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It's that time of the year again! Let's get ready for the 2023 pickupspalooza!

As always, show us what you got, whether that be the physical goods or the digital goods. Bring them all here to show off with your fellow CAGs!

Looking forward to a fantastic 2023 of stuff!


Still 2022 but this might be my last major pickups post until 2023 because I told the Facebook dude that im swamped now and he can sell to someone else for awhile unless its some banger stuff! If you want details about the pics heres the imgur link


Xbox, Wii, Switch, DSi, games- $250, Marketplace. Everything works. Switch needs a new R button and has no kickstand. Cases and Switch R button from Ebay.


HEY! I didnt buy a thing from Marketplace this week! I got the new Amiibos from Target/GS, Fire Emblem from Target, the bottom seal was cut. This is apparently a thing that quite a few people experienced. The PSP stuff was from Ebay, now I can finally test my stack of games and UMDs, the CD cases and Atari controllers were from Amazon. Gonna swap all my cracked PS1 cases.


*looks around room*, not much this week for regular pickups. My Sephiroth Amiibo preorder from Target finally showed up. I bought 10 of these 50 Zelda sticker packs from Amazon for my Ebay packages. And im still waiting on some replacement PSP UMD shells that I ordered a week ago from Amazon!

Pic 1- Local game store- members get Buy 3 Get 1 Free. I think the Genesis game was the freebie. I remembered all the Rockband track packs and transfer packs I had purchased and was like, "I should really have a copy of this so I can access those 500+ songs on my 360s hard drive!". Paid for these with trade in credit. Pic 2- Hogwarts Legacy running on my OneXPlayer handheld. Before anyone b1tches about "sUpPoRtInG tRaNsPhObIa!".... just STFU and move on to the next post! You're little agenda is failing and the game is fun/doing just fine in sales! Pic 3- Facebook Marketplace- guitar and games under the brown box. Target review group sent a baby bassinet to review.... that's probably going on Marketplace! PSVR2 from Sony. Wii U games and Kirby from GS. Metroid Prime from Target. Zelda microSD from Amazon. 4 more PS1 games from local game store. Pic 4- Guy I buy games from sent me a picture of these and I'm disappointed I paid $75! The guitar lights up but I don't have the dongle. Batman Wii U disc only, Dragon Ball Raging Blast 2 complete, NFS Pro Street, and Yoshi Topsy Turvy should be good. Apparently the red Wiimote sleeve is worth like $13. The rest is case only or the discs are scratched on the tops and bottoms. Take care of your stuff people! I could never imagine any of my personal games getting to this condition! Pic 5- I've only put about an hour into PSVR2. The setup and 1st impressions are I'm already liking it more than the OG Vive I use to own. Setup is soooo much simpler and cleaner. GS actually had those Wii U games marked at a decent price. Smash is cib, other 2 are missing manuals. PS1 games were B3G1 free. Traded in around 40 common-okay cib Xbox games that I backed up to my modded Xbox then grabbed these nicer PS1 games with the trade credit plus a little of some credit I already had.


Walking out of the mall last Saturday and a guy says, "can't believe Slackers wouldn't give me anything for my games... ". I offered him $30 and he quickly accepted. Already sold Prototype 2 for $10. Video Games Monthly Box. New brushed from Amazon. Switch Joy-con grip and Sega Genesis mini controller for $10 from a local guy.


Pic 1- Been awhile since I've done a regular pickups post. Xbox360 hdds and PS1 games from the local game store. Used the last of my trade in credit. Pic 2- FB dude- $50 I think. Top 3 are cases and manuals, no games. Pic 3- Japanese N64 games from Ebay. Going for the whole Japanese set. Pic 4- More Japanese N64 games from Ebay, seller included some green tea. Multiplug was from Amazon. Pic 5- Had to order something from the Pokémon Center to get the Illustration promo 3 pack. Even more Japanese N64 games from Ebay. The rest of the pics are from FB dude and a lady who works at the post office. She gave me half of the Xbox360 games in the 1 pic for free! The rest was 3 purchases..... probably around $350ish. Everything probably needs wiped down and buffed but I think it should all be good from 1st glance.


Amazon- shipping labels, cables for my Goodwill amplifier, new Eneloop battery set. Ebay- walls for my Mall Madness game, Sega Saturn power supply. Amazon- tube preamp.Amazon- filter for my Target review group air filter. Ebay- Sony Cybershot batteries and charger.


Library- $2 apiece for the books. Ebay- knockoff remote for my Goodwill Bose speakers and some pieces for my Goodwill Mall Madness game. Facebook Guy- sent me a message like "$240 value, yours foe $120". I look at the pictures and I'm like, "....I wouldn't want to be more than $40 into that. Lots of sports games.....". He ended up finding Star Ocean and 3 meh DS games in another box and we settled at $60. So like $2 an item.


Craigslist Scott- $50. Tiger Woods is sealed, Poker is also partially sealed. I was like, "I don't know..... $25?". He said, "look up that Wii game". I look up Recently Sold copies of Oregon Trail and its a $50+ game! Had no clue! I said, "well how about $60?". He actually came back with $50. He understands that he just bought those at a yardsale and that I need some room for my time buffing and cleaning everything then paying Ebay and shipping fees. And I finally got Advance Wars from Best Buy, one of my oldest preorders except for Tears Of The Kingdom and Metroid Prime 4!


Guess I missed this pic last week. Record Day pickups from the local game store. Target- Tears Of The Kingdom Switch. Facebook, $80- working NES, 3 as is 360s, 2 360 Kinects, 1 X1 Kinect, NES and SNES controllers, PS3 camera with missing base. Local gamestore- B3G1 free. Employee actually took the 4 highest priced games and gave me the lowest priced one free then did the same thing with the 4 lower priced games..... and also gave me 10% off! Craigslist Scott- $50!


Games and ac adapters from local gamestore and iPod cables from Amazon. Video Games Monthly Box. $20 from FB dude. MK3 case actually has MK2 cartridge.


^ Mmmm all that Zelda stuff!

Decided to get the rest of the TWD sets I was missing. PC games and Switch game, $20 from "Craigslist Scott". Target, Best Buy, and Gamestop Zelda stuff. $45 from "Craigslist Scott"- Xbox and PS2 stuff.


Games, NES consoles, 320GB Xbox360- $100, Facebook guy. NES adapter- $10, game store. Pretty said stack of games but most are complete and they all work. Both NESs boot up but grey screen. Currently have both taken apart for a cleaning! 360 is currently untested. Xbox Xedusa HDMI adapter from Beharbros. They even threw in a new DS/PSP case! Video Games Monthly Box. Craigslist Scott- $65. No hidden game in the Wii or any digital games sadly. I need to find my lense cleaner because it has booted any game so far. It was pretty dirty though.


FB Marketplace dude- $25. He wanted $25 for the DC controller and Xbox360 games and I was like "mehhhh....". Then he found the Atari controller and the knockoff mini NES and I did 25 for all. ROG Ally from Best Buy. Switch games from Amazon and PlayAsia. Video Games Monthly had a flash manual sale on FB. VGM also had a Mega Box sale.


Not too many pickups this week. PS1 game from local gamestore, TOTWD and ROG Ally screen protectors from Amazon. Not pictured- 4 blue 10ft PS3 controller cables from Amazon.


Amazon- 2TB SSD for my ROG Ally. Video Games Monthly Box. Craigslist Scott- $50. Wii is complete in box. Amazon- replacement N64 sticks.


FB Marketplace, $70- Marantz DV-6001, Triforce Heroes case only, some MyArcade 300in1 I haven't tested, and 2 "JuiceBox" cartridges? Prime Day- 2TB hdd for my sister's modded Wii, Pocky And Rocky PS4, and Cotton Switch. Ebay- 2 sets of N64 controller buttons. Booth antique type store, $90- 3DO controller, Crash N Burn 3DO game missing manual, Virtua Fighter 3rd Dreamcast game with water damaged manual sadly, MRC N64, Nagano 98 N64, Burger King 1999 Pokémon spinning toys, 1999 OddzOn Pokémon toys, Wall-e PSP case that had Juiced 2 inside, and Neopets Petpet Adventures PSP missing manual.


Xbox games and GC game were from the local game store. LOZTP is (I hate this word fyi) mint! The ram and ac adapter for my $5 ASUS monitor were Prime Day purchases.

Guitar Hero dongles from Ebay, like $100 for the 3. These aren't cheap! The rest of the stuff was from Best Buy.


Cables from Amazon, PS2 Guitar Hero adapter from Ebay because my other one I ordered didn't work, games from Gamestop. Forgot they were doing retro again. Ended up paying $124.27 after some Pro discounts, certificates, and promos. Silent Hill and Blinx are missing manuals.

Video Games Monthly Box

$60 from "Craigslist Scott". 1st 3 rows of games are complete. 2nd to last row is missing manuals. Last row is just cases and 1 manual. The 2007 Tiger Electronics Guitar works fine after cleaning. It's a pretty cool toy.


Facebook dude- $30. No console sadly.

Games were from the local game store, $270ish. Members get the cheapest of 4 for free so I usually get bundles of 4. Then a few of the employees actually take like your 4 highest priced games and you get the lowest of those for free. So I didn't necessarily get the 4 lowest priced for free in this bundle. Amazon- rubber bands for Walkmans and some Vita thumb grips.

Video Games Monthly did a Facebook sale. Got these for $33ish shipped. Both sealed, had to message them to see if I get a slip cover for the PS3 edition. Guy said he'd look into it. He said like half the copies did have slip covers for some reason.


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