CAG Niche Backloggers Anonymous (Monster Hunter World!) [February]

I played through the first chapter in Corpse Party: Book of Shadows. I would like to see how the story continues, but the gameplay doesn't make me excited to boot the game back up. At first I thought "Cool, I'm seeing the school in first-person. This would be awesome in VR". But after finishing the chapter I realized there wasn't much to the gameplay.

I'm not giving up on the game, but... yeah, the gameplay doesn't give me the urge to play it. What's keeping my interest is it involving characters from the first game.

Been playing Hollow Knight and it's a great game; I'm just struggling to keep invested because my affinity for platformers just isn't there like when I was younger. Obvious Souls-Borne mechanics have been ripped straight out of those games into this one, but at least it has original charm being about a kingdom of bugs. Very metroid-vania that's driving my completionist side crazy since I'm not using a guide and I don't quite like the upgrade system since it forces you to choose between legit character improvements vs simple QoL things such as where you are on the map. : \

I like it but not very challenging and I'm having to force myself to play it. Still, recommended when it's on sale.

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