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Destiny 2 PS4, XBox One, PC $22.99 / $18.39 (GCU) at Best Buy

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Posted 24 December 2017 - 08:15 AM

It's not even really collecting it all from what I can tell, but the fact they gate off content and give low drop rates to try and get you to pay for more loot boxes, which still have a low chance of dropping what you want.

While they are mostly "Just Cosmetic" many of the items have a unique and cool appearance, some even effect gameplay. Now say there is an item you really want (I don't know if they are class specific), well you gotta deal with a random loot generator for it to drop, but you're only allowed 3 chances at getting the item per week till the event is done, unless you pay real money.

I'm playing Overwatch right now, trying to earn the few Holiday skins I'd like. The only limit on how many boxes you can get in a week are time constraints, and ALL boxes have a chance to drop the Holiday content. In contrast with Destiny 2, you're only allowed 3 holiday boxes per week, dramatically reducing the chances of getting what you want, and much, much worse for those completionist.

I myself refuse to buy any "Loot Box" or "Microtransaction" and hate to see how much they are pushing them in the current game marketplace. To the point it ruined Star Wars, and Destiny is under the same flack for how hard they are pushing it...

It's been said Battlefront 2 was the most egregious, while Destiny 2 is the most deceptive.

Another good video on the subject, though tend to dislike the host because he comes off as a pretencious prick. https://youtu.be/zTsWd4M53JU

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Posted 24 December 2017 - 05:13 PM

It seems much of the progression and game revolve around the microtransactions, and you have to deal with the loot boxes since you cannot just outright buy the items.

Forbes did an article talking about how the loot boxes are choking the life out of D2 https://www.forbes.c...h/#74ce6d2e792d

For me, it's the fact they are overly pushing free to pay elements in a premium proceed game. They are treating it like something you downloaded for free the claiming they need to do it to make money. Like the cost of the game, expansion pass, and all the other marketing deals doesn't earn them enough.

There is also the other problems such as the throttling and gating of content.