[DEAD] OB's LOWBALL #7 Vita, PS4, PS3, PS2, Fire Emblem, Zelda, Club Nintendo

Danganronpa Another Episode - $17

Knack - $2

Wolfenstein Old Blood - $1

Alice Madness Returns - $1

Luigis Mansion Guide - $1

Super Smash Bros Guide - $1

Star Wars Lego Mini Figures - $2

Star Trek - $1

9)  :ps3: Umineko no Naku Koro Ni: Majo to Suiri no Rinbukyoku (complete, import) - $4
10)  :ps3: Imabi Kisou (complete, import) - $3

35)  :br: Ever After - $1

38) Human Crossing: The 25th Hr DVD, official - $1

69) Martha Marcy May Marlene - $1

9)  :ps3: Umineko no Naku Koro Ni: Majo to Suiri no Rinbukyoku (complete, import) - $5
10)  :ps3: Imabi Kisou (complete, import) - $4

36) :br: Persepolis (in DVD sized case, with full art) $2

Danganronpa Another Episode: Ultra Despair Girls (complete)   20

  :ps4: Disney Infinity 2.0     1

Alice: Madness Returns (complete, voucher used)  2

19) Disney Infinity 2.0 portal peripheral (ps4 version)   1

20) Disney Infinity 2.0 figure: Merida     1
21) Disney Infinity 2.0 figure: Stitch   3


wow, nice snipe!

I worked 7 days in a row including this weekend so I will have the totals up and start messaging winners tomorrow.

edit edit: i am pretty much done with totals (not including shipping which may take 1-2 days for some) so please let me know if i messed anything up. as said, i will start messaging (starting with those with shipping already figured) tomorrow

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lucky me, had a couple more bids i erased at the last minute due to budget constraints....sorry, objectionblaster! ;)

It wasn't a snipe on purpose, I honestly forgot about it till 5 minutes before you closed it; just enough time to copy paste and add my bids.

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Update! Most winners have been contacted/sent an invoice.

I'll be weighing some stuff tomorrow for Charles, Blade, Goguenator and will then do the same for them tomorrow afternoon/evening.


Update! 4/12 winners have had their items shipped or delivered.

Everyone should be contacted by now.

Please answer at your earliest convenience the questions (shipping or address etc) so I can invoice the rest and we can continue!


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Payment received from 9 of 12.

Hoping to ship round 2 out tomorrow but I work a double so it might be pushed to Monday. I know that is slow, but I'm working 6-7 days/wk right now. This will include everyone who has paid and I will update here when it happens, hoping for the sooner one.

Shipped 3 more out today. Please see Post #2 for tracking info if I forgot to PM you. Blade, goguenator, apologies but I couldn't mail yours today.

I typically use the self-service machine because the lines are so long at my P.O. and you can't do Media Mail on it.

I'm worried that one or both of yours might have trouble qualifying for MM due to the dimensions but I'm going to try on Monday and will update afterwards. (I was on a time crunch due to working a double.)

Thanks for everyone's patience.

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Shipped the rest out today! That means every one (but one, which is my fault) has now been shipped and about half are delivered or about to be. By ~Monday 12/21 (weather permitting), everyone should have their stuff. See your PM's or Post #2 for tracking/updates.

Please let me know if any problems arise, otherwise please leave me feedback when you get your lowball stuff.

THANK YOU to everyone who participated!

I'm done with lowballs for the year, with 2 crappy ones and 2 decent ones but I might have one in Q1 2015. We'll see. Otherwise, check out my trade thread as I have a very small amount of stuff on there that is decent and was not part of this lowball.

Happy Gaming.


New lowball (#5) coming early February.

Keep in mind all items are tentative as of now, as I have a trade thread on here until they get locked for the LB. Make offers in the meantime until I finalize the list and the times. THANKS!

Feb 1st through Feb 15th!

Items are still tentative, some might filter out and more will be added! Feel free to make offers, items will be locked the day the lowball starts!

I will post pictures before the lowball starts, too.

Last bump before lowball start. Items will be locked in before start at 8PM and pictures will be up around then.

Before then, you can still PM and make an offer.

I have 1-2 games that may be added, pending the next few hours.

Assuming this has started,

1) :wiiu: Xenoblade Chronicles X (complete, like new) $10
2) :3ds: Kid Icarus Uprising (complete and w the stand, no AR cards) $1

3) :ps3: Persona 4 Ultimax (complete, no preorder bonus stuff) $1

Kid Icarus Uprising (complete and w the stand, no AR cards)  :hot:  :hot:  :hot: $11

Persona 4 Ultimax (complete, no preorder bonus stuff)  $2

NES: Super Mario bros + Duck Hunt (cart in clear storage case) $1

bread's done