FGT XXIII ver. 2013 buffed everyone but ReRo

aw man, speaking of guys that I like,

Tim Rogers,


honestly tho, fukk this video.

I'm broke, got no free time,

yet now I feel like I have to buy this game >_<

I miss Shimi :cry:

me n him woulda been playing real life Divekick.

like yallz do that shyt on computers, we do it on the streets!!!

Yo any impressions on Divekick?

I warned yallz about divekick bro!!!




Mr Beef needs to come back to Evo soon to hang out with us and once again show us the 10th wonder of the world that is ouroboros.

also known as Beef eating beef.


Hey guys.. I'm back in Israel and have been playing with my PC a lot before classes start next week. I downloaded super sf4 to try it out and it works great... it ran at max settings at over 60 fps. Unfortunatley I'm not planning on buying the game until USF4 comes out... I'll just wait.

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I must be easily impressed, but goddamn it is so good.  If they bring to US, I'm double dipping.

as a fellow non-chinese person, I definitely feel I can relate to her,

except I'm more about japanese food and I love ramen ra-mo-mo-mo-mo-men.

I also feel hungry lol.

BL how do you feel about this music video


I dunno man it's totally not selling me on wet pets, although she looks like she knows how to handle a snake.

Commercials gotta pop


man... its not good to work late at night and read up on FGT....

are people still down for an eventual meetup other than EVO?

I have less than a year till I'm done with grad school and I'm in thesis time high gear >_<

so far my thesis is turning into a number of video games but making the art for it is super time consuming:


also so far the game is called Pussy Lip

maaaan fukk Chacrama Chacra mo-mo-mo-mo-ma.

I miss Shimi Shi mo-mo-mo-mo-mi

also freakin Rolento I miss u too!!! I keep forgetting to txt u my number...

I could do it rite now technically, but I'ma forget that too >_<

yo, so are people still down for a meetup outside of evo sometime? I am head high into thesis projects but will be free from the education system after this semester is clear... though life will take over

bread's done