W: Paypal, 32GB Wii U. H: Paypal, rare amiibo, Zelda BotW SE, WW HD LE, & more

[quote name='Bent 00']Added Xbox LIVE Gold 3-month cards.[/QUOTE]

Somebody took advantage of that Best Buy deal! :)

*free bump*
Dropped price of 3-Month XBL Gold codes by $1.00. Might raise the price back up later.
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Sold two 3-Month XBL Gold codes. Thanks KOFkula!

I think I'll raise the price on the 3-Month codes Back up to $12.99 soon, unless I see someone else selling them for less.

They're still $10.99 until I update the first post!
^ Sent you a message.

Thanks to barrysowders for buying some codes from me!

XBL Gold 3-Month codes are now back up to $12.99 each.
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