[OVER!] Spring Cleaning Lowball includes a VITA! a 3DS XL! Gameboy Pocket! Xenoblade and Metroid Prime Trilogy?!

Bidding over???

if not,

PS Vita-1000 System (Black) comes with: System, 8GB Memory card, power adapter, Hori Flipshell cover $83
3DS XL (Red) comes with: System, 2GB SD Card, black carrying bag, power adapter $98
Gameboy Pocket (Blue) Good condition (few scratches but works 100% even has serial code) comes with Pokemon Blue (completely functional) $27
Well, I hope the auction is still going, I didn't notice it until now and it'd be nice to finally own a vita I can reasonably afford. That being said, I wonder how he's gonna handle this.

bread's done