FGT XXIII ver. 2013 buffed everyone but ReRo

Whoo Tekken 7

Chime in time in:

Haven't gotten to play too much lately since I have a legitimate job now but played a shot ton of Soul Calibur 2 HD (was $5 a few weeks ago). Took me back to the many hours I've waisted on that game in the past. I think that's the one game I've trolled the most in ever against other players... In fact I think I trolled a shit ton in all of the SC from 2 onward.

Also, I expect Jimbo to be competing in EVO next year in the next Mortal Kombat.

Lastly I don't want to get a XB1 yet since the only thing I want on it is Killer Instinct, and that's it.
new Guilty Gear is fun!

finally got around to playing it and I really like what they've done with Axl!

even if he is low tier as all butt since he's hecka vulnerable to rushdown and has no truly damaging abilities like meterless bomber loops in AC.

but he's fun!!

so lmk if anyone wants to play coz I plan on gaming tuesday night!

after that I'm done and I swear I'ma never play this game again lol

Persona 4 Arena Ultimax is down to $29.99 at GS in store and it appears to be possibly discontinued. No website stocks it anymore except Amazon, and that's 3rd party sellers who are selling the 360 version for a couple of $ cheaper but a few $ more on PS3.

Now maybe it will come back w/o the goodies, but if you want semi-guaranteed goodies then consider this a final warning.

Edit: GS is now the cheapest option by far for P4AU. Third party sellers are around $38 plus shipping on either system and AZ's actual price is about $52 w/free shipping.

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lol I jus saw this yesterday:


reminds me of 2009 =P

that said, my win ratio in ranked matches is pretty good!

5 wins, 1 loss, to a japanese player of course (or a baka gaijin with a japanese screen name)

I think I'ma stop there, go out on top!!

but the most important thing:

I got my vacation time approved today for Evo 2015!!

whooooo~!!!!! who else is going?!?!?!

dead thread is dead =P but I am very much alive!

Evo rooms are up:


you have the option of choosing between Paris and Bally's.

Bally is cheaper, and the rooms are actually bigger (450 sq ft vs. 390)

there's no size difference between Classic and Premium rooms within both Ballys and Paris options.

anyways, dead thread is dead =P

but in the case someone comes back to life, let's taco bout it!

$300 is a good price for selling my Femme Fatale 360 TE stick for, right? Put it up on Amazon months ago a bit higher and it finally sold. It's twice what I paid for it new so it seems ok but did I make out badly not putting it on EBay?

oh no! thread is dead! lol, but yes! I am down! let's plan it, I havent been back in like 2~3 years, would be nice to return!

Also I have a PS4 now! Got all the main fighting games (SFV, GGXRDR, BBCF, and KOF14... no MK) but the only one I ever really play is Revalator, it's so good!!!

any1 down for games? I suck lol, but still have fun 

bread's done