The CAG Pokemon Trading/Discussion Thread


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With the release of Pokemon X and Y, I thought it would be a cool idea to get a CAG trading thread started for all Pokemon games. It could be a fun little way for Pokemon fans here on CAG to discuss where we can find each Pokemon and give each other tips for finding/trading Pokemon. Additionally, members can request a trades for certain Pokemon that a version may not have.

I for one am thinking about breeding some of my starter Pokemon and going from there.

Information you might find useful: - Images of Vivillion Patterns - credit to samaside

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My wonder trades weren't so great so far. Got a Flabebe, Woobat, and a Zigazagoon. If anyone wants a Pancham or Honedge, lemme know.

Nice, I'm gonna need some Eevees along and some Dittos. I just wonder traded again an got a Japanese Pikachu, wonder traded that, and got a Japanese Fletchling, then I wonder traded that and got a Litwick at level 38. It has flame body so I'm definitely going to keep it.

Just caught a Flebebe (what's up with the flowers changing colors, it's kinda cool) that I wonder traded for a Swirlix which immediately evolved into Swirlpuff, so heads up guys.

I have the 1st gen starters and new starters available to breed if anyone needs, also have a few lvl30 abras from the safari that I have no use for if anyone needs one.

fc= 1607-2322-4103

I have an extra Polar pattern and River pattern Vivillon if anyone else is trying to collect the various patterns. I still need any and every pattern except: High Plains, Polar, River, Elegant, Garden, and Modern.

It depends on what your 3DS considers your region. I'm in Arizona so I got a High Plains one. I've managed to trade for five of the others and I raise every Scatterbug I get via Wonder Trade in hopes of getting another one but so far no luck.

Go for it. I just want all the Vivillons.

I'm going to start breeding Froakies, Fennekins, Charmanders, and Tyrunts once I stop being lazy about it. Mostly to trade for rare Vivillons. :|

Traded 2 sylveons I raised myself for female kanto starters bulb and squirt. One was in a great ball and the other in a quick ball. Which means they are hacked. Unless there is some over site I'm not seeing? Pisses me off. Sure Im just going to breed them but really. Also I thought the GTS was good at detecting fakes?

The ball is determined by the mother. If dittos the momma, then they'll have whatever was used to catch the ditto. No haxked pokemon until december. Enjoy it while it lasts.
Got a level 1 eeve with the poke virus. talk about hack.
Not saying the odds are ridiculous that someone already got pokerus, but you can give eggs pokerus. I had a copy of event pokemon (on ruby) that came with pokerus and it gae it to the eggs.

Man people from Japan really want Electrike.  I've been on route 10 trying to get a few Eevee's and been capturing Electrikes as well and I've gotten everything I've asked for on the GTS. :D

EDIT: Just got a Clauncher via Wonder Trade for a Bunnelby :)

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Got a level 1 eeve with the poke virus. talk about hack.
My friend actually caught a Weedle from the first forest that had Pokerus so it's possible that it could be legit.

Actually, he spread it to a few of his Pokemon and traded one to me, so if anyone is interested in a Pokemon with Pokerus, lemme know!

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4639-8952-1912 is my friend code if anyone wants to add me.  I'm looking to trade as soon as I can get something worth trading.  Trying to breed so I can trade starters for the others I need.

Does anyone happen to have a Haunter or Gastly they dont mind giving away ? I am wanting a level 45-55 one if possible.
I have a shit ton of Lvl. 1 Gastlys I was breeding for natures to trade someone for Ocean pattern Vivillons. I was just going to release them into Wonder Trade but I can hold on to one if you want it.

Did you need Japan's pattern Samaside?
I need the ones from Okinawa and Hokkaido - I have the other Japanese patterns. I'm down to needing Monsoon (Okinawa - among other places), Tundra (Hokkaido, Finland, Norway), Sandstorm (UAE, Somalia, etc.), and Archipelago (Puerto Rico, Yucatan, Jamaica, etc.). I'm getting there!

I am looking to swap codes with people. Send me your friend code and I will do the same. I want as many friend safari's as possible. The more the merrier. I also love to battle so if you guys want to battle me add me. :D

Also I found a pokemon with pokerus 3 hours into the game on launch day. Not sure if it was pure luck buy I definitely did not hack.

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