Why Bernie?


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I just saw that Bernie Sanders is up in the Iowa polls. What is the appeal? I find him repulsive, in all the debates he barely answered the questions and just went back to his talking points. His website lists a ton of free things but looking at the actual US budget I don’t see how any of it is possible unless we all pay insane amounts of taxes?

I’ll admit, I’m a fiscal conservative so Trump hasn’t been my favorite President since he blows up the budget for no good reason. When I watched the Democrat debates I mostly enjoyed listening to Andrew Yang, Amy Klobuchar and Tom Steyer but it looks like none of them is even close to standing a chance in the primary. I have no fiscal conservative to vote for in 2020 so I’ll most likely vote Trump over Sanders or Biden but I really am curious what attracts people to Bernie. The only thing I can think is that he kind of seems like a socialist version of Trump instead of the Capitalist that Trump is. They are both pretty old too and could have heart attacks any day now, so they have that in common too.

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Bernie being the Dem candidate is good for Trump's chances of re-election, but bad for the country as a whole.

Yang would've been my pick.

Because he's sincere. I think a lot of politicians talk shop to get elected but with Bernie you can tell he's being genuine. Whether he can pull off those feats though, well that's up to our shit government TBH. The country is changing every day on a local level but government is slow to adapt or too focused on preservation to budge. They're all old fucking men and resisting change because they're good at it. I think Bernie could finally bridge the gap, or at the very least set things in motion.

Every president is only as good as the last one was.

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I think what Jodou said is true. Looking back at the 2016 race and you'll see he was saying the same thing as of today. While the other runners seem to try to adopt to Bernie's ideology during the race and come off as fake. Honesty I can't stand any of them, use to be you ran on your goals to get elected but now it's just pander to what the people want for now but once elected switch back to what the runner wanted to do in the 1st place. Right now we have runner A, B, C, D, and E all saying the exact same thing about what they want to do once in office, so how do we know who we vote for will uphold what they ran on and not change once elected? That's why I voted for Trump in 2016 and will again in 2020, he's very rough around the edges but he sat himself apart from the rest of them and so far has done a decent job on alot of fronts and upheld what he was going to do once in office.

Tonight was a cringe to watch. For a party being so proud of being diverse and hating the white man, they ended up with two old white guys. I laughed when both said their VP picks will be women, not based on qualification but to be more diverse. I thought they believe in sex being a social construct anyways?

Well, looks like this doesn’t matter anymore, the party went with the dementia patient anyways.
At this point either we end up with Trump getting another four years or.... whomever Biden picks as his VP will end up President as I can't see Biden lasting four years. Me personally I'm predicting he's going to pick Elizabeth Warren as his VP.

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