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Posted Today, 04:04 PM

One button for multiple actions works really well when done correctly. Ocarina of Time uses the A button for everything and it changes on context. Miyamoto liked it so much he designed the Gamecube controller that way to center on one primary action button.


But if games don't keep up with the context-sensitive application of a multi-use button, then the whole concept stops feeling innovative and is just annoying.


Can you tell that I take breaks from writing lit reviews to comment on here? ;)


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Posted Today, 04:11 PM

Aside from the widely acknowledged characters and animations, it's more the fact that they didn't live up to expectations, first in comparison to standouts like The Witcher 3 and secondly in comparison to their own standards.  It's like if a straight A student suddenly turned in a C exam -- sure it's a passing grade, but they clearly didn't study or try hard enough.


No spoilers in the text, but spoilered to not take up people's screen space....



TL;DR -- Feels very unpolished.  The game overall reminds me a lot of the first Mass Effect.

But it does use a new engine : / 


Mass Effect 3 ran on Unreal 3 and this runs on Frostbite 3



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