[OVER!] Spring Cleaning Lowball includes a VITA! a 3DS XL! Gameboy Pocket! Xenoblade and Metroid Prime Trilogy?!

Tales of the Abyss 3DS - $6

Fire Emblem Awakening - $14

Steelseries Keyboard - $15

Pikmin Tote Bag - $4

Gameboy Pocket - $26

Skylanders Swapforce Bundle - $16

Crusher $2
Hothead $2
Ignitor season 2 $2
Eruptor season 2 $2
Hotdog season 2 $2
Slam Bam season 1 $2
Zap season 2 $2
Lightcore Prism Break season 2 $2
Terrafin season 1 $2
Stump Smash season 2 $2
Shroom Boom season 2 $2
Legendary Stealth Elf season 2 $2
Double Trouble season 2 $2
Chop Chop season 2 $2
Drill Sergeant season 1 $2
Sprocket season 2 $2
Drobot lightcore season 2 $2
Pirate Ship level figure $2
Ice Kingdom level figure $2
Treasure Chest figure $2
Shield Figure $2
Ghost Sword figure $2
Anvil figure $2
Yah....I miss the other lowball because I was creating an excel file for my collection and forgot all about it. So I gotta make it up for this one! I will also myself be having a lowball to get rid of some of my cheaper games that are just sitting there and will never be played, Want to get my Avg price per game up!

Maaan leave something for the rest of us. :C I'm taking it easy on bids for today, i'll continue bidding tomorrow (monday)

BTW guys, I got another Paper Mario TTYD so I won't be bidding this one up any further than $6. If I win it I'll pay of course but feel free to bid above me without concern for a bidding war. :)

Alright guys, I do apologize for the delay. Finally got back from my trip. Will end sometime today (I will announce that it ends within the hour when its coming) and then invoices will go out the next day.

Without going into details, I can't use Amazon Payments.

Do I have any other way of paying you?
Absolutely not.

bread's done