Target Black Friday 2019 Ad Deals


1 (100%)
Official ad here:

*Games are for multiple consoles as described in the details of the ad on Target's website. Though it is not shown in the physical ad, it is for other consoles.

Some BF deals will start Friday 11/08

Also if anyone is interested, I got some invites to a discord group for BF and alerts. PM me if you're interested.

20% Coupon w/ $50 Purchase

:ps4: $199.99 Playstation 4 1TB Last of Us Remastered, God Of War, Horizon Zero Dawn Complete Bundle

:ps4: $199.99 Playstation VR Bundle w/ Resident Evil, Astro Bot, Hot Shots Golf VR, Skyrim VR and VR Worlds

:ps4: All Playstation VR Bundles will be $100 off

:switch: $199.99 Nintendo Switch Lite

:switch: $299.99 Nintendo Switch Neon or Gray Bundle w/ Mario Kart 8

:xb1: $199.99 Xbox One S 1TB Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order Bundle w/ $40 Gift Card

:xb1: Save $150 and get a $40 gift card with all Xbox One X consoles

:xb1: $349.99 Xbox One X Gears of War 5 Bundle w/ $40 Gift Card

$249.99 Pac-Man or Marvel Upright Arcade Cabinets w/ 17in LCD Screen (4 Feet Tall)

:ps4: :xb1: $39.99 Playstation 4 and Xbox One Controllers

:switch: $59.99 Nintendo Switch Joy-Con Left / Right Controllers

:switch: $19.99 Nintendo Switch Traveler GoPlay Action Pack

$34.99 Turtle Beach Recon 200 Gaming Headset

$15 (over 100 games)

:ps4: Overwatch Legendary Edition (last year this was mixed up with the Game of the Year Edition)

:ps4: Aladdin and Lion King

:ps4: World War Z

:ps4: Division 2

:ps4: Kingdom Hearts 3

:ps4: Resident Evil 2

:xb1: Zombieland Double Tap Road Trip

:xb1: Grand Theft Auto V

:xb1: Team Sonic Racing

:xb1: Rainbow Six Siege

:switch: Killer Queen Black

:switch: Mario & Rabbids Kingdom Battle

:switch: Overcooked 2

:switch: Crash Tag Racing

:switch: Crash Bandicoot Remastered

$25 (over 40 games)

:ps4: Sims 4 Island Living

:ps4: Control

:ps4: Call of Duty Black Ops 4

:ps4: Nascar Heat 4

:xb1: Plants vs Zombies Battle For Neighborville

:xb1: Forza Horizon 4

:switch: Race with Ryan

:switch: Just Dance 2020

:switch: Super Monkey Ball Banana Blitz HD

:switch: Spyro Reignited Trilogy

:switch: Overwatch Legendary Edition

$29.99 (over 30 games)

:ps4: Dragon Quest Builders 2

:ps4: WWE 2K20

:ps4: Judgement

:ps4: Catherine Full Body

:ps4: Red Dead Redemption 2

:ps4: Ghost Recon Breakpoint

:ps4: FIFA 20

:xb1: Fallout 76

:xb1: Mortal Kombat 2

:xb1: Rage 2

:xb1: Madden 20

:switch: Super Mario Odyssey

:switch: Zelda: Breath of the Wild

:switch: Mario Tennis Aces

:switch: FIFA 20

:switch: NBA 2K20

$35 (over 10 games)

:ps4: Need for Speed Heat

:ps4: NHL 10

:ps4: Borderlands 3

:xb1: Gears of War 5

:xb1: Monster Hunter World: Iceborne Master Edition

:ps4: :xb1: $45 Call of Duty Modern Warfare

Save $5 on Xbox Live $25, PS+ $25 and Nintendo Online $20 cards

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Hm that’s interesting. 20% with red card and b2g1. Problem is more spending for me haha
Right there with you, bud. And obviously, given that the 20% off coupon is the most ‘valuable’ factor in the mix (due to its scarcity), you’d want to make the most of it, if it indeed stacks on top of the B2G1, so if there’s any grouping of more expensive games on your to-get list, it’s probably best to burn it there (along with any other non-gaming stuff that might be on your list). Just calculating off the top of my head, a B2G1 with three $60 games is around $120, and the 20% off would knock off another $24. Throw the purchase on a REDcard and that drops another $4.80 off. So if it all works out, it breaks down to around $30.xx per game. Provided there are no exclusions on recent games like Death Stranding, Star Wars, and something newer like Civilization 6 (referencing PS4 games here since that’s more my wheelhouse), this confluence of deals/stacks may be about the best pricing one could get on certain games this holiday season (fingers crossed on the exclusion list).

Of course, it would be nice if you could grab all the games you wanted at the cheaper price points too and use the 20% off with them, but given that the B2G1 always makes the cheapest game(s) free, doing so would undercut the maximum savings you could get. Of course, if you lucked out and had more than one coupon, then it’s less of an issue...
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Okay cause the email made it look like separate codes so I was wondering cause I’ll be making a shopping trip tomorrow and already used the online code. Thanks!
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Guessing the B2G1 starts in just over an hour? Need a couple games as gifts that were never on sale for BF and gonna try the 20% coupon to see how that goes.

Good question. Already used my 20% in store and decided to test it out online, and it worked.
I used my coupon in store today, and the associate gave me the coupon back. And no, it didn't work on the Switch games, so I had to purchase those in a separate transaction. It worked on the PS4 and Xbox One games and the action figures that I bought.

Anyone know if the 20% off coupon would work on a Switch Pro controller. I’m not sure if it falls under “Hardware”.
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