Kmart Game Discounts All Platforms Starting At $5 - Most Store Pickup Only YMMV


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Edit Edit- Various markdowns by platform:








Ground Zeroes $5

Kinect Sports Rivals $20

AC4 $20

Titanfall $20

Wash Dogs $25

Madden 15 $30

Evil Within $30

NHL 15 $30

Destiny $40

Shadow of Mordor $40

Far Cry 4 $45

AC Unity $45


Ground Zeroes $5

Knack $10

MLB 14 $15

AC4 $20

Wash Dogs $25

Madden 15 $30

Evil Within $30

NHL 15 $30

Destiny $40

Shadow of Mordor $40

Dragon Age Inquisition $45

Far Cry 4 $45

AC Unity $45


Castlevania LoS 2 $5

LA Noire $5

SC Blacklist $10

Stick of Truth $20

NHL 15 $20


NHL 14 $5

Castlevania LoS 2 $5

Arkham Origins $10

Rayman Legends $10

Beyond $10

Wolfenstein $20

Xillia 2 $20

NHL 15 $20


Disney Magical World $10

Paper Mario Sticker Star $10

Lego City Undercover: The Chase Begins $10

Mario Party Island Tour $15

Mario Golf: World Tour $15

Pokemon X $15

Pokemon Y $15

Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds $20

Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon $20

Kirby Tripe Deluxe $20

Mario & Luigi Dream Team $20

Tomodachi Life $20

Bravely Default $20

Yoshi's New Island $20

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Edit- The game has gone down to $5 now but the PS3 version can no longer be added to the cart.  The 360 version has gone to $5 as well and can still be ordered.

Castlevania Lords of Shadow 2 $10 at Kmart.  Not available for shipping but has in-store pickup if it's available locally.

Seems to be $30-40 most places still even though it didn't review nearly as well as the first game.  Free rental though since it trades back to BBY for $10 right now and GS for $13.

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Went to Kmart today and only thing I saw on the list was Pokemon and AC4. If they were $5 cheaper I might have splurged. I did happen to find an 8GB PSVita memory stick for $3, though. Was nice to find since this Kmart never had any other ones marked down. Went to Sears too and they had some Super Mario Wii games marked down to $4 and Pokemon (tag didn't specify which one) for $10. Unfortunately, the store was cleaned out of everything marked down. Go figure only after I checked several times a month for awhile. Also, those Wii U bundles that were price errored a few months ago were gone. Wonder if some lucky schmuck got it to go through and hoarded the 2-3 they had. Wouldn't be surprised. Something told me to go test it out, but it really depends on the employee and I tend to get the corporate lapdog and junior detective types that go above and beyond to deny me on them.

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Ebay doubled the time for chargeback from 90 days to 180 days if the buyer uses paypal. That's why the person I quoted said "your money is not safe for 180 days".

I always felt the 90 days was crazy in the 1st place. I honestly can't see a legitimate person waiting 89 days to determine they need to open a claim. I have no idea what ebay's logic is here.
Oh ok i was aware of that already. Not worried though. In over 400 sales only one buyer ever tried to stiff me and they lost their dispute. Hardly ever has anyone ever requested a return either. Maybe just lucky i guess but that is a pretty big sample size. Well see...i have had more issues with sellers stiffing me with bogus tickets and burned disks really
So I went to my local Kmart before going to work earlier and damn, one of you sure def cleared them out. The 3DS section was so bare. Thankfully there was one copy of The Legend of Zelda: ALBW left for me to grab. Wanted Bravely Default too but no luck. Thanks cag'er who cleared out the Vernon, CT Kmart.
You really think it was 1 person that cleared out an entire Kmart? Lol

Dude this sale has been going on for roughly 3 weeks including the online stuff. Add the fact that Kmart's video game suppliers are no longer giving them the goods, it only would make sense that it would look pillaged over.
You really think it was 1 person that cleared out an entire Kmart? Lol

Dude this sale has been going on for roughly 3 weeks including the online stuff. Add the fact that Kmart's video game suppliers are no longer giving them the goods, it only would make sense that it would look pillaged over.
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Thanks for the thread. South County Kmart (St. Louis) had zero tags up whatsoever, but the game section has been pretty bare for a while anyway. I grabbed a Pokemon X ($15) and a Puppeteer ($5).

There's absolutely nothing left there if you're looking for Nintendo stuff except for the 3DS Mario Party and a copy of Donkey Kong: TF for Wii U. Their 360/XB1/PS4 sections had some stuff left though.
Hey I hit kmart in Elmhurst il. They have slim pickings but a variety of stuff for ps4 and xbox1. . Nothing is marked properly. After waiting for someone with keys to open the cabinet for 8 mins, guy was not happy I wanted to check prices on few games. Ps3 puppeteer (last copy) was marked $24.00 but rang up $5.00. Also picked up batman origins $10. Ps3. they had like 2 copys left.
Thanks picked up KZ Shadow Fall for $10(in points too)

I also noticed  they are still selling:

Shadow of Mordor, FarCry4, AC Unity and DA Inquisition for $44.99 

Diablo 3 UEE and Evil Within  for $29.99

All PS4 versions, could be Xb1 as well.

Also, Idk if this is common but the spaces allocated for Disney Infinity Figures are completely emply

Might go back and use up more points.

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Hey guys I was wondering how the points work? i purchased pokemon x and y and killzone and my receipt said I had other points already so was wondering if I should go back and try and get zelda with points? thanks guys.

Just ran by two Kmarts to see if I was too late on tracking down a W101 and obviously I was, but I did manage to snag the last Bravely Default at one Kmart with some surprise points they just sent me.  I'm not sure if half of these Kmarts you guys are going too are cleaned out or if its just Kmart-- the Kmart closest too me has not changed in the past 2-3 months and the shelves when nintendo games go have been as bare now as they were then.

I think Kmrt might honestly just be trying to get rid of all this crap.

went back and got zelda a link between worlds was on sale for $20 and had $8 in points but when the cashier tried to use them all it only let me use $5 so walked out with zelda for $15 .

I believe you need to have a pin# (which you set up on sywr website) when you want to use more than $5 in points in store.

went back and got zelda a link between worlds was on sale for $20 and had $8 in points but when the cashier tried to use them all it only let me use $5 so walked out with zelda for $15 .
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Luigis Mansion

Mario and Luigi inside story

3d Mario World

$15 Bioshock Rapture edition

$10 Battlefield 4 Xbox 360, Fifa 14 Xbone

By the way MGSV is back online for $5 on the for any Price Matching Opportunities  

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Carson CA KMart

Should've gone earlier in the week for MGS

Did pickup Bravely Default and Pokemon X via in store pickup last week but didn't have time to try and get anything pricematched in store.  Finally got around to going tonight after they updated the sale and was pretty disappointed with the selection.  I'm in a pretty dead area so I doubt many CAG members around.  Ended up getting Knack and DK:TF which aren't games I was super interested in but I'll try them out for those prices and to make it not a wasted trip.  Almost nothing left in the WiiU/3DS section and they didn't have a single Vita game in stock.

You know whats funny is last week I tried multiple times to get them to price match the online prices of these games. And now this week they have the same damn prices IN STORE. And of course they had a MGS last week but I go tonight and it's sold out. Just kind of stupid that they refused to match the prices and it ended up trickling down to the store anyways. Has anyone seen this happen before with Kmart, I'm new to shopping with them.
Did the clerk rub it in your face that he bought all the copies of 4-5 games you were looking for?

Was able to get an order for a few games one town over. Maybe I can score some good deals in store there but I've only been in the store once, so not sure what to expect.

They ended up refunding part of my order without any other acknowledgement that they were cancelingba portion of the order. Another fail on KMarts part. Unfortunately it's expected they will do something like this. 

Bestbuy allowed me to price match and use the buy two get one free. Not bad of a deal. Picked up Forza Horizon 2 and Drive Club and got Lords of the fallen for free. (I know Drive club the updates have made it better and I got it for the same price. 

I think buy 2 get one free will end today.  I may use it again to grab destiny or something else. Destiny is $29.99 today and my niece wants it. Might pull the trigger and pick up dragon age and maybe something random as my freebie

I went to a total of 7 Kmarts (some in the ghetto) and picked up many of the games that are on sale.  Unfortunately, the one I wanted the most, MGS-GZ for PS4 was sold out at all of them.

Can anyone hook me up with PS3 version of Castlevania: Lords of Shadows 2?  Did found a 360 version, but really need the PS3 one actually.  Can offer that one up for exchange if someone wants it.

Amazingly, Target pmed it for me and I saved another 10% by using the Target gc's that were on sale a few weeks ago. I got the Limited edition version of the game also.

Just set the xbox one up this afternoon so now I have this game, Titanfall that I got for cheap on BF, and the Assasins Creed games to keep me busy. As soon as I download them. GRRR.

Thanks for the heads up, OP.

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Dang no Kmarts in the Illinois or Arkansas area have Castlevania LoS 2 for the PS3 to pick up. No stores in the areas have it either to try and price match so I can't even get shot down at that. Reported the lower price to amazon, buuuut I doubt they will honor it. That's more than disappointing.

I picked up my $5 copy of Castlevania LOS 2 today, also noticed they still had a few more copies as well as MGS for PS4. When I checked the website it said that there were no copies of MGS within 50 miles of me, are these prices the same in store as well or online only?
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