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Limited Run Games Thread - Lili SE/CE [PS4] & N++[PS4] on August 18th. LRG will be at PAX West with cover variants, and other goodies!

limited run games omg so rare ps4 vita

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Posted Today, 02:06 PM

Will that happen at a random time? If so then it would be extremely unlikely that anyone waiting for that to get it, unless LRG notifies people through e-mail or something.


I remember Firewatch getting some sort of re-release through the developer. Is that unlikely for these?

Well, they haven't been around to long yet, but last year, they where all offered on BF, which was a mad hose to say the least. If and when they offer cancelled double orders, and stuff of that nature, they will post someplace before hand, but just last week they did this, and only gave an hour window, so you had to sit there F5ing the whole time.


I believe they went live at about 26 minutes after the hour, but for those at work, or not someplace where sitting around is a good idea, most lost out. And the qty's where small as well, as it was just cancelled orders.

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Posted Today, 02:15 PM

Damn way too many games. In for a steak this friday instead.

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Posted Today, 02:16 PM

Damn way too many games. In for a steak this friday instead.

How will your steak be cooked

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Green Card200

Posted Today, 02:27 PM

But when I get one I definitely enjoy it.

Wow I wonder why people complain about it.

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Posted Today, 02:55 PM

But first world problems are problems too!

I am forever stealing this line until the end of time, thanks for that.

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Posted Today, 02:59 PM

i got my lone wonderboy in a bubble envelope cause i ordered that separately from the other CE. not surprisingly, i got a loose disc. i tried doing the popping in trick but i couldnt do it because there is a booklet. i did the other past loose disc trick fine though. i'll just have to deal with it. lol