The Official CAG 2023 Pick-Ups Thread

Mostly from GS b1g1 sale & 40% preowned sale. BBY $10 sale, trade bait. 



Video Games Monthly sent me the missing sleeve for the sealed Deus Ex game. 4k sets from Gruv.

$10 from Craigslist Scott. More than I'd want to usually pay for 3rd party controllers but he took the time to go to yardsales and drive them to me. He probably paid $2 at a sale for these.

Games were $60 from CL Scott. Kinect games are sealed..... as if that even mattered! HDMI cables from Amazon, Skull Candy earbuds free from the lost and found at work (they're like $15 earbuds), and a knockoff Bose remote to test the soundbar I picked up at Goodwill.


Video Games Monthly Box

Analogue Pocket Dock. Bundle of "movies" from Ebay for my Fisher Price Movie Viewer I got at Goodwill.


Marketplace guy, $300.... probably too much but I've made some serious profit off other stuff I've bought from him so it's not terrible. Wii works, had Wii Sports inside. Haven't checked for any digital games yet. All the Xbox stuff is cases or cases and manuals. No discs.

Pt. 2- All the PS2 stuff is complete but most of the artworks are going to have some flaking because they were damp sadly. The discs and most booklets were fine though. The boxsets were fine. PS4 controller is a knockoff but feels like the real deal. Wiimote and Genesis game work. San Andreas was inside the Xbox he included.

Pt.3- Xbox doesn't boot from 1st test. Just cleaned it out with the air compressor, pretty dusty. Hopefully at least the disc drive works because it is the Samsung model which is the best drive. Had to manually eject it to get the disc out.

Managed to score 2 of the Analogue Pocket glow in the dark models! Kryptonite bike lock from the Target review group I'm in. Season 1 of Dead City from Amazon. A 12TB Kinhank Hyperspin setup HDD from Amazon. Probably going to migrate all of my roms and backups to it so I can make room on my other HDD for just PC games. I have like 4TB of PlayStation 1-3 games backed up! Along with Wii and Gamecube stuff. I might even like rig this up to my Arcade1up machine using my ROG Ally.


Facebook dude- $150. Fur Fighters wouldn't play on 2 different PS2s despite a few buffs. Will have to test some of the Xbox games on a different Xbox because they wouldn't boot on mine which honestly has a crappy lense in it. That's why it's modded with a bigger HDD!

Same guy- $350. 1st 2 rows of games are complete. 3rd row is missing manuals. 4th row is missing discs. 5th row is missing discs and manuals. Everything definitely needs the Lysol Wipes treatment but I don't think any of these have water damage like the last PS2 bundle from him.

Also got Pikmin 1+2 from GS


4k steelbooks from Best Buy and Target.

8bitdo NES style keyboard from Amazon.

$120 Bundle from Craigslist Scott.

Hard Mountain Dew from Total Wines.... I'd honestly rather have a regular MD after finally tasting these. Noone of them taste like their soda counterparts.

Pretty decent VGM box.


Shirts were $7.60 apiece at Gamestop for Pro Memebers plus I had my $5 coupon. Clippers, led lights, almonds, and controllers came from Ross. Sealed controllers were $16 apiece. SOAD Sugar EP CD was $3 at a booth store. Blood Suckers betamax was from Ebay. The sealed green Logitech wireless Xbox controller was from Ebay. The 20TB hdd was from Amazon, it's going to replace that 12TB Hyperspin drive I bought from a Chinese 3rd party seller that constantly crashes.

Logitech wireless Xbox controller adapter from Ebay. PS2 game from local game store.


Walking Dead complete series Blu-ray set from Amazon. Some Wii sensor bar and cable sets from Amazon since I was officially out of Wii cables after listing 8 bundles.

Facebook dude- $50, he was trying to tell me he had like $260 of value on Price Charting before just getting bored. I was like, "I don't even really want the PC games..... they don't sell". He took $50 for the whole bundle. The PS2/Xbox cases just have manuals, no discs.

Same guy- $50 for the framed 1988 Lord Of The Rings poster. Been framed since 1993 according to the sticker on the back.

Sign and vintage mini lighter came from my aunts house that my parents are still going through since she passed in April. Artbook came from our sale cart at work (library), $1. SMW and cards from Walmart, $51 after a code they posted on Twitter one morning.


Facebook Marketplace dude, $420- 250GB Xbox 360 Slim with ac adapter, The Evil Within disc, and 4 digital games downloaded to it. 160GB PS3 Slim with power cable and Test Drive Unlimited disc. 2 model 2 Sega Genesis, one ac adapter but I have another, 3 controllers, a fighting stick with a crack motherboard so the Start and Turbo switches don't work, grey N64 controller, N64 Gameshark 3.3, all the games, a couple audio books on cassettes, accessories. Dreamcast stuff was a last minute add on for $70- the only thing salvageable from the console was the shell! Rust city inside. Thankfully the shell cleaned up really nice and people will buy shells. Also the controllers and Bass Fishing game are fine. Sega Genesis AT Games is untested because I don't have an ac adapter that works for it.


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Facebook Marketplace- $120.

Facebook Marketplace- $200. Switch games are - Super Mario 3D Allstars, Assassins Creed The Rebel Collection, and LOL Suprise Movie Night. CTR and GTAV are missing the discs so im gonna have to message the guy back and see if they can find them.


Nikes from Nordstrom.

Amazon- ac adapter for the Logitech G27 wheel I picked up last week. And replacement HDMI ports for a PS4.

Games from Gamestop.

Facebook Marketplace dude, $75- Tekken poster, orange DSi, Xbox 360 side grill, PS1 controller, Wii sensor bar, and the games/manuals. GB game is Killer Instinct.

Facebook Marketplace- $265 for this pic and the next pic. Sadly half the Wii U games had scratches on the top so they were trash, 3 Xboxs have 3 red lights, the super slim 360 has a iffy disc drive, one Wii isn't reading discs.


Local gamestore- used trade credit.

Wheel and pedal stand from Amazon.

Forgot today was Record Store Day. This was the only one left I was really interested in getting.


bread's done