The Official CAG 2016 Pick-Ups Thread

The Psycho Pass LE is bigger than I though, especially when compared to the Touhou LE.

Shadow Complex Remastered, Soldner X, and Rainbow are obviously from LRG.

Snoopy was from Walmart Clearance, which I'm actually surprised about. Dengeki Bunko and SAO: LS were from Gamestop.

Killzone was from a Craigslist deal. $8 is not a bad price for a sealed copy.

A very generous user gave me The Ico/SOC Collection for free. 

When the Nintendo Select version of Windwaker hit stores, I found out a local Gamestop had a used copy so I immediately picked it up.

I have BFME2 for PC but I wanted the 360 version since that was the first one I played. Finally got it for a decent price. 

Ratchet and Clank was from a Craigslist deal with Killzone. 

Transformers The Movie ( :whee: so happy about this) was from Amazon while Beast Wars S1 and Godzilla The Series were from Amazon Warehouse. My childhood right here.

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Pokemon Go Plus, def worth the price when your work is also a Pokestop. I dont have to look at my phone every 4 mins now to check in. GS by my work had all theres claimed before the store even opened.

PGP again, Walking Dead shirt from Target, 2TB My Passport Ultra from Target (did a Windows reinstall and needed to back stuff up), 3 Walgreens exclusive WON figures.

Pokemon sets from Barnes and Noble

Pokemon Go Plus, def worth the price when your work is also a Pokestop. I dont have to look at my phone every 4 mins now to check in. GS by my work had all theres claimed before the store even opened.

PGP again, Walking Dead shirt from Target, 2TB My Passport Ultra from Target (did a Windows reinstall and needed to back stuff up), 3 Walgreens exclusive WON figures.

Pokemon sets from Barnes and Noble

Very nice. Especially with the WD drive. I have a 1 TB one that runs pretty well.


all from gamestop 'cept netflix card
Gave in and bought a Vive from Gamestop. Dont trust my walls to hold the sensor brackets so I have some tall camera monopods from Best Buy ordered. Works better than I expected in my small mancave.

Ordered a Halo Bundle Xbox One S off Amazon the other day during some promo and got this for free! Will probably sell the Xbox (which hasnt arrived yet) on Ebay or CL.

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Decided to stop by Suncoast for the first time in a year. Had to put several things back because my order was already over $200.


Hot Topic in the local mall had a B1G2 free on clearance. Cheapest I've seen these figures for a while (at least ones I was interested in).

WON figures from Amazon, Farcry Primal from Gamefly for $8

Monopods/Gorilla grips from my Vive sensors

Gears Of War 4 Collectors Edition (Amazon version)

Loot Gaming- Battle poster, Dead Rising 4 multitool, Gears mini lancer, Fallout teeshirt, Battlezone shot glasses

Keldeo card set, Paper Mario, Xbox $50 card, and Volcanion card from GS

Keldeo Plush/Figure- Toys r Us just a few more items left this year from the 20th Anniversary line! My pile is getting out of control!

I preordered the World Of Final Fantasy, Limited Edition, from Amazon. IT'S HERE!



Before anyone asks, the game is in the back of the artbook..well, really in my PS4 right now b/c I'm downloading updates and wiggling since I was really looking forward to this..

Picked these up at Best Buy. Got tired of the shitty Music Player apps on phones so I got a dedicated MP3 Player.

Got this from for $70.

Got two Pokémon TCG multipacks and got these holos. Mewtwo and Noivern were in the same pack.

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Haven't posted in this place for some time.  Used the recent BBY pre-owned game sale to fill in my last-gen collection.  Many of these didn't come with the game art so I just proceeded to print them out using my color printer (easy peesy).  I don't care if I'm missing some manuals.  As I've mentioned elsewhere, when I can get a game for $5 shipped to me compared to driving 30+ miles to a Gamestop, I'm happy to go take the former route any day!

Grabbed the whole Saints Row games from 1-GOH.  Being the disc-guy, grabbed the GOTY editions of Saints Row Third and IV.  Also picked up all three of the Army of Two games and the three Record of Agarest War games.  Still have a few more PS3/360 games I want to pick up but now *seriously* getting to the very end.  

When am I ever going to play these games? LOL  :joystick: 

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Genesect plush/card set from GS

Loot Gaming- Titanfall 2 tee, poster, Pacman bandaids, Ganondorf socks, Mario magnet, Dr Robotnik fingerless "Game Over" gloves, and a Reaper POP! figure.

Halo Crate- pj pants, tee, action statue, poster, 2 patches, 2 pins, "classified into" packet, a Halo 5 req pack code

Samsung 55inch UN55KU6500F 4K HDTV from Dell. I was going to pick one up at Target for $800 but Dell was throwing in a $300 giftcard if you paid their $900 price. Ill probably end up using that on a PS4 Pro which I wasnt actually planning on getting before!

i have not been find much of anything lately so i just been buying commons games from last generation i never got around to picking up like tomb raider.

i got these games for $5 each. glad to finally be able to play tomb raider.

these ones were $2 each

since i have been getting XBOX systems for $5 and now have five of them i decided to start softmodding them. once i got a flash drive that the xbox could read it was easy to mod it and load emulators onto it. it is awesome having all the old games especially the expensive ones i cant afford on one console. next i am going to try cloning the hard drive so i can upgrade it and put more games onto it.

also this is for anyone that ordered zero time dilemma with the watch bonus from amazon. i was looking back at the watches on amazon because there was one in my cart for some unknown reason still. i seen that the price dropped from $500 to $50. so i decided to try to check out with one to see if i had the promotional credit even though i got the two i originally ordered. sure enough it was still there and i was able to get two more watches for free so now i have four.

Drove past Target on launch day around 7:20, see 6 people in line so I keep driving and go to the mall. Get there right as security opened the doors for mall walkers. First in line at GS! Heard so many people bitching about Target only having 4! GS had 8 and 1 controller, we were turning people away by 8. Book came from Amazon the same day.

Binder and sleeve for my bag o hockey cards

Used my $300 giftcard I got from ordering a tv off Dell. They gave me a $45 giftcard for ordering this!

Pokemon Sun And Moon steelbook from Amazon. Gameboys were from Craigslist. Guy brought them out to me at work and only wanted $10! After a thorough cleaning I have a working Nuby GameLight, working pink GBA, a somewhat yellowed but working GB, and a really nice looking GB that works but the speaker is dead. Still works with headphones though.

Loot Gaming- Assassins Creed Black Flag shirt, Dragon Age figure, Okamiden figure, Castlevania sword letter opener, pin, and poster

Raspberry Pi 3 Model B, case, ac adapter from Amazon. Currently downloading someones Retro Pi image thats already setup with a bunch of stuff.

Haven't posted in a very long time. So here are my past purchases for the last few months.

Flea Market/Yard Sale Pick Ups

The Art Book was from Amazon. The Darkwing Duck Set was $12 for both from OfferUp.


Got into the habit of buying stickers. Also got this neat shirt.


Decided to finally buy this after one of Ebay's Flash Sale Discounts.


Black Friday Pick Ups. I bought way more last year. Maybe 2017 will be different. But I expect to be disappointed again. I'll probably buy an X1 next year. 


Electronics Pick Ups plus Big Bang Theory S9. Bought 2 Chromebooks. 1 for me and 1 for my dad. Walmart's price was pretty great for $119 each. Been needing a Tablet, so I got the $89 Galaxy Tab from Best Buy.


Halo Loot Crate- Captain Keys teeshirt, poster, plasma grenade mug, Spartan/Grunt statue, light up Energy Sword letter opener, stickers, pin, and the "Classified" letter.

got this PSP for $50. it is the medal gear solid limited edition PSP. i already have two PSPs but i liked the color and it is in mint condition. when i see limited edition PSPs for sale they usually have chips in the paint or the screen is terrible. this one came with a case and a 2gb memory card with the original medal gear solid game installed.


Here are some of my pick-ups since Black Friday.  Assassin's Creed Unity was cut off in this photo (grabbed that from Five Below for $5).  Finally picked up Batman Arkham Knight for $10 at GS during their Pro Day sale (as well as some of their other $10 games).  

Found some nice $8 pick-ups from Target during their Black Friday sale (I went hours after all the craziness - love swinging by after the crowds have passed to walk around and observe, and occasionally pick up things if I find a few good deals).  

Been meaning to pick up Gal Gun - love these weird, quirky Japanese games.  Given it's an Amazon exclusive, like the physical PS4 release of Gravity Rush, I wanted to get it before it disappeared.  

Lastly, snatched God Eater 2 from Amazon; and a few others from the usual stores.

Want to pick up Rise of the TR -  but can wait til that hits $20.  Have more than enough games to play in 2017 and beyond :)


December Pick Ups

Final Fantasy Explorers

Fire Emblem Fates Conquest

Legend of Legacy

Atelier Sophie: Mysterious Book

Watch Dogs 2

Lichdom Battlemage

Most of these are with Gamestop's cheap Power Up rewards coupon and gamestop cards I got from White Elephant parties.

The 3DS games from the gamestop B2G1 free. Atelier cause I have wanted to play another one since PS3 days.

Watch Dogs was like $5 after $25 and $15 off coupon.

Lichdom Battlemage was $10 clearence at target.

Also got two Ratchet and Clanks for $10 as xmas gifts.

Slowly trying to rebuild my collection.

bread's done