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Walmart YMMV In Store Clearance Thread I (READ THE FAQs)

#5041 SideQuestsSuck  


Posted Today, 05:59 AM

Where is usually the clearance viodegames? In a corner like Target does? Or just in a really random spot? Or are they mixed with the regular games?

I've found it's very hit or miss and it varies greatly by store. One WM near my house used to have a big ole bargain bin with games from time to time. Other WM's close to me, I've never seen a bargain bin. Most WM's I visit tend to be somewhat disorganized in the display of games and you can sometimes just find a heavily discounted copy lying on a shelf nearby or in an area you wouldn't expect. Some games, you have to scan to see a discounted price...despite the stickered price being higher, often without a colored circle marking. I *never* take the displayed price as gospel. If it's a title I see that I'm interested in, I ask them to open the sacred glass door and let me scan away. I've found some very nice surprises that way. Sometimes, if they're being crabby about letting me scan (they occasionally tend to get nervous about opening the glass cabinet), I head to Brickseek while in store to see if the items there are knocked down...if I haven't been to Brickseek already to check out titles I want. Others have reported inaccuracies on Brickseek, but I've always found it to be pretty on the mark.

#5042 Yu Narukami  

Yu Narukami

Posted Today, 06:09 AM

Wtf, well then what CAN you do?

You can pay money to a bunch of fuckers that are going to use it to buy more Cheetos to stuff their fat faces with. Brickseek's owners have gotten too big for their britches, both figuratively and literally.