Nintendo Switch Discussion Thread

The success is a surprise to everyone.
The success isn't a surprise to me. This is my opportunity to get an "I told you so" in. Back when the Switch was announced, I predicted it's success, and most of the reasoning and logic I used is now commonly referenced with the benefit of hindsight. I saw this coming, and provided credible arguments to support my predictions.

Plenty of other people didn't see it coming, including quite a few major game publishers. And yes, that is why we are seeing so many ports and quick turnaround projects coming to the Switch. Making a game from scratch for a new platform is time consuming and costly. Porting content you produced years ago is economical and a chance to re-monetize old material.

Well, congrats.

Please understand, I'm not against the Switch or Nintendo at all. It looked borderline sabotage to me at the time with the trailers and stuff, but I bought the thing two weeks ago and can't stop playing Odyssey, and just got back from picking up a pink and green joy-con set. I'm clearly on their side right now, just never saw this coming and have a hard time believing some claims like that.
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