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[DEAD]April BB @Gamer Mag $55 360 headset $30 Darkness 2, USED-$3 Homefront/$15 R3

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Posted 29 March 2012 - 09:16 PM

The $5 game absolutely not but the B:AC, FF deals yes. BB is extremely happy with the results from March but they will adapt if the $5 single issue sales aren't good enuf. The total # of mags in circulation is key since the advertisers can be charged more money & BB is still getting $5 per mag to boot. There's also the inpulse buying from extra foot traffic & people paying $2 per game for their warranty as add ons.

Out of the 10 mags per yr I expect 5 epic ones, 3 good ones & the rest will vary based on used game availability & game tastes. PS vita games & 3ds games will start to trickle in as well.

I am working a way to get even better deals than these along with ways for us to make our own deals on games we want

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