for doing great things its the hip and cool thing now to praise them solely because they have a vagina.
Women do not deserve special attention or praise for being or doing anything based on their gender, thats not being very equal at all. Just like black people do not deserve special attention or praise, or gay people.
Even in trying to be positive about bringing attention to women your still being sexist because you're doing it by basing it around their gender. People act like you can only be sexist if youre doing it to disparage women, no being sexist is disparaging or uplifting someone based solely on their gender. Its signaling out someone for gender in good or bad ways.
We have women millionaires, women directors, women doctors, women senators/congressman, women ceo's, for fucks sake there have been women who went to outer space, and so on. And you know what? They arent even women doctors or women astronauts, they are just doctors and astronauts, etc. Face it ladies, you are equals, its time to start acting like it. No one likes the one person at work that has to constantly bring attention to themselves, they tend to be the least accepted people at work. And thats what women who bring constant attention to themselves do, they annoy everyone else.
Want to be treated as an equal? Then start acting like an equal instead of saying you want to be equal but at the same time want to be treated special.
Taking a political stance on these things will just drive you mad. I'm completely jaded and desensitized to things of this nature anymore and couldn't care less what people do. So long as there are sides to take, it just becomes an endless debate and people will remain unmotivated to change until it impacts them.

Not that I have an issue with women being equals, I just cant stand when its forcefully shoved down my throat constantly.
You're tired of having gender shoved down your throat? I'm sure some women will cry a river for you.

Face it ladies, you are equals, its time to start acting like it.
More so, it's time to treat them like it. Which demonstrably isn't happening yet.

Still, you have to admire him getting his message out.  Posting to the "Politics & Controversy" subforum of CAG has the potential to reach ones of women.

Take THAT, lost and confused woman who accidentally reads this thread!  Now you know what you're doing wrong!

You're paying for your fathers' sins

Like holding a beach ball far underwater, when it rises it will shoot too far up into the sky

In the past the Puritans and some Boomers were control freaks; managing their wives like dogs that needed to be kept on short leash.

It was an unspoken constituency that men in all Western influenced nations tried to make sure their wives couldn't survive without them financially and so it was most employers were male and most employers wouldn't employ female staff under pretence the work needed to be handled by the more brawnier gender.

Us few Generation-X came into a time were women were being placed on pedestals and men were selling each other short to gain the womens' attention or favour hence why it was easy to disenfranchise and dislodge a male in a divorce court even though the marriage was ruined by the wife's infidelity.

Personally, I've never regarded the opposite sex as better or less than me but I know, that as a male, I have more to lose and a much harder time gaining the romantic interest and concern from women than women receive like a waterfall from men thus making my gender an excess commodity.

Understanding this I stayed back and away until I found someone who could really use the company which wasn't until I was in my thirties.

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