Madden 16 Official CAG League - Spots Open! League Progressing! Draft! Panoramic15 Now Commissioner!

Sorry about the delay. When I went to advance last night my game got stuck updating. We have now advanced and will advance again Sunday night at 11:59PM est.
Do we have a List of who is actually active? My week 3 Preseason game is against the steelers....unsure if he's even still around;) 

The Steelers are still active.

Also active at this moment?  My wife's labor!  So you guys can auto-sim me for a while.  I'll be back soon.  

I was gonna advance it tonight if you guys are ready and yes I will. I forgot I can do that. Lol. My bad.
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I have finally advanced the league. After this next advance we will finally get to the regular season. This will be a 2 day advance so Monday night at 11:59PM est.
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Can you turn the Steelers off auto?  The baby is now 8 days old and I can get back into the game.  Just asking now so if I'm playing a human opponent I can set something up.

I will go on and turn myself off tonight when I get home from work.  

lol...have you guys actually been playing and just nobody's been posting? Or is the sarcasm strong here? I was wondering the other day how you guys were doing.

I am so sorry for the long delay. I've had a crazy month and my copy of Madden was broken. I'm finally here again and will continue the 3 day advance.
Hey, guys. Just to update everybody since a few people have asked me about it, I'm not doing a Madden league this year. I played a few games in the EA Access trial, and I'm really unimpressed by it. To me, it feels like the exact same game as last year.

I already had a couple of those stupidly infuriating moments where the CPU gets away with making horrible backpedaling across their body lob passes right to an 87 OVR MLB standing by himself...and it clanks off his hands (see below).

Then, on the other side, I get holding calls, facemask calls, illegal block in the back calls. Just so much crap that's not even in my power to control. I won the game 31-17...and still had a terrible time. So, Madden for me this year.

Just for funsies, here's a short clip of what I'm talking about. Worth it for the last play alone. I promise. :lol:


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Why did you put the fifa clip in at the end?

LMAO...I know right. I thought the football literally had AIDS. I was like "Ok, scoop it and go. Wait, ok, this guy. Scoop it and go. No. Hmm...all right, maybe this guy Maybe...maybe I can just kick it into the endzone."

I just can't take the feeling that even to have a good game, I have to overcome 10 different things happening that weren't my fault. At some point, it really feels like the CPU is cheating. You know if any of us had thrown a pass like that first one, the CPU would have gobbled it up every time.

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Haha is that too fast? It's not too bad! 45 minutes a game, three times a week is good in my book, as it's the only league I participate in :)
I just think most of CAG's userbase is beyond those days (ie. college). Once you're in your 30s with a wife and kids, life changes a bit. Don't you guys ever have scheduling conflicts?

I just think most of CAG's userbase is beyond those days (ie. college). Once you're in your 30s with a wife and kids, life changes a bit. Don't you guys ever have scheduling conflicts?
I understand ya.

Occasionally, we do, but not too often where it impacts the league negatively. For example, say you and I can't play, the admins (or us) would decide who would get a sim win (or auto game) based on who showed more availability or the opponents would agree and say that is fine, sim us this week.

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