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The Wii Obscure Facts and FAQ (Version 2.0) *NOW LIVE*

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Posted 21 February 2007 - 10:16 AM

Introduction and Table of Contents
Version: 2.0 [Last Updated: 2/23/07@3:56 AM]

Menu Options (for fast searching):

Hardware Section
  • [HWC] Wii Console System
  • [HWSB] Sensor Bar
  • [HWM] Wiimote and Nunchuk
    • Syncing
  • [HWS] Secondary Controllers (Gamecube Controllers, Wavebirds, Joysticks)
  • [HWAV] Audio and Video
  • [HWIC] Internet Connections
    • Notable Websites
  • [HWAC] Accessories (Cases, Stands)
Software and Other Items
  • [MSYS] Memory System (File Structure, Game Saves)
    • Internal Memory
    • External Memory (SD Cards, USB Drives)
  • [OLC] Online Communications (System Codes, Mii Related, Address Book)
    • System Codes
    • Mii Related
    • Address Book and E-mail
  • [NREG] Nintendo.com Registration Account
  • [SWG] Games
  • [SWF] Firmware Updates
  • [SWC] Channels
  • [SWBC] Backwards Compatability/Imports
  • [DSC] DS/GBA/Micro Connectivity
  • [VC] Virtual Console
    • Controller Configurations
  • [RUM] Rumors
  • [MISC] Miscellaneous (Links, Fun Stuff, Easter Eggs, Other FAQs)
  • [UDH] Update History (Edits)

It seems there's a lot of questions that keep getting repeated in various topics, and they hinge on the information that a few people know. These are the borderline grey area hazy items that people ask about, but the answer isn't readily available. So I'm compiling all this information in one place.

If I have incorrect information, please post! I'd prefer you'd quote what I said so I can easily access it for cross-reference, and then fix as necessary. There's also a few questions I'm not sure about so I need all the information I can get. Please feel free to post or PM questions, answers, updates. Thanks! I'll be sure to add you to the list of people who've helped out along the way.

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Wii Obscure FAQ and Facts Thread [Version 2.0] ::: Wii Shop Thread ::: DSi Shop Thread

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Posted 21 February 2007 - 10:17 AM

Hardware Section

[HWC] Wii Console System

Should I put my Wii vertical or horizontal? Does it matter?
At this time I am told it does not matter in terms of running down the rotary motors inside the disc loading mechanism.
Another issue was Gamecube disc usage, but it appears that the Wii can handle inserting the smaller discs in either orientation.
Perhaps air flow is better with a horizontal setup. When vertical, the console base has a slot open for the Wii’s internal intake fan to vent the system and keep it cool. (Note: The organizer cases available at many stores do not have this opening, which is something to consider.) lebowsky is the man with the plan on this one. He also wonders if there is a heat dissipation difference between a vertical and horizontal system, and thus see which might be cooler.

Is my Wii's disc slot supposed to glow blue the whole time?
No – it glows blue at certain times.
For example, when you turn on the machine, it will blink for a split second during the boot phase.
It also glows blue when you have a message waiting for you that someone has sent. This can occur after you shut off your Wii, as it will still periodically connect to WiiConnect24 and look for messages to download from your registered friends. FriskyTanuki says it can also do this as you are inside the Wii Menu, but not while playing a game.
Shecky adds that "it illuminates when the system is in the process of exchanging data with other systems or the central servers."

My Wii's power light is all sorts of colors! THEY SCARE ME!
When the Wii is on and in a game/channels/etc, it will be green. jezebelseven and FriskyTanuki add the following, which I have paraphrased: orange means standy but WiiConnect24 is still on, red means standby by WiiConnect24 is off. There is no “suspend” option, and thus no color light to indicate such a state.

Can I shut the system down completely without unplugging it?
No. However, Nintendo made sure it uses very little power in this state, and this is rapidly an accepted practice in consumer electronics (the PS2 did it, for example).

My Wii froze! It won't detect my controller, I can't turn it off! HELP!
This seems to have happened to a number of people (myself included). I tried to sync via the battery compartment and the slot on the Wii's front, but this did not help. The best solution as of now is to unplug the Wii so it shuts down completely, wait a few seconds, then power it on.

Can it play DVDs?
As of now, no. However, Nintendo has said - via announcements from partner Sonic Solutions - that a DVD-enabled Wii will arrive in 2007. There is speculation, however, that this is merely a software upgrade, meaning that the current Wii generation will be upgradeable (via firmware) to play DVDs. I have been told the Wii's discs are DVDs already, and so it has the compatible hardware to pull this off.

Should I remove games before transporting my system?
While I do not think it is absolutely required, I would say that it is suggested. I know that when I moved my system once, it had Rayman in it, and I got disc errors after trying to boot it up. Removing it and trying again worked, but my inclination is that the discs do not sit very well during transport.
I would imagine the problem would stand to have greater potential of happening with Gamecube discs, but this is conjecture.
Again, not required, but suggested. I guess I’m just wary since it’s not like the Gamecube, where you could actually see the disc positioned down on the spindle.

I’ll include this because someone is sure to ask: modchips?
There is one available at this time (I’m not going to link to it, don’t ask me to). It is available and does appear to allow…questionable activities. Two caveats: 1) You’ll definitely void your warranty by opening the system and messing with its innards. 2) It cannot play Wii Imports or run Wii Homebrew. Most would argue this is the entire reason for a modchip, and thus makes the current one available fairly useless. Granted, other activities appear to be possible. I won’t make a case for or against modchips here – that’s up to you as a user, but I did want to at least have some sort of acknowledgement.

[HWSB] Sensor Bar

Speaking of the sensor bar, its cord is too short!
This is bothering lots of people with projection screens, and while it is a very legitimate complaint, the best option is to move things as close as possible. In the near future, third parties are supposed to release extension cords, and supposedly a fully wireless bar (battery powered) is in the works as well. You can also rig up a homemade bar yourself using two TV remotes as seen here, which do an okay job. The bar is just a transmitter.
New information shows that you can even use two candles.

First – shut up, you. Nerd.
You can make your own. While I could just tell you to not be lazy and Google it yourself, I’ll be nice and point you here. Note that there are other options as well, including both battery-operated and wall outlet options. Some are also pretty. Some look like scary space blob monsters.

What interferes with the sensor bar?
It is well known that too much direct sunlight can cause issues. Daroga also showed that – ‘tis the season – white Christmas lights can cause problems as well. Because the sensor bar is just an IR transmitter, anything sending out IR waves can be interpreted by the Wiimote as additional sensor bar sources. Therefore, it is best to play in a room that is moderately light. You’re all little basement dwelling gremlins anyway, so you’re used to it.

[HWM]Wiimote and Nunchuk

Is there lag with the Wiimote?
In my personal experience, there is little to no lag at all. Super Monkey Ball is especially adept at proving this. Others have said there is lag with games like Wii Tennis, and some tech gurus have even explained exactly why 1:1 immediate response on-screen can never be fully achieved. While this sounds scary, understand that the lag is hardly noticeable.

At the expense of fellow Ugamer_X, yes you do.

Ok now I fear for my life. Also other people fear for theirs.
It's ok. It's good to know that the only thing that will get hurt in a head on Wiimote + object collision is the other object. Reggie said he was gonna kick our asses, and I believe this is what he meant. Joking aside, it should be easy to hold onto the Wiimote directly, and you shouldn't mistake the wrist strap as a viable means to swing around the Wiimote like some kind of cousin-of-the-iPod weapon. More than likely, third party straps will help alleviate this issue, but because it first demands you be doing something you shouldn't be trying to intentionally do to begin with, you should be able to avoid this.

Why doesn't the Wiimote have rechargeable batteries built-in!?!?
Probably to keep cost down. It's better to get some AA rechargeables yourself. The cheapest place I know of online is batteryspace.com. You can get a bundle shipped quite cheap. There's several reasons to use your own instead of a built-in, namely as it keeps cost down on manufacturing and allows you to replace a potentially faulty/loses-charge-over-time battery.

But I still want rechargeable packs!
It is speculated that third parties will provide these. Joytech appears to be at work on one, and it might plug into the USB ports of the Wii in order to charge.
Concerns have been raised over a few issues, namely if these work with Wii Gloves on the Wiimotes, and how well the packs will last on a single charge and over time. Additionally, if the recharging station plugs into the Wii’s USB ports in the back as opposed to a wall socket, controllers will not recharge when the system is off or in standby, which is a huge oversight in my opinion.
Updated: Nyko has created a charging station as seen here. Joystiq reports that this will be through the USB port.
Penguin United has also released their own model, which charges one Wiimote via the USB.
Joytech is readying their own recharging station, and it looks to release within two weeks. I have not determined if this works through the USB or on AC power. Engadget suspects it will be USB as well. It is worth noting this one is showing to be roughly $40, putting it well out of my CAG-dar.
C’mon you rogue manufacturers. Use some common sense and give me station based on AC power. More will be added as they appear.

So the recharge stations suck? Is that it?
It’s not that I think they suck, it’s that I think they aren’t thought through fully. If you’re going to go through the trouble of making a product, you need to think of it from the consumer’s standpoint, and this doesn’t look like the case. I’m sure it’s cheaper to draw power from the USB port, but that doesn’t work well if you can only charge when the Wii is on. Give me AC power, and account for possible Wii gloves. On top of that, match the Wii’s aesthetic and figure out how to move wrist straps out of the way. This isn’t hard stuff – it just requires a little thinking and planning.
The best bet is to get rechargeable batteries and keep a charger near your system. Some can charge batteries within an hour, and will supply you with a few hours of gameplay. At that point, you can just let a set charge fully overnight.

Anyway I can prolong battery usage?
Well, that depends on whether or not you use foreplay.
By which I mean you can turn the Wiimote’s speaker lower or off, and that will definitely increase battery life, allowing for longer love making and a more satisfied partner(s) (insert multiplayer joke here).
I don’t think games allow you to turn off rumble, but that would be another way.
Keep in mind that draining will depend on how the game is designed – if it rumbles all the time and uses the nunchuk, it’s going to drain a lot faster than a comparable game.

But I want to make sure I'm playing well!
Then be smart about how you are playing - stand four to six feet away from the Wii and make sure you are not in direct sunlight. It might also help to level the TV more to your arm's outstretched level, as this might make it a bit easier to do on-screen motions. Of course, experimenting works wonders. Also, try both above/below the TV positions for the sensor bar.

How do I turn off a Wiimote? My friend left me because I kicked his ass at Wii Baseball because he totally sucks.
The easiest way is to just leave it be, and it will shut off automatically after a few minutes. lilboo adds that it might help to not have it near/in front of the sensor bar, as that will quicken the process. abilyk gives a more in-depth solution: "Hit the home button, click on the Wii Remote bar on the bottom of the screen, and then hit the Reconnect (or something like that) button. It will turn off all controllers, and you can reconnect them in the order you want. Of course, you don't have to reconnect those you want to leave off."

The Wiimote's internal speaker is too loud/quiet! How can I fix this?
From joystiq.com: "If you don't believe in the use of instruction manuals -- and lord knows we don't -- than you too may have been confused on how to change the volume on your Wii-mote. Yes, it actually can be lowered to avoid that tinny noise that is driving gamers mad ... especially during Zelda. To change the volume, hit the home button on your Wii-mote and then select the controller you are using from the lower-third of the screen. Voila! A volume screen is clearly displayed so you can adjust that shrieking banshee noise to your heart's content."
It is helpful to note you can also check battery power through this.

I just HAVE to know something useless about the packaging of controllers! TELL ME NOW, EARTHWORM!
Okay. Wiimotes and VC controllers will have small plastic adhesives to remove if you buy them seperately. Inside the Wii box, they will not have these! Huzzah! Thank you exRounder, Oops! I did it again., Kirra, and abilyk for this!

I want to learn fun things about the nunchuk!
Then have I got a surprise in store for you. MJRx9000 might be part of the Xmen and has noticed things no mere mortal would dare observe: "The tag that instructs you how to hook the remote's strap into the nunchuk hook on retail nunchuks is GLUED to the cord, whereas nunchuks included in Wii boxes have tags that are LOOSE, a little bigger, and the print is not as bold. Also "Nintendo" is branded onto the boxy plastic part of the connector piece facing up and there are various things on the bottom such as "C E," "Made in China," and a "do not dispose" sign, whereas on retail nunchuks, the top is plain and only "Made in China" and "Nintendo" is branded on the back."

Syncing and Multiplayer

How do I add more Wiimotes, such as when friends come over? Are they permanently synced with my Wii?
Shecky says that you can hold the 1 and 2 buttons down at the same time to sync a Wiimote temporary, such as when a friend is over. For permanent results, use the sync buttons (either on the front of the Wii under the flap/slot, or under the battery cover of the Wiimotes themselves). This should be used for your own personal Wiimotes.

My Wiimote won't resync! I was using this 5 minutes ago! I hate you Nintendo!
Seems that this happens to a few people occassionally, and apparently the sync buttons won't solve the issue. Powering down the Wii to a red light (not the orange "still connected to the 'Net" light), turning it back on, and synching up appears to solve it. A full power down (i.e., removing the power completely) might be required in extreme cases. Thank you sixersballernum3 for bringing this issue up, and the numerous CAGs who helped out from this thread, including Robobandit, hohez, Oops! I did it again., smellytim, and lilboo.

How many Wiimotes can be used at once? I.e., could we have 12 player games in the future?
Athrun Zala is on it: no more than 7 wiimotes could be used at the same time, so 8 players simultaneous can't be done (that is a Bluetooth limitation, so it isn't up to Nintendo to fix). He speculates that clever programming could work around this.
JonLeung speculates the following: The light indicators could do the following: 1+4=5P, 2+4=6P, 3+4=7P, 1+2+4=8P, 2+3+4=9P, 1+2+3+4=10P.
Speaking personally, I heard once that another way around this would be to have an external Bluetooth receiver, which could then have Wiimotes attached to it, creating a wireless daisy-chaining of Wiimotes. Meaning, you could have 4 working, then a receiver as the fifth unit with four more on it, making for an eight player game. (Need more information on this.)

[HWS] Secondary Controllers
(Gamecube Controllers, Wavebirds, Joysticks)

Do I need any special adapter to use Gamecube controllers?

Can I use Wavebirds with the Wii? That slot looks like it would cut off the receiver.
Yes. The recievers fit just fine, as they point in the direction opposite of the slot's door.

Posted Image

But the Wii looks ugly with the slots open for those!
I guess that's to personal taste. I have four Wavebirds and a memory card in mine right now, and I think it looks kinda funny and comical, like the Wii is tipping an odd shiny thin white top hat to you. I like to imagine it has a rough Scottish accent, not unlike Mike Myers's "WE HOV THREH SIZES - WII, NOT-SO-WII, AN' FRIGGEN HUUUUUUUGE!" voice from SNL. Unclebob adds that you can remove these doors pretty easily (they snap on/off), which might be more to your personal preference.
UncleBob adds that you can easily snap off the doors, which might be to your liking.

You know, it would have been really awesome if Nintendo had let you plug in your NES and SNES controllers to play those games…
While Nintendo isn’t officially doing it, you can find cords that will allow you to do this at RetroUSB, which will essentially be adapter cords to plug in those controllers through the Gamecube controller ports.

[HWAV] Audio and Video

Will Japanese A/V accessories work?
Yes. Gameboy415 assures me that play-asia.com confirmed this.

What’s a D-Terminal cord? Looks like a VGA cord…
This is the Japanese equivalent to component cables, and will not allow you to connect to a VGA monitor. Again, thanks Gameboy415!

I need an RF adapter. Shut up. I really do.
While an actual adapter probably won't appear, DT778 has got you covered: "just get an rf modulator. here's a link to one from CircuitCity but you can get cheaper ones at Walmart. RF Modulator.

Can I use VGA or DVI monitors with the Wii?
The short answer is yes. Check this thread.. When I don't have 6 days to catch up on for this FAQ, I'll cull the information more specifically, but I think that link will let you know more than you'd ever need to know for that question.

You can get them at nintendo.com's store, but they are currently out. The next option are third party branded React cables at Best Buy, which are $25. Combined with a GGC, it takes it down to $20, which is not a bad deal. There is concern it might not match the first party for quality, but that is most likely negligible. More info will be provided as needed.
Updated:At this point, component cables should be everywhere, 1st and 3rd parties included. There’s a myriad of options online, ranging in price from less than ten bucks to more than fifty. The general consensus is that you’ll get the same output from all the cables. I personally picked up the React ones from Best Buy, and they do indeed make everything sharper. I will try to find some sort of all-encompassing review that compares the various brands, but you should be good with any cable at this point.

I’m sneaky, so can I use the Gamecube's component cables witht he Wii?
Sadly, no. FOILED AGAIN! The connector on the Wii's back is different. This also makes composite cables - the same since the SNES - unusable with the Wii.

Wt. I’m using component and now it looks all jaggy!
This seems to be normal, unfortunately. Component cables will make the video signal sharper – they will not bring about anti-aliasing or increase the resolution. This is up to the game developers to accommodate, if my understanding is correct.
As a bonus, I am going to throw in the following from KaneRobot, which is applicable to the situation at hand:
This is getting into off-topic stuff, but LCD displays, depending on the quality of the upscaler in the set, can make standard definition stuff look worse than a CRT-based HDTV. LCDs are absolutely sharper when getting stuff coming in at the native resolution (or even closer to the native resolution), but if you're bumping a standard TV signal up to 720p or 1080p, you're going to notice some loss in quality. There are often ways to help this problem out (check avsforum.com and look for your model in the LCD forums, people post their optimal settings sometimes), but it's usually going to come down to the quality of your hardware. If you have a Sony, Sharp, or Samsung, it doesn't look too bad. If you have a Schmrrzz or SuperRES brand (yes, I made those up), it's going to look a bit worse.

[HWIC] Internet Connections

How can I take my Wii online?
The easiest way is to get the Nintendo WiFi USB adapter, which is a small thumb-drive sized device that plugs into a nearby computer connected with a broadband ethernet connection. It creates a "soft AP," or "soft access point," and essentially allows the Wii (as well as the Nintendo DS) to connect to the Internet via the computer's hard wired connection.

But that thing is expensive! Can't I use something else that is wireless?
This is true, and it doesn't do anything special. Therefore you can get online with a regular wireless router. It is suggested that you go with a name brand, and make sure that it is a B or G router, as A routers won't work (this can all be checked with the router's documentation well before hand, but in most cases, you'll find G routers everywhere in retail stores). I personally have a Linksys WRTG54, which is one of the standard models around. Note that you must have it broadcasting in what is normally called "Mixed Mode," or "Mixed B/G Mode," meaning the router can accept connections from both B and G devices. Because the Nintendo DS only operates on a B signal, there is good chance the Wii will only as well (though I'm not sure). Most routers come configured this way by default. Also, BiLdItUp1 suggests that if you continue to have problems, change your router to channel 1 or 11. I heard this from a few other users, and after doing it myself, I can confirm channel 1 resolved an issue with my Linksys. He also says you can try adding your SSID manually, which is the name of your network, as opposed to searching for it.
For more information, hit this post by lebowsky. I might add this later.

Screw wireless! I wanna go online through wires! I am a caveman and/or worried about security!
While the Wii does support WPA encryption standards for its wireless communications, there is always a risk of security breaches from outside, unauthorized sources (hackers, nosey neighbors, Powdered Toast Man, etc). That would suggest that you want to plug in directly to a router with a standard ethernet Cat5 cord. For the time being, you cannot do this, but Nintendo is going to release a USB Ethernet adapter that will plug into the USB ports on the back of the machine, thereby letting you do this. Kind of crappy, but that's all your going to get. Others have reported that third party peripherals are incompatible at this time. It is hoped maybe a firwmare update will solve this, but unfortunately all signs are pointing to "buy the official Nintendo one." DonSeer elaborates: "The reason is each and every usb device has a VID/PID pair (vendor id/product id) and these are used for identification and the loading of the correct drivers)." BiLdItUp1 thinks hacking the OS might be a work around.
Note: USB to Ethernet adapters will also not work, particularly because the USB ports are currently not functional, as indicated by botticus.
Note: The USB adapter won't be around until January 2007. Sorry guys. lebowsky wants to add that you can check page 51 of the Wii Operations Manual - Channel and Settings for more information.

So does this mean I can surf the 'net on the Wii?
Nintendo has partnered with Opera to allow their browser to be downloaded and installed onto Wii systems. It was first speculated that this would be at cost to the consumer, but then Nintendo reps stated it would be downloadable for free in the first six months of the Wii's life. This has yet to happen, and as such you cannot get online at this time (barring the messaging capabilities). It is thought that Nintendo is still readying servers for such things. Until then, the software will become available on the Wii Shop channel. Certain sites are even preparing for inevitable Wii surfmanship, such as WiiCade, which will be a small collection of Flash games that the Wiimote should be able to play easily. (Note: You can play these with your mouse in the meantime.)

Notable Websites

Can I stream music to my Wii from an online source?
The good folks over at Orb have got you covered on this. I have not tried it out myself, but it comes recommended from coltcannon.

[HWAC] Accessories (Cases, Stands)

Do accessories from one country work for another country’s Wii?
Disregarding non-mechanical accessories like carrying cases, accessories are not region specific and thus will work around the world. If you bought a Wiimote in Japan and brought it to the USA, it would work with an American Wii console. This goes for component cables as well.

Can you recommend me a good case?
Brother, you don’t know how well I can.

What are considered the must have accessories?
Rechargeable batteries. Those are indispensable.
People also report that they like the controller gloves as well. I haven’t tried these out for myself, but considering the benefits – protection, identification of Wiimotes, and better grip – they do seem desirable.
Obviously I still recommend a carrying case, especially the one above.
I imagine when I find a charging station I actually like that it too will be considered must have.

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Wii Obscure FAQ and Facts Thread [Version 2.0] ::: Wii Shop Thread ::: DSi Shop Thread

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Posted 21 February 2007 - 10:18 AM

Software and Other Items

[MSYS] Memory System (File Structure, Game Saves)

Internal Memory

What is the file structure of the Wii?
There are 128 KB in a block, so 8 blocks = 1 MB of data.
The Wii's internal memory is 2163 blocks. rohlfinator and hohez both confirm that roughly 270 MBs of space are available for game saves on the Wii's internal memory.

Can I save Gamecube game saves onto the hard drive?
No, unless there's a way to do it natively from inside the Wii's memory management system, which I have not confirmed yet. But as can be seen above, the GC memory cards have two slots.

How many games can I hold on the system? And what about saved data?
This all depends on the number of blocks required for each component. Game saves will probably run on average anywhere from 5-20 blocks maximum, and a TG16 game (according to Blaine) runs 29 blocks. Judhudson quotes directly from Nintendo: "Games vary in size but approximately NES games will be 1MB, SNES 5MB and N64 32MB."
Genocidal adds: "It appears that all of these games are "wrapped" with either a large amount of encryption data or each download is actually the full executable, in which case Nintendo could very well be writing individual emulators for each game. The reason I say this is because a friend of mine showed me his Super Mario 64 download, which was 11MB. The original game was 8.00MB (64 megabit) so there's 3MB of 'padding' there." soonersfan60 adds that the instruction booklet is also downloaded, accounting for some of that extra space.

External Memory (SD Cards, USB Drives)

Why does my Wii not recognize my SD card?
You HAVE to do a system update to get it to initially give you the option to save to SD cards. I would think Wiis manufactured later on would have firmware updates already installed such that they read cards out of the box, but for now, Wii owners need to update their system.
If you’ve got it updated, try some more SD cards, because the problem is either with your card or the Wii’s internal reader.
I suspect that, later on, the USB ports could be used with card readers.

Do I HAVE to get a Wii branded SD card?
Of course not. I hope you don't. They are overpriced. They are nice for clueless people, but we are gamers, and of the cheapass variety. It is best to get any brand SD card - I suggest Kingston or Sandisk - from any number of places. Dealnews.com tracks deals, which include Buy.com and various other retailers.

What is the maximum SD card size I can use?
Not sure at the moment. I would wager you can't go above 4 gig, but further information is needed. Given the small size of VC games and save data, a 2 gig card should last you quite some time. 2 gig cards have been verified, but anything larger might pose an issue. Blaine reassures me it is 2 gig max, and Friend of Sonic says Nintendo's own site says this.

Can I move downloaded VC games to SD cards? What about extra Wii Channels?
CAG lilboo writes: "All VC games and game saves CAN be put onto the SD card. (I haven't tried it, but I think you can transfer the info from the GAMECUBE memory card onto it too..)
However, ALL VC games and game saves need to be on your Wii to actually be used." Blaine adds: "You can add VC games to the SD card two ways. Either in the Wii Memory or in the channels mode. You can copy them back and forth. So if you do run low on space, you can just copy them to an SD card and delete them from the system memory.... add them back later." Otherwise, I imagine we'd all be pissed at Nintendo over this.

What about other external storage, like USB drives?
Nintendo has stated this is possible via the USB ports, but nothing is possible at this time. I imagine a firmware update will allow such things in the future.

So does that mean I can load up movies and things on my Wii?
Unless you've got them on an SD card, no.

Well that's stupid.
Fear not. There is talk that a group is working on a way to boot the Wii into Linux, at which point it is possible that it might function nicely as a media center PC. If this is the case, and if DVD capabilities are added later on, the Wii could prove to be one heck of a movie center. Here is their site - Wii-Linux.

How do I put a Wii game save onto an SD card? Can I travel with it?
The funny thing about this question is that Wrestlecrap’sRD asked it, and then he gave me an incredibly in-depth solution:
Ok, got it to work. Basically, there is a folder on the SD card named "TITLE". Inside that folder are other folders that make up a game name, which you can figure out from here:


The file MUST be named data.bin, I believe. At least I named mine that, since everything else in the directory was named that.

So I downloaded the save, created a folder named RRBE (as specced out above), put the newly renamed data.bin into that folder, and copied it to the title folder on the SD card. Went to the Wii data manager, and copied over the new Rayman save (had to delete my old one), and voila! I'm playing with a complete game. Which is great, because I only want to play multiplayer and didn't want to have to go through and unlock everything.

jonlubbe also chimed in with his method, which might be useful if you forgot the above website:
Step 1: Create save file on Wii.
Step 2: Copy save file from Wii to SD Card
Step 3: Download save off teh internets
Step 4: Copy file off your hard drive, overwriting the one on the SD Card
**4.1 be sure to locate the file properly on the SD Card, its a strange directory structure
Step 5: Put SD Card back into Wii, delete old save off Wii, and copy save from SD Card to Wii
Step 6: Profit.

I still can’t get the save onto my Wii! Everything looks correct!
This is a BIG NOTE I found from mattstockton12:
Unfortuantely you can't copy a save file to your Wii until that particular game has been played in your system at least once. Its a bit odd, but then again, you wouldn't need the save unless you had the game I suppose. Just feels weird having it on the card and not my Wii.
However, it does appear that some games do not allow transfer to an SD Card at all. Notably, Elebits (as discovered by DocRamon) appears unable to do this. FriskyTanuki adds that Super Mario Bros. and Gunstar Heroes (VC Games) seem unable to transfer as well.

[OLC] Online Communications
(System Codes, Mii Related, Address Book)

System Codes

What is a System Code? Why do I have one? What can I use it for?
Much like Friend Codes on the Nintendo DS, a System Code is a unique number for your Wii system. In essence, it is your Wii's address/phone number/IP address/ID number. You use it to identify your system to others. This is important because online games will have "Friend Code" options where you can choose who you want to play, but you must have first exchanged a System Code with them. Note: It remains to be seen if you will be able to directly pick opponents, even in the Friends option - the Nintendo DS does not really allow this, and there is speculation that the Wii will be handled in the same way, despite being mostly unpopular.
eldad9 clarifies that: "It identifies the device; so it's not like a phone number, but a International Mobile Subscriber Identity (the mobile phone ID in the SIM card); not like an IP address (which can change) but a MAC address (which is constant)."

Where is my System Code?
Go to your Mail (lower right envelope icon from Wii Menu). You'll see a Lerrer/Memo icon in the lower left corner. Press A over it, and you'll have 3 options now, one of which is the Address Book. In there, you will find your system code, which is 16 digits long (easiest to think of as 4 groups of 4 numbers).

What are some online repositories of these codes?
First we have our very own thread from lordwow located here. There are others online, such as BenMii.

Mii Related

What is this Mii Parade?
The Mii Parade is where any Mii set to Mingle will appear from someone in your address book.
FriskyTanuki states: "Think of the Mii Parade as an online version of your Mii Plaza where only your friends' Miis can gather. Specifically, it's the Miis that have the mingle option turned on. All of these Miis are able to be added to your own Plaza by grabbing them and dragging them to the add to Plaza option."
It is worth noting that Miis added to your Mii Plaza through here will not have information on who made them.

So can I send a Mii and have it show me as creating it?
Yes. To do this, go into Mii Plaza and choose the option to send a Mii to someone. You choose a Mii, choose a recipient from your Address Book, and off they go.
Note: If you message someone directly and attach a Mii, it doesn’t actually send the Mii. It only sends their face as a sort of picture attachment.

What if I make a Mii and send him to people, then I update him later. Do they get the updated Mii?
All I know about this currently is that FriskyTanuki sent me a Reggie Mii originally, and then I got another one from him. I got a message that said, basically, “you already have this, so one got deleted, but you still have this Mii.” I then noticed the Reggie Mii had changed. So I want to assume that if you send a Mii to someone, either it automatically updates from then on (doubtful), or you can resend the Mii and it will overwrite the old one (more likely). The bandwidth required for the former would be astronomical, even with an always-on connection.
If you have a Mii on your Wiimote and connect to a Wii, it might also update that Mii.
The forums at NintendoWorldReport.com have helped me with this question.

Okay, last question about updating Miis. What about any relevant information traveling with them, aside from who made them? For example, because there will be a few games where Miis are used as the primary avatar for players, if you earn points for them such as in Wii Sports, can those travel with you?
Seems like the answer is no at this point, and that such information remains solely on your Wii. Stats do not transfer. Svevan and Smash_Brother confirm this themselves, with the former saying “this is why the Wii warns you that you will lose stats if you delete them on your system.”

When new Miis show up, they don't list their author. What gives?
I thought you said the last question was the last question about Miis, jerk. Spluh.
It seems that if you get a Mii from the Mingle option, it will not tell you who made it. However, if someone mails you a Mii directly, it will.

What does the "favorite" mean when I design my Mii? It just changes their pant color...
This does two things – 1) it gives them red pants, and 2) it essentially lets you create a list of favorites, so that when you are in your Mii Plaza, you can access your favorite Miis quickly (your personal Mii, celebriMiis, etc).
Originally I thought this made someone a “commander” of sorts in game options. For example, my girlfriend had her Mii as a favorite, and I thought only she could set options in Wii Sports. vudu has told me that this is not the case.

Did you just make up “celebriMii” up there?
Yes, yes I did. And I will be submitting it to urbandictionary.com, so there.

Is there any way to edit my Miis on my computer?
Indeed, it appears that intrepid individuals have sought out to do this exact thing. If you have bluetooth setup on your PC, you can use Mii Mega-mall ( http://www.miimall.com ) and the Mii Editor (http://www.miieditor.com ) to transfer your Miis to your computer, edit them to match your new Wii (via MAC address), and send them back to the Wii as being editable. More information about that can be found in the Mii Editor FAQ.
Thank you Pale over at NWR for this information.
Shecky further adds: It probably makes the Bluetooth computer look like a Wii Remote. And you can send a Mii to a Wii Remote as part of the Mii channel. You can even pull Mii's off the remote.

I sent my Wii in for repair, and when I got it back, I cannot edit my Miis! Nintendo transferred them to what appears to be an entirely new Wii, and it’s telling me that I cannot edit a Mii I didn’t create! Why must you toy with me so, Nintendo?
Basically it’s like you no longer have rights to the Miis in question. Use the solution above. I realize that’s not the best answer in the world, but it’s either try that or live in your misery.

Are there any cool repositories where I go cruise for de Mii ladies?
Creepy. But yes: http://miiplaza.net/ and http://www.famousmii.com/

Does synching a Wiimote to someone else’s Wii automatically cause any Miis I have on it to be downloaded?
I’ll let FriskyTanuki handle this:
You have to go to the Mii Plaza and pick up to ten of them to store on the Wii Remote itself. Then when you sync it up to your friend's Wii, you can put them in their Mii Plaza or just keep them on the remote, which you can then access the Miis in Wii Sports or Wii Play when it prompts you to pick a Mii to use.
Here is a link from Nintendo on the subject.

Address Book and E-mail

I was told I got an e-mail address with my Wii. What is it?
The address is "w(your system code here)@wii.com" and can be used to send small messages to any e-mail address. However, you must first send a message from your Wii to someone's e-mail, and they must respond to it directly. They can write back in it or just send it directly back. Note: Your receiver will get the message asking them to reply with a generic "only if you know this person," but it doesn't include any specific details such as your real name, console name, Mii name, etc. So you might want to contact them through an outside venue first.

Can I send pictures/photos to people?
Updated: Blaine assures us that: "You can email images to the Wii, you can not email images from the Wii." Note also (via other posters) that while you can send a Mii, it won't show up in the e-mail (thanks hohez).

What about video?
Yes (from what I know). This site - Wii Video 9 will allow you to download movie files and convert them into a format the Wii can handle. The software is free.

Why are some names in my address book grayed out and some are black?
Black implies that your system and your friend's system both have registered each other. I.e., if I register Yourmom69 on my system, she has to register me - StallionStudSauce - on hers. Once your Wiis are off, they will eventually contact each other. At that time, you can send each other messages, Miis, play games online, etc.
There’s no way to know if someone has added you to their Address Book until you see their name go black in yours. It’s best to contact them in some outside manner in order to make sure they know you want to be on their system.

Can I only have 100 people/address registered?!
At this time, yes. Hopefully we can get more later on, as 100 will be very small very quick, especially when you consider new owners as bigger online games come out.

Can I re-organize my Address Book? I want to put all my CAG buddies next to each other...
I think the only way this is possible is to delete certain names and then re-add them. I don't know if this requires that you re-authorize on the other person's Wii, but I doubt it, since your actions shouldn't affect their consoles. In other words, if I had a CAG at 1 and then a friend's e-mail at 2 and another CAG at 3, I'd have to delete either the first CAG and re-add him, which I'd assume would push everything up a slot, meaning the e-mail becomes 1 and the second CAG becomes 2, etc. (Note: A+B does not move these around.) Doing e-mail addresses might prove more difficult.

What happens if I add an e-mail address to my book, and then later delete it? Can I still send them e-mails? Can they send me e-mails?
I have tested this myself and have determined the following – the first is that the Wii will not send any kind of message to the address in question. They will not know that you removed them. Going along with this, if they send you a message, you simply will not receive it. Further, they will not receive a bounce-back message indicating that their e-mail was not received. Basically, all communication ceases to take place completely. You will now longer see each other, and will not receive errors that your message was not sent or received by the other party.
Thus, it is best that you contact the person either beforehand or through some other means, else you could end up having communication difficulties.

I cannot pull up my address book! CANNOT PULL IT UP AT ALL!
That’s what she said.
Seriously, just have patience. It appears that WiiConnect24 is the culprit – the Wii likes to connect to servers before loading up the Address Book. That is why you get the error the first (potentially few) time you try to open it after booting the Wii, but it will disappear rather quickly.

Can I have people in my Address Book from other regions? And on other region-specific machines (i.e., can an American Wii user add a Japanese Wii user?)
I am happy to say that you can do this. I have CheapyD in my Address Book, despite his Japanese system being in Japan, which is like…a long way away.

[NREG] Nintendo.com Registration Account

What is this?
You can create an account at Nintendo.com, which requires a working e-mail address. There, you can register any Nintendo systems you buy and any Nintendo-published games on any systems (i.e., mostly franchise games such as Mario, Kirby, Smash Bros., but others such as Tales of Phantasia are valid as well). Your Wii has a specific serial number tied to it, and this is a good starting point for first timers. Primarily, this helps you register your games and systems with Nintendo, which can help speed any customer service you might need in the future. Please see the next question for more elaboration as to why you’d want to do this.

And what's the deal with the Nintendo membership that the Wii says I can hook up to my Wii Shop account?
I want to first note this question/answer is stolen entirely from JudHudson, who rocks the casbah. After account registration, you can put in all official Nintendo Products codes (serial numbers) to give you specially items such as desktop paper, icons, etc from those various products. They also had a deal where you register some products, you can get a 3 issue subscription to Nintendo Power for free. Dunno if it is still going on. But if you register your Wii with them, you get an additional 90 day warranty.

So that’s kinda cool.
It seems that about once a year, Americans are given the opportunity to get something fairly neat. In the past, a Zelda compilation disc, containing both NES games and both N64 games, was given out. This is a rarity among collectors and considered a great addition to anyone’s collection, as well as has four incredible games in the Zelda series. Another offer was a demo disc for Metroid Prime 2, which was good purely for collecting purposes. However, most gamers are not happy with the American system, as it is widely known that Japanese gamers get access to much nicer items, such as limited edition controllers. It is hoped that this system will become more dynamically rewarding in the future. The general opinion is a casual “Why not?”

[SWG] Games

Can the Wii do custom soundtracks for games?
It is possible to have custom soundtracks in games by loading MP3 files off an SD card, but the game must support this feature. As of now, ExciteTruck is the only known title with this functionality.

Being that Wii Sports comes in a cardboard sleeve, several gamers have expressed disappointment, and instead have opted to make their own DVD-sized case. It doesn’t help that, apparently, the cardboard sleeve appears to scratch the disk.
Some retailers - notably Target and Best Buy - had demo DVDs available for free that came in white DVD cases, thereby matching the Wii's game cases. Because of this, many people realized a Wii Sports DVD case insert was of the utmost important.
Sir or madam, I suggest MookyJooky’s:http://www.console-c...s-Custom/5975/'>Juka's Custom Cover), which is a work of art indeed.
Snowcone (lord and master of snackbargames.com) pointed me to http://www.thecoverp...?cover_id=1752'>this site, which contains user-created Wii game covers. There are several variations of Wii Sports, including Juka’s. I have linked directly into the Wii directory, meaning you can go there for updates and future covers.

What’s with the little internal clips on the Wii DVD spines?
Timred delivers: You can hold SD cards there.

How do I set widescreen for Wii Games, and does this affect Gamecube games?
To set this for Wii games, you go into the Wii's setup. For Gamecube games, because it boots outside of the Wii's OS and essentially acts like a Gamecube, you must still do the "hold B" trick to get Widescreen. However, most games automatically detect component cables and will Widescreen on their own, and some will ask you before you begin. Thank you Fox5 and Scrubsy for your help on this.

Does the Wii Play History keep track of Virtual Console games? What about Gamecube games?
The Play History will track Wii and Virtual Console games. Because the Gamecube component has no connection with the Wii OS, it will not record this under your history.

Did someone say something about digital delivery? What is this?
Nintendo stated in the past that the Wii will also have access to downloadable games. It is thought that these will be developed exclusively for download – i.e., new Wii-specific software that can be purchased online. These titles will not be part of the Virtual Console, but instead will be brand new games.
This ties in partly, as well, to games possibly being made available from other development sources, including small and independent houses. The most notable at this time is Sam & Max, developed by Telltale Games, which is a continuation of the classic point-and-click game series created by Steve Purcell and originally published and developed by Lucasarts in the 1990s.
Please note that all of this remains purely speculative at this time, and more information will have to appear before anything can be confirmed.

Ok, what about trading game saves? Can I do that?
Yes, you can, but not through the Wii internally. As of now, your only option is to place the game save file on an SD card, take it to a computer, and then attach it to an e-mail and send it off. There is even a website for this called WiiSave.com.
The Wiimote cannot hold any other information other than Miis, so you cannot take a game save file with you on its internal memory.
There is a chance that these limitations might be mitigated as the full Opera browser becomes available.
Thanks to daroga and FriskyTanuki for this information.

Do games allow Wiimote swapping between players? For example, if I were playing Golf on Wii Sports, can I use my turn and then pass the Wiimote to my friend?
Yes, if the game allows it. Wii Sports, for example, specifically asks if you are playing with one or two Wiimotes when you begin the game, and then changes as needed. So if you have two, no exchange is needed.
I guess the answer to this question, then, relies on two things: 1) That the multiplayer game in question does not have players doing things at the same time, and 2) If the developers planned for that to begin with and coded it into the game.
Warioware is a good example, as you pass it around to others when their turn arrives (which also adds to the hectic gameplay).
I wonder if Rayman Raving Rabbids, during multiplayer where each player takes turns, allows this?

[SWF] Firmware Updates

What do the firmware updates do?
In short, they resolve issues with the Wii’s proprietary OS and add features to the Wii console as time goes on.
Coming from BiLdItUp1, the first few have added the option to manage data on the SD cards and the addition of burn-in reduction for plasma TVs. I will try to update this further as more updates come down the line, but there are no promises. This is valid as of 11/26/06.
A third update fixed a small glitch that allowed people to surf the Internet via the Wii Shop channel by altering their DNS information. This is no longer possible.
Latest version: 2.0U

But are they really firmware updates, or just software updates?
RickPowers explains: " It is important to know the difference. Wii is getting both software AND firmware updated, because the Wii is a rare case where you have software that is loaded in firmware. If this were purely a software update, people would be able to wipe the software layer when this error code situation started, and boot from the original image. That you are unable to do that suggests that this is firmware that we're dealing with. "

Where can I get these?
Anywhere that you can currently get a Wifi connection will be sufficient. So if you are really cavalier and need to do so, you could take your Wii to a local free wifi area, set up the connection there, and get the updates. This requires that you setup the connection, meaning that the Wii cannot just grab onto any open signal unless you first configure it.
The point I’m trying to make here is that if you can’t do it at home, go somewhere that you’ll be able to. Your other options are to go to a local store like Best Buy, but they’ll really stick it to you for something so trivial. You could also send it to Nintendo, but c’mon, that’s overkill.

Anything I should worry about? Such as viruses?
Viruses will probably not appear for quite some time, if ever, as I imagine these updates come from central servers Nintendo runs themselves.
However, it is worthwhile to mention that the Wii updates its firmware as it downloads it, which means that if something interrupts the download, there is a good chance your Wii will “brick,” and thereby have its OS essentially fried. This will prevent the Wii from ever booting. Because of this, do not turn off the power, and make sure nothing else might interrupt the process as best you can. The chances of this happening are low, but it is worth keeping in mind.
There is hope that, maybe, Nintendo will solve this with a firmware update, thereby making updates after the fact safer by forcing them to be downloaded and then installed, as opposed to doing it on-the-fly.

Fixes Needed
I have decided to add this section as a way of cataloging things that need to be fixed within the Wii’s OS. These are small and annoying issues for the most part. You will find practical information here – not a volley of wishlist arguments such as “XX is needed on the Virtual Console” or “I wish the Wiimote had a joystick” or “I wish I could fit into smaller pants, yet still eat 8 pudding pops a day.” However, some of these will inevitably be on the hopeful side.
  • When choosing a Mii for a name in your address book, the Miis need to have names next to them. Otherwise it is arduous and tedious to correctly label everyone.
  • Firmware updates need to download complete and then install, instead of doing it on the fly. This would reduce chances of “bricking” your system.
  • Ability to increase number of Wii Channels or group VC games by system, as the current limitation of 48 is alarming.
  • Ability to go back into the Wii Menu after finishing a Gamecube game (doubtful).
  • Ability to have more than 100 people in your address book – this ceiling is disappointing where online gaming is concerned.
  • Increased customization for Miis. Perhaps downloadable Mii packs?
  • Allow the first e-mail you send via address book to be customizable, because that recipient has no clue who you are when they get a message from “w(Wii number here)@wii.com.”
  • Better handling of video and photo formats for messages.
  • Implementation of a Friends List when online gaming becomes reality, so that users can tell who is doing what.
  • If you can’t connect to WiiConnect24, you can’t edit your address book. I don’t know if this has happened to other people, but it bugs me.
  • Allow you to move multiple Miis from Mii Parade into Mii Plaza without having to exit Mii Parade.
  • Allow messages to be sent to multiple people at a time.
  • Allow multiple Miis to be sent to one or multiple people at a time.
  • Upon reading a message, immediately stop having it flash (i.e., mark it as read).
  • Allow longer names for accounts, possibly add in “Clan” functionality – like [CAG] before or after a name.
  • Lock out other Wiimotes from shutting down machine in order to cut down on your friend being a total jerk when you rock his face off.
  • Saving GC games directly to Wii’s internal memory or an SD card (doubtful).
  • Direct saving of Wii game data to SD cards.
  • Game saves done internally and through WiiConnect24, perhaps with a central hub.

[SWC] Channels

I can't connect to the Wii Store! It just sits there like it is frozen!
This appears to be from strain on the servers, and will (hopefully) subside soon. Unfortunately all you can do at this point is turn off the machine, and more than likely you will need to hit the reset button physically on the Wii.

Why aren’t the Weather and News channels working yet?
lilboo asked me to add that the Weather Channel will be available December 20, and the News Channel will be available January 27.
Nintendo didn’t have them ready for launch, either because the infrastructure still needs to be built, or they want to ease into online components so that people won’t have issues overloading the servers.
It is unknown if there will be a cost to get these channels and/or use them. I highly doubt it, since everyone has them in their system.
Update: The Weather Channel went live on December 19, 2006.
Update: The Internet Channel (Beta) went live on December 22, 2006.
Update: The News Channel went live on January 26, 2007.
Update: The Everybody Votes Channel went live on February 13, 2007.

Nintendo said each VC game gets its own channel. What happens will I fill up all the channel slots?
There are 48 channels, and at least 6 are already taken (Game, Mii, News, Weather, Shop, Photo). This is an issue, but not immediately. We will have to wait for a firmware update. If Ninendo is smart, they will have the main channel lobby into sub-channels specific to their system - so an NES channel, an SNES, etc. But this is not resolved at this time.

Can I move the channels around?
FriskyTanuki: "Just like the Mii Channel, hold A+B and you can move them around."

In the Wii Shop Channel, can I change an account to a different name and credit card?
Originally asked by Apossum, doesn’t seem to be a full answer at the moment. FriskyTanuki thinks that you need to remove your account completely before allowing another account, which would remove any downloaded software and Wii points.
I guess this means you can’t switch to another credit card once one gets expired? I’ll look into this further.

[SWBC] Backwards Compatability/Imports

Can the Wii play imported Gamecube games?
I have heard from people that it can and cannot through the use of a Freeloader, and it might appear that it depends on the version of the Freeloader that you have. Try the latest for best results. furyk suggests that you insert it, reboot the Wii, then load it inside the Disc Channel.
Updated: It depends on what version of the Freeloader you are using. I have tried to condense this as best I can, with the help of FriskyTanuki, Rig, and dragonjud:
1.0 - Unconfirmed
1.04 – Unconfirmed
1.06 – Works via dragonjud
1.06b – Works via FriskyTanuki
1.06B – Doesn’t Work via FriskyTanuki
The Freeloader-booting Action Replay – Works via Gamefaqs.com
Note: I will make a chart out of this later.
Updated x2: Here is a page from PlayAsia where they have tested all the Freeloaders.
It looks like their information is still somewhat anemic. The best bet is to use a 1.06b (lowercase). Here’s hoping something down the line will be a little more straightforward.

After I’m done playing a Gamecube game, can I get back into the Wii channels menu?
No. When you boot a Gamecube game, the Wii becomes a Gamecube for all intents and purposes. Therefore it has no connection with the Wii, and thus you cannot get back into that menu. The only option is to reset the machine.
There is a small chance this can be solved with a firmware update, but it would require booting the OS somehow with a GC controller, meaning the Wii would have to constantly check for this sort of user input. Thus, I highly doubt it will happen anytime soon, if ever.

Would love some links for more information…
gunm has pointed me to PlayAsia.com’s guide.

[DSC] DS/GBA/Micro Connectivity

Does the Wii interact with the DS?
Short answer: Yes, via:
  • Downloading DS Demoes to a DS
  • Being used a controller wireless
At the moment, no. But Nintendo has said it will be able to in the future in at least two ways. The first is that the Wii will be able to download small game demos - much like you'd get at any retail outlet with a DS Demo Download Station - into the DS's internal RAM, allowing you to play new games for as long as you have your DS on. The second is that, supposedly, the DS will be able to be used as a controller for the Wii, much like the Gameboy Advance was utilized for games like Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles. More will have to be added as it appears.
Update: As seen here, it is possible for the DS to be used as a controller for various Wii games.

Can I connect my GBA to the Wii? What about the micro?
Kind of a yes and no thing here. You can connect a GBA or GBA SP to the Wii, but the only usage you’ll get from this is any Gamecube game that utilizes that functionality. There are GBA-GC connector cables that will interact with various Gamecube games for various functions, including transferring data, being used as controllers, or unlocking special features.
So you can use it with the Wii, but only with certain software, and only in Gamecube mode. If you plug it in and go into the Wii menus, nothing will happen. There is always the chance that, perhaps, Nintendo could release an emulator as a GBA player channel, which would be really awesome (and is now going in my wishlist), but I sincerely doubt it. Possible? Yes – I would think the Wii could recognize the Gamecube controller ports and subsequently be tricked into running software off the GBA itself, but again, really really doubt it.
What about the Micro? Sadly, unless you were lucky enough to snag a GBM-GC cable (made available exclusively here by our very own Troz1820), there’s no real way to do this. That is, unless you want to make the cord yourself. There’s a thread located http://cheapassgamer...hp?t=79849”here[/URL] where several members have cataloged how to do this yourself. It will require soldering and the skills associated with that.
There’s no way to communicate wirelessly with the Wii with these particular handhelds, and the chances of anything special being made available to them is next to none.

[VC] Virtual Console (Games, Controller Configurations)

Can I buy Wii Points for VC games online?
Yes, right through the Wii Shop channel in fact. Some people don’t get charged tax for this either, making it as good – if not better – as B&M stores. Plus you save on gas, making the world safe from criminals and bad Captain Planet cartoons.

What is the release schedule for VC games?
Nintendo has stated new games will come out every Monday. Nintendo has given different numbers for how many games will be released per day, but it is thought that 4 will come out at a time.

How do I save progress in Virtual Console games?
botticus FTW: When you shut them down, they save automatically via ROM save states.
Clarification: Wrestlecrap’sRD for the kill: Actually, if you go back out to the Wii menu (using the home button to stop the game), the system automatically saves your place. And, of course, you can save in games that allow it.

Do VC games get registered in any way?
They are registered automatically if you have a nintendo.com account. lilboo delivers a small but satisfying find: So as you know, you can link your My Nintendo account with your Wii. Cool. I just went on today to finally register Zelda and my Wii system. I looked at my list and I saw "Bonk's Adventure" and "Super Mario 64". Oooh, that's cool. I know that registering stuff really doesn't do anything..but maybe in this case if you do have an account and you do download games, and your Wii crashes.. at least you have them registered under your account.. so this may be this way they can let you re-download your games on a new Wii! :D"

Do Virtual Console games get enhanced in any way?
Gamers over at Planetgamecube.com's forums (now called NintendoWorldReport.com) noticed that games look better, particularly Mario 64, as originally proposed by D_Man87. Brandogg responded that "It's running in 480p instead of the original 320x240 resolution, so it's going to look a lot better." TrueNerd also says that the Wavebird trumps the N64 controller, something I will test myself. Bartman3010 adds: " Super Mario 64 does indeed run faster, since its not using N64 hardware, though some of the nifty effects are gone, such as the Invisible Cap Mario doesnt look like colored static as was on the original; just transparent. Try looking at the pyramid after standing on the four pillars. The debris and the explosion cause no slowdown whatsoever."[/B]
I need personal clarification if this only affects N64 games, as I have no tried the VC at all yet.

When I beat Super Mario Bros., the Goombas got replaced with Buzz Beetles. How do I reset them?
Oddly, it does not appear that this is possible right now. I will look into it further. Thanks to 3QGojo for bringing this up.

Can I move VC games from one system to another?
C’mon this is a silly question. Of course not, not even with SD cards. They are tied to your system and thus cannot be moved around. In the event that your system gets fried, Nintendo has stated that they will allow you to download your purchased games to a new system. They should also be able to transfer the files themselves if inhouse repair work was ever needed.

So if I format the system, do I love VC games completely?
You’ll lose the games and the data, yes. But you will be able to download them again to that particular system.

This all sounds…questionable.
I agree, but I’m going on the assumption right now that you’ll always be able to recover your games if you got a new system or had one sent in for repair. It appears that Nintendo can untie games from one system to another via the serial number (always important to have such information on hand, kids) in case of dire circumstances, but I am unsure they would grant the same privilege if you sell a system. I will look into this further.

If I decide to sell my Wii to Gamestop, will they give me extra money for VC games?
Most certainly not. If they don’t format the system internally right there in the store, they’ll send it to corporate to do this.
Nintendo does suggest that you format your system yourself before selling it or giving it to someone else, for your own privacy and security.
Credit goes to ahmedmalik for this question.

Controller Configurations

So what controllers can I use to play what in the VC?
In short, the VC Controller can play everything but Gamecube games. A Gamecube Controller can play everything on the VC. This mostly makes the VC Controller a luxury and not required. The following graph should be helpful, and was originally found on Kotaku.com, but I have modified further:

Posted Image

While the Wiimote works with TG16 games, it is questioned how it handles the Turbo functionality of the original TG16 gamepad.

Can I use the VC (aka Classic) Controller to play Gamecube games?
No. When you boot into a Gamecube game, the Wii essentially acts like a Gamecube. It no longer runs the Wii's proprietary OS, so it cannot sense the wireless controller input. To play GC games, you must use a GC controller, which can be plugged in on the top slot of the Wii.

Will the VC controller dangle from the Wiimote?
Yes. There was speculation that it would latch onto the Wiimote via clips (the VC controller has small slots on its back that resemble a -_- face). But it does not appear that this is the case, so it will dangle. This isn't that big of a deal, but kinda annoying.

Well then maybe you should be like this guy and build your own little clip for the Wiimote to clip on. Yeah. Do that, smart guy.
Or better yet, wait for the inevitable clip from MadKatz or something, because if people can sell things like Wii Boxing Gloves, you know someone will make this.

What about joysticks?
IGN has stated that these will work with Virtual console games.

What controller would you recommend?
There is something called the Hori Digital Pad that can be found for $10 plus shipping at estarland.com. It is a perfect fit for both VC games (as well as Gameboy Advance games on a Gamecube using the GBA player) because it features an oversized and more comfortable D-pad. The button layout mimics the regular Gamecube controllers (with the oversized A button and “bean” X and Y), so it is useful for backwards compatability as well. Note also that there is a retro controller by Pelican that can be found at Gamestop, which might your only choice, as the Hori pads have been discountinued (and the above is your only chance to get some). I have one – it rocks.

On a related note, what about VC game multiplayer? Bomberman '93 could support 5 players on the TG16.
Theoretically you could have 4 Wiimotes (plus whatever attachments might be needed, meaning a VC controller) connected wirelessly, and then 4 Gamecube controllers connected, making for 8 player games. It remains to be seen if this is possible. It probably depends on very smart programmers and a robust emulator, which we have no way of knowing at this time.

[RUM] Rumors

I thought the Wii had 3D projection and could make waffles out of thin air.
Before all was officially revealed on what the Wii was capable of (primarily in September 2005 with the official unveiling of the Wiimote, and actual demonstrations and gameplay at E3 2006), it was largely speculated that Nintendo was planning a more pseudo-virtual reality system with the Wii. This was fueled by things such as the infamous Nintendo ON video, which showcased a VR helmet. Other clues included the HMD device in Animal Crossing: Wild World on the DS, which is a Head Mounted Display, and a series of short viral videos that loaded on Nintendo.com shortly before E3 2005. It was only further believed with the advent of the “secret slots” that the Wii had, which turned out just to have SD card slots and a Sync button. Furthermore, a mysterious poster on IGN claimed that he had inside information on the Wii’s unveiling, circulating that the Kodak Theatre would be the Mushroom Kingdom. This was hot information at the time because the official invite/pamphlet from Nintendo mentioned this phrase directly.

Toys R Us said you don't need the TV on to play the Wii.
Now that's just silly. That's like saying I don't need your mom on Saturday night.

itachiitachi asks that "I thought I read somthing about the Wii using LEDs to change colors. Was this a cut feature or just a rumor or am I just mistaken?"
Actually, I suggested this myself somewhere on CAG, I think back when there was a small hoopla about "WTF, NO LAUNCH COLORS OTHER THAN WHITE?" It was merely a wish on my part. Sorry for the confusion!

What was this about Reggie saying there was a big secret still left for the launch of the Wii?
This was a miscommunication. Supposedly he said something like "If there is a secret left, then it must be a big one," meaning that he himself did not know. This led to speculation about VC games getting online capabilities, a more robust online experience, etc etc. There was no secret. This supposedly clears that up.

Does the stand hold any kind of charge? I heard it did.
This was falsely reported in Summer 2006 by a UK magazine, which suggested that the small plastic grey stand of the Wii (used when making the Wii vertical) might be where the actual power cord plugged in, which then transferred power to the Wii (there is a term for this I don't know off the top of my head, but lots of electronics use it, and I definitely had an electric toothbrush that did this exact thing once). This led to rumors about the Wii being a hybrid portable/home console game machine, and that perhaps one of the final secrets was a sort of hologram and/or LCD screen attachment. Which a screen attachment might appear later on (as has been the style recently from third parties), for the time being none of these things are true.
iufoltzie corrects me (and probably said "STUPID!" right after doing so, and I couldn't blame him) with: "The term is Electromagnetic Induction."

What is the MEGATON everyone screams about so much?
In short, it’s just a long running Internet joke among Nintendo fans whenever it is thought something big will get announced.
As quoted from Wikipedia: "Megaton is a meme among Nintendo fans that resulted from a vastly over-hyped rumored announcement around 2002. Individuals on the Gaming-Age Forums uncovered an article from Japanese magazine JUMP! that mentioned in one of its pages that Nintendo had a very big announcement to make... such that it could make their GameCube console a bestseller worldwide... Eventually it came out that the Japanese magazine that had reported the Megaton in the first place had merely been hyping up an unannounced game... leaving Nintendo fans with something of an anticlimax.”

[MISC] Miscellaneous
(Links, Fun Stuff, Easter Eggs, Other FAQs)

Notice any running themes?
The Wii is shaped like a rectangle with a notch in a corner. The wrist strap dongle is also shaped like this, as well as the power brick and several of the cord connectors. KendoKai also points out SD cards look like this. Ooo wheee ooo!!
sixersballernum3 pointed out the official LAN adapter is shaped like this ZOMG.

I just....love the wittle Wiimote, and I want to put it all over my body...
I suggest contacting CAG redgopher at wiiinmypants@gmail.com. He has more information here.

What is this....wangmotation you speak of?
Given the size and shape of the Wiimote, it only comes natural to a man of my talents and skill to suggest strappin' one on, in order to feel the mightiness of playing Wii Tennis with naught but a wide grin in a wide-statured and proud pose. Know that it will happen. Man has dreamt of this kind of gaming legacy since the dawn of time.

Any fun easter eggs?
I didn't want to copy and paste this entire thing here (though I might if it proves useful later on), but JonLeung clued me onto this: GoNintendo has a list of several fun things you can do with the Wii, including a co-op jigsaw puzzle in the Photo Channel.

Any other FAQs to read?
Here's a good one: http://www.engadget....-wii-questions/. I might steal the information and place it here (while giving credit of course).

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Posted 21 February 2007 - 10:19 AM

Conclusion (History)

Thank You List!

While I am boldening (Hah! I italicized it!) everyone who has helped, it seemed like it would be nice to have them all condensed in a list. So thank you all to the following (and PLEASE do not hesitate to yell at me if I forgot to add you here!):

Cheapassgamer Users:
lebowsky, FriskyTanuki, jezebelseven, Ugamer_X (hehe!), lilboo, abilyk, exRounder, Oops! I did it again., Kirra, sixersballernum3, Robobandit, hohez, smellytim, Gameboy415, DT778, botticus, stevey, rohlfinator, Blaine, Judhudson, soonserfan60, eldad9, MookyJooky, iazybandit, daroga, Snowcone, ckendal, Fox5, Scrubsy, Rig, iufoltzie, redgopher, gunm, KaneRobot

NintendoWorldReport (formerly Planetgamecube) Users:
Shecky, MJRx9000, Athrun Zala, JonLeung, UncleBob (he’s also at CAG), BiLdItUp1, Svevan, Smash_Brother, vudu, RickPowers, D_Man87, Brandogg, TrueNerd, Bartman3010, KendoKai

I believe the hip lingo these days is “You have won many intermotrons.” Whatever the hell that means.

Update History (Edits)

Version 1.1
Updated again 11/22/06 at 12:58 AM. Next update: Hopefully divide into sections with relevant data in each (Online, Hardware, Software, Channels, Miis), and hopefully answer more questions as they come.

Version 1.2
BIG update on 11/26/06 at 3:56 PM. I didn't get to the sections, but I might do that tonight. This is the culmination of several days of vacation, including information from CAG and NWR, in any thread I thought that contained useful information that might be a little obscure.

Version 1.3
Another big update today, 12/3/06. I have added sections! The thing to remember about the sections is this: some of these questions are a little vague, so I had to place answers as best I could. These will probably be better organized as we move forward. In fact, tonight I hope to add some more information, update the graphs, and reorganize everything.

Version 1.4
Fixed a lot of sections by placing information that is relevant to each other in order, so the FAQ flows better. Also added submenus for sections that had too much information going on. Fixed a few small errors.

Version 1.5
  • Added links to making your own sensor bar in Hardware Related: Sensor Bar.
  • Added information about import hardware to Hardware Related: Accessories.
  • Added more links to Wii Sports covers in Software Related: Games.
  • Added “Needs to be Fixed” in Software Related: Firmware Updates.
  • Added link to Play Asia Importer’s Guide in Software Related: Backwards Compatability/Imports.
  • Added Thank You/Acknowledgements list in Miscellaneous.
  • Added Section Demarcations using brackets for faster searching/reference.
  • Started using bullet lists for updates! Hooray! Now you can find new information quickly!
Version 2.0 [2/21/07]
  • Here is a link to the original thread.
  • Added transportation and modchip information in Hardware Related: Console.
  • Added information on modifying Miis on your computer, fixing Mii rights issues after a Nintendo repair, Mii online directories, synching Miis via your Wiimote on other systems, clarified black/gray names in the Address Book, e-mailing deleted friends, opening the Address Book when WC24 is down, and friends in other regions in Online Communications.
  • Renamed DS Connectivity to DS/GBA/Micro Connectivity.
  • Added information on connecting GBA and GBA Micros to the Wii in DS/GBA/Micro Connectivity.
  • Added information on purchasing Wii points online, clarified saving progress in VC games, Goombas -> Buzz Beetles, moving VC games between systems, losing VC games due to formatting/system crashing/repairwork, and VC Controller/Wiimote clip to Virtual Console.
  • Added information on DVD spine clips, game save data trading, and Wiimote swapping to Software Related: Games.
  • Added information on component cable availability and jaggies in graphics in Hardware Related: Audio and Video.
  • Added information on rechargeable stations for the Wiimote, information about usefulness of such stations, and prolonging battery life in Hardware Related: Wiimote + Nunchuk.
  • Added clarification on how to obtain firmware updates and fixes needed in Software Related: Firmware.
  • Added clarification concerning Wii’s internal memory system, Wii not recognizing SD Cards, placing game saves on an SD card and transferring to your PC, downloading save game data to SD cards to transfer to the system and caveats for such actions in Memory System.
  • Added small “must have” accessories to Hardware Related: Accessories.
  • Added information concerning new channels and Wii Shop Channel accounts, in Software Related: Channels.
  • Added Notable Websites section to Hardware Related: Internet Connections.
  • Added information concerning streaming music via Orb service to Hardware Related: Internet Connections.
  • Added clarification on if an adapter is needed to use Gamecube controllers with the Wii in Hardware Related: Secondary Controllers.
  • Added link to PlayAsia’s Freeloader tests in Software Related: Backwards Compatability.
  • Added information on “running themes” and updated history in Miscellaneous.

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#5 Strell



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Posted 21 February 2007 - 10:20 AM

Upcoming Section Potential Information:
  • Indepth Wifi FAQ
  • Potential "Mii CAG Library" (utilizing online Mii editors)

Ideas for more information:
  • Link to all CAG Wii/Friend Codes
  • Link to VC discussion
  • Fix menu items
  • Check all grammar/spelling
  • More Wifi information
  • More audio/video information, particularly errors and problems
  • More information about channels
  • New third party wireless sensor bars
  • Links to various homebrew projects with Wiimote/case mods
  • Glitches/Problems with the VC - no rumble, no Ghosts in MK64, etc
  • Update VC Controller Graph to accomodate Neo Geo/MSX
  • Reggie Timeline
  • Explanation of Nintendo 1st parties?
  • Requests from CAGs

Everyone, if you spot mistakes, please feel free to PM them to me. I'd prefer it if you'd send me a rather lengthy list than a single mistake, as that'll cut down on my PMs and help me a lot better.

Thanks all!

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#6 Strell



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Posted 21 February 2007 - 10:24 AM

What the hell. I'll nab one more. You never know.

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#7 y0da900


Posted 21 February 2007 - 02:13 PM

Obscure, and potentially an isolated case, but here goes.

When I am on the internet channel, if I have the classic controller plugged in, the Wiimote ceases to act as a pointer when I hit the home button to go back to the main menu. If I unplug it, it works fine, plug it back in, cursor disappears again. This is only on the screen that appears after hitting the home button.

#8 Scrubking


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  • CAGiversary!

Posted 21 February 2007 - 03:02 PM

Currently you have to have Wiiconnect turned on to access the vote channel. I see it as a bug since you don't need wiiconnect to download the data for the polls, etc.

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#9 Strell



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Posted 23 February 2007 - 10:11 AM

Bumping since thread is now live.

Will ask a mod to sticky this, and leave thread stickied as well for now.

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#10 botticus


Posted 23 February 2007 - 05:16 PM

I don't know where you will put this, but obscure fact addition:

The Internet Channel (I will have to check regarding the Everybody Votes channel) gets added to your MyNintendo account just like VC games.

#11 KaneRobot


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Posted 23 February 2007 - 09:04 PM

lol u 4got 2 add mii 2 teh TY sexshon cuz u pulled dat part of teh thing bout screen qualatee for ur faq but im not gonna yell 'cuz there iz 2 much hate in teh world already

but thank u for all ur hrd work
Posted Image

#12 Strell



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Posted 23 February 2007 - 10:11 PM

First, you made me feel bad.

Second, I will add you to your own section.

Third, that section will be called "bitches to thank."

Fourth, your mom will be at the head of the list.


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#13 dyreschlock


    import friendly

  • CAGiversary!

Posted 23 February 2007 - 10:32 PM

Obscure question:

Do you know if you can use japanese wii point cards on american wii's?

I ask because, in japan, the classic controller is packed with 5000 wii points for a mere 5000 yen. You basically get the controller for free.. whee!
Games List (updated, use mozilla)
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#14 Strell



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Posted 23 February 2007 - 10:38 PM

Hmmm. This is a good question.

Likewise: If Cheapy bought an American Wii Points card, can he use it in Japan?

*puffs pipe*

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#15 foltzie


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  • CAGiversary!

Posted 24 February 2007 - 12:07 AM

Obscure question:

Do you know if you can use japanese wii point cards on american wii's?

I ask because, in japan, the classic controller is packed with 5000 wii points for a mere 5000 yen. You basically get the controller for free.. whee!

No, the cards are constrained to the particular Wii Shop thats enabled on your Wii.

#16 foltzie


    Strell where art thou?

  • CAGiversary!

Posted 24 February 2007 - 12:08 AM

What’s with the little internal clips on the Wii DVD spines?
Timred delivers: You can hold SD cards there.

In addition to being a handy SD holder, those clips would hold the flap for a 2 Disc game.

#17 ratzombie


    aka yunkie

  • CAGiversary!

Posted 24 February 2007 - 04:48 AM

Looks great! Keep it up!

#18 tiredfornow


Posted 24 February 2007 - 05:01 AM

god damnit strell, I feel so educated about my Wii now. I now know how to make longer love to my partner(s).

Posted Image

#19 FriskyTanuki


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Posted 24 February 2007 - 06:13 AM

Obscure question:

Do you know if you can use japanese wii point cards on american wii's?

I ask because, in japan, the classic controller is packed with 5000 wii points for a mere 5000 yen. You basically get the controller for free.. whee!

You got an answer the last time you asked that question.

You read it. You can't unread it.


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#20 dyreschlock


    import friendly

  • CAGiversary!

Posted 25 February 2007 - 01:11 AM

You got an answer the last time you asked that question.

I just reasked the question before i got an answer in a more applicable area. no harm.
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#21 dothog


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  • CAGiversary!

Posted 25 February 2007 - 01:28 AM

I wanted to toss in my $.02 on vertical v. horizontal positioning and heat loss. I rearranged my media cabinet a few weeks ago, and in doing so moved my Wii from its previous horizontal spot to a new vertical spot. I have immediately noticed a change in the temp of the Wii--it is much cooler to the touch.

In the horizontal configuration, I had given the Wii about 3 inches of clearance on either side and around 4-5 inches above. It was open in back and had well over 10 inches of clearance back there.

In the new vertical configuration, there's about 2 inches of clearance on the disc bay side and over 8 inches on the SD card side. It has just enough clearance on top to accomodate Wavebird receivers (~1-2 inches). There is less clearance in back this time: maybe 6-8 inches.

I don't know what the consensus on this is, but in my experience the Wii runs much cooler sitting upright. I would occasionally leave a Wiimote on top of the Wii when I had it sitting horizontally, and upon picking up a very warm Wiimote for the first time I discovered the heat generated by the Wii. I have since then made a note of the temperature whenever I power the console off.

My uneducated guess is that the side of the Wii behind the SD Card is where a majority of the heat is generated, and if you've got the Wii sitting horizontally, provided the surface is a decent insulator, there's not going to be anywhere for that heat to go. In the vertical position (especially in the configuration I have wherein the SD Card side is unobstructed for air circulation), that side of the Wii generating heat isn't laying on top of something. I guess in the end it's simply a matter of maximizing the exposed surface area to dissipate the heat.

Just thought I would contribute. I liked the Wii better in the horizontal config, but I'm really happy to have the Wii running much cooler in the vertical position.

#22 GregLee


Posted 25 February 2007 - 01:52 AM

Can GC games which used the Logitech Speedforce wheel on the GC also use it when played on the Wii?

#23 Rig


    Rig = Lunar

  • CAGiversary!

Posted 25 February 2007 - 03:58 AM

So, I didn't see it in here, but is there a use yet for the clip deals on the back of the Classic Controller?

#24 Strell



  • CAGiversary!

Posted 25 February 2007 - 04:02 AM

So, I didn't see it in here, but is there a use yet for the clip deals on the back of the Classic Controller?

Will the VC controller dangle from the Wiimote?
Yes. There was speculation that it would latch onto the Wiimote via clips (the VC controller has small slots on its back that resemble a -_- face). But it does not appear that this is the case, so it will dangle. This isn't that big of a deal, but kinda annoying.

Well then maybe you should be like this guy and build your own little clip for the Wiimote to clip on. Yeah. Do that, smart guy.
Or better yet, wait for the inevitable clip from MadKatz or something, because if people can sell things like Wii Boxing Gloves, you know someone will make this.

I guess that means the answer is no to 99.9999% of us. But that's being technical.

And actually I think maybe Nyko is working on this.

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#25 botticus


Posted 25 February 2007 - 04:38 AM

I guess that means the answer is no to 99.9999% of us. But that's being technical.

And actually I think maybe Nyko is working on this.

Posted Image

Indeed they are. $15, not too shabby.

#26 Strell



  • CAGiversary!

Posted 25 February 2007 - 04:39 AM

I saw it announced on GoNintendo, but neither they nor the link they had contained pictures.

I searched off and on all day yseterday.

Good to know it exists. Will be added later.

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#27 botticus


Posted 25 February 2007 - 04:41 AM

I saw it announced on GoNintendo, but neither they nor the link they had contained pictures.

I searched off and on all day yseterday.

Good to know it exists. Will be added later.

Yeah, I just happened to see it reported on IGN the day or two after GoNintendo. Linkage: http://gear.ign.com/...7/767342p1.html

#28 Rig


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  • CAGiversary!

Posted 25 February 2007 - 05:07 AM

I guess that means the answer is no to 99.9999% of us. But that's being technical.

And actually I think maybe Nyko is working on this.


I read that part. They just don't seem to me like something to keep the Wiimote attached. I had hoped some peripheral had been announced to utilize them. (Rumble Pack add-on would be cool.)

#29 ZForce915


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  • CAGiversary!

Posted 04 March 2007 - 04:56 PM

I can confirm that the Wiimote can be used for Genesis games. Although I don't recommend it. You use the A, 1 and 2 buttons. Very hard to do.

- edit -
An update to this. According to the Nintendo website Genesis is listed as "some" for compatibilty. I used it with Altered Beast only.
Posted Image

#30 foltzie


    Strell where art thou?

  • CAGiversary!

Posted 08 March 2007 - 07:18 AM

I can confirm that the Wiimote can be used for Genesis games. Although I don't recommend it. You use the A, 1 and 2 buttons. Very hard to do.

- edit -
An update to this. According to the Nintendo website Genesis is listed as "some" for compatibilty. I used it with Altered Beast only.

The Wiimote only will work for 3 button Genesis games. (1, 2, A, B) If they release a 6 button game you'll need to use a GCN pad or the CC.