The Official CAG 2022 Pick-Ups Thread

Traded in some of my Ebay stuff (2 Xbox 360s, like 100 Xbox 360 games, 3 Genesis, 3 Wiis) to the local game store and got bunch of trade in credit. Got the SNES games, GTA PS1 Collection, SMB3 complete, shitty Vita screen protector, 2 PS ONE screens, and a few accessories not pictured. Amiibo and Nintendo Switch Sports was GS. Zombie Army 4 was a $20 price error on Amazon. Replacement Atari 2600 power ports from Ebay. Rest was FB Marketplace pickups.


Xbox 360 controller battery packs and sticks were from Ebay. Genesis games were from the local gamestore. Unless there's some good cards in the packs these boxes aren't even worth what you pay for them.... I guess I just like the "what if" factor to them!


VGM box, $3 for the books from the booksale cart at work, Gamestore bundle- used the last $157 of my trade in credit. Crash is sealed, Traded a DVD/VCR combo I got at Goodwill for $10 for the Lynx games, Had $100 in Gamestop giftcards so I grabbed Mario Strikers and The Quarry, I was going to wait on MS. Also found the 30th Anniversary Special Edition The Legendary World Of Zelda The Ultimate Unofficial Guide for $1 on my works booksale cart.


Video Games Monthly "MEGA BOX", they do these every once and awhile on Facebook. You get a box of 20 games for the consoles you have selected for $155 shipped. House Of The Dead from Amazon. More 360 sticks from Ebay. PS3 Rockband dongles from Ebay. RB games from local game store. 360 breakaway cables from Ebay. PSP/2/3 games were $3 apiece from one of those "flea market" booth stores. Dumbass wanted $10-$15 for any cartridge game and mostly had sports stuff! New supply kit for my VMI disc buffer. Xbox One controller usb stick from Amazon, my near top of the line PC apparently doesnt have Blutooth! Japanese N64 labels from Etsy. Games and consoles bundle was actually 2 pickups from the same guy- $110. FYI, the yellow DualShock 2 goes for around $50! Im def putting new sticks in it!


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New soldering iron set from Amazon, PS3 games were given to me by one of the ladies who works at the post office, Monster Hunter Pro Controller from Target.


Not much this week- VGM box and 3 games from the local game store. Traded in most of the cds/dvds I had from the thrift store/listed on Ebay. These games were "new" but they had removed the plastic years ago at their old location. Discs had been in a sleeve in a drawer since they moved to the mall a few years ago!


PS Vita charge port and Neo Geo CD game from Ebay. Linkin Park box set and magnetic repair mat from Amazon. Castlevania Anniversary Collection collectors edition from LRG. Diablo PS1 and the Xbox360 cable were $42 after I used $40 in trade in credit. The 250GB hdd was from Ebay. The green Xbox One thumbsticks and the Pixoo 64 were from Amazon. The book was $1 at the library.


VGM Monthly Box- The fact that I can get all these Japanese 1st party games in 1 box says a lot about how the US values N64 games! Won a Steelseries headset from a Twitter retweet contest!

Saturn game cases from Amazon. Retrofighters Defender controller. Got a $75 Visa gift card for my 15th anniversary at work. Most of it was spent on Super Metroid on Ebay. I had $3.33 left on it so I grabbed Cool Boarders at the local game store since it was $3.27 after tax!


Sealed DVD set was $1 from the sale cart we have at work. LG Blu-ray drive from Best Buy so I can rip my PS3 games. Rest was from a local game store. Minish Cap was $75 but it's legit and super clean. And I finally finished that diamond art I got from work.


PS1 games from local game store. Guitar Hero controller switch from Ebay. Old Lego set my grandma found in a closet. There was also an old Monopoly and Scrabble. Custom Flip 4. TMNT from Gamestop. Lens cleaner cds from Amazon. Last Of Us from Target. PS1 games from local game store. Xbox battery covers and sticks from Ebay. Turbo Grafx Flash Hucard V2.0 from Incognito Chip. The Polymega will actually read this and I can backup TG games one at a time. Galaxy Watch from the TMobile store, got a good deal since I was swapping my Sprint sim over. Dualshock 3s and the 4 Xbox games were $23 from Craigslist. Lego is sealed. Complete Tetris was $10 at a yardsale. It wasn't even supposed to be out. It was already listed on the guys Ebay when I asked.


Video Games Monthly box. Amiibo and Splatoon 3 from Best Buy. Replacement battery contacts for my Rock Band guitar from Ebay. PS1 games from the local game store. Top 2 were both claimed as new but only Austin Powers Pinball was factory sealed. The others were Buy 3 Get 1 Free. $50- Teal GBC with bag and 6 games were from a guy I call "Craigslist Scott". He finds things on FB and at yardsales and I'm his 1st contact for video games. He gets a quick flip and leaves room for me if I want to resell. I'm puzzled by the different colors on the front and back though. The back appears to be OEM, it's got the stickers on it. If it was sun faded I wouldn't think the inside would also be that color but it is.


I guess I just missed out on some steals on Marketplace. Lady was listing game stuff- $20 GBA, $25 GBASP, $40 3DS, $75 Vita and like 20 PS2/PS3 games at $5 apiece. Some $30+ JRPG stuff in there. I asked if those were the prices she was asking, she clicked the "Yes Its Available" auto reply, I told here Id be interested in most of the stuff, I can see she read the message but didnt reply, I asked if someone beat me to it and she didnt reply.....I fucking hate that! TELL ALL INTERESTED PARTIES IF YOU SOLD THE ITEM!

Splatoon 3 Switch from Target, Brilliant Stars booster box and the Special Delivery Charizard card from Pokémon Center, Pokémon advent calendar from Target, SNES games for game store, Galaxy watch bands from Amazon.


Video Games Monthly Facebook flash sale- $69 shipped. Just the Zelda 2 and Metroid Fusion manuals go for like $25 apiece. The Mega Man one last went for like $30. Had a $100 giftcard to Ebay so I bought a backlit screen for my Game Boy Pocket and some replacement GBC speakers. Also got a VCR cleaner tape but it hasn't arrived. Got the 6 pack of MD Baja Deep Dive from the summer of Baja contest. Tastes like they mixed Baja Blast and Pitch Black. I like it. Got this $140 air purifier from the Target product review group I'm in. They usually run out of stuff this good before I check my emails to claim new items!


Got a little crazy and ordered a bunch of the Atari Lynx games from Songbird Productions. Just a few randoms- Toy from the Target review group I'm in, N64 R button from Ebay, and Bayonetta from GS.


Haven't posted in a while. I picked some more games and statues but already put them up. Didn't feel like digging them up for the photo. Here's the most recent pick ups tho.



Pretty uneventful regular pickups this week- I got a Samsung A13 with 3 months of Mint Mobile to review for that Target group and a Playstation composite cable from the game store. I actually traded in a bunch of Genesis stuff thats been sitting on Ebay- 2 Model 1s with cables and controllers, a model 2 with cables and controller, and like 50ish cart only games and 6 complete games- sitting on $411 in credit! Been eyeing the PS Vita and the holo Base Set Charizard sitting in the case....

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Phone from Target review group. Games from my moms friend..... I guess her son grabbed all the N64, Gamecube, and Pokemon stuff I remember him having back in the day. Free is free I suppose. Amazon- Munbyn label maker, 3 movie 4k Blu-ray, Vita 1 and 2 protectors, SD2Vita adapter, 512GB microSD card. Used some of my trade in credit from my Wii and Genesis purge last week to grab this nice model 2 Vita, power cable, Ninja Gaiden 2 Sigma, and the Wii cable. I'm sure you can guess from the Pic above what my plans are!


Charizard box from Walmart, Bayonetta 3 Trinity Edition from Target, regular Bayonetta 3 from Best Buy, and a replacement disc drive for a slim PS1 from Ebay....... we don't simp for crybaby voice actors in this house!


Charizard box from Walmart, Bayonetta 3 Trinity Edition from Target, regular Bayonetta 3 from Best Buy, and a replacement disc drive for a slim PS1 from Ebay....... we don't simp for crybaby voice actors in this house!
Thank you for not being a whiny simp. Your average McDonalds employee works harder than voice actors, which isn't even really "work" at all. Anyone crying because they don't get paid enough for "voice acting" shouldn't be taken seriously and all of the weirdos saying they're going to boycott this game are the same basement dwelling losers who get outraged over everything. In fact I also just bought Bayonetta 3 to support the company and hope they pay the voice actors even less if a fourth game ever comes out just so they can cry some more.
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