List of all FREE Xbox Live Marketplace content (2.0)

Graphically and gameplay-wise, Halo 3 feels very last-gen now. I tried playing it again a few months ago, and it just felt like a dinosaur. Maybe it's just me....
I can see where you are coming from there, but I will have to disagree ;)

To give it some credit it is a title that came out two years into the 8 year cycle of the 360, and when you think about that, you might change your mind somewhat.

To put some perspective on Halo 3, it has extremely low replay when it comes to online due to the armor variants being unlocked in campaign. But that being said it probably is one of the best games in the games for gold deal.

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Having trouble getting this... It keeps saying $19.99 even when I'm on my russian account
the Russian account means at you not :) in Russia all in rubles, instead of in dollars, it is better to download via the console, from the Russian account, has to be so.

free is "бесплатно"

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the Russian account means at you not :) in Russia all in rubles, instead of in dollars, it is better to download via the console, from the Russian account, has to be so.

free is "бесплатно"
Yeah, figured that... Downloading on console as I type this! Thanks again man!

Your main account will not be banned (neither will be the console). You MIGHT get your Russian account banned though (game will stay).

Posting international content is wonderful. But remember...

Important Notes:
Discussion of how one might go about circumventing any restraints in place to get content from a country other than their own... is currently against the rules! (Once the Xbox One is released, this may not even be an issue as early reports state that the Xbox One is Region Free!)
Angry Birds Trilogy on Russian account still there 'free' & urs 4 the takin'.  

PS  Thank U guys 4 the info!

BTW Marine Avatar T-shirt and Verizon Props are on the grid 

(US dash board) - Games, Brows Games, Indie, THE GRID

does anyone know if the free movies and tv shows count on your punchcard on xbox rewards

Do the free movies and tv shows count as purchases for your punch card in the xbox rewards page.
No, free stuff doesn't count for the My Movies & TV Punchcard, as the rewards page states: "*Minimum purchase is $3 USD (before taxes). Only one punch may be earned per purchase."

Dont know if its still active but if you have a russian xbox account you can download Angry Birds Trilogy for Free without GOLD from russion xbox marketplace

more like facepalm to the person how posted other topic should of just been posted in here and not in an entirely seperate topic.

The Wendys ad that had several downloads is back on the US dashboard, again.  It includes:

  • Wendy's Theme & Gamerpics
  • Wendy's "Where's the Beef?" Avatar T-Shirt
  • Wendy's Red Wig Avatar Prop
I think the Karaoke game should be added to the list of free games. You can sing free select songs each day. It has achievements and avatar awards. Plus if you sing 5 songs you can earn free 15 minutes of access to the full 8,000+ songs library. You can technically play the game without paying anything.

Oh and the Minecraft Skin Pack Trials include a few free unlocked skins that you can use at no cost. So those might be considered free add-ons.

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It's working now, the avatar items is a T-shirt (codes for both Male and Female):

Click Get it Free.
Finally got it to work. :)

Doesn't sound like you actually needed to be in the beta to get it.

Once you go to the link, there are three categories for the bottom box. "Ambassador", "Enforcement United" and "Xbox Beta". Just click "Xbox Beta" to find the Beta t-shirt.
I looked back and the link for the free beta Avatar T-Shirt was never posted. Here it is:

Maybe this will help more people get them. :)

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