The Official CAG 2017 Pick-Ups Thread

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Guess Ill catch up on my Pickups.....

Skyward Sword amiibo from Amazon, was able to flatten the bent backing but the plastic still has a dent. Thanks Amazon....


2 LootGaming boxes (they ran behind because they didnt get the shirt in for one box, I get that later apparently)- Brutal Legend shirt, Fallout 4 mini AER9 Laser Rifle, Battletoads belt buckle, Fallout bottlecap pin, LOL figure, poster. Rocket League plush ball, Twisted Metal " I Scream" Sweetooth scoop, pin, poster, Mario Kart collapsible car window shade.







My replacement Pokedex phone charger/case from Gogotoro finally arrived. The original one wouldnt charge the phone.


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WTF happened to my pics? If Photobucket thinks Im giving them $400 to post my pictures elsewhere on the internet they can fuck OFF!

Edit- Lets try Imgur


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Picked up Saints Row 4 Super Dangerous Wub Wub edition for PS3 last night for $11 from someone on Facebook.

Very oddly specific asking price for it, guy was a bit weird, so I wasn't going offer $10.

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Stuff I got from AX 2017.


All the free swag. I bought the Dragon Maid and Kill La Kill Buttons though. Got a ton of free posters too. I somehow lost my JoJo Poster. D;


Stuff I actually bought. Wish Love Live got a Special Price. Would've bought that. Honestly, I spent a lot more at AX than I expected. However, the people I went with spent a lot more than me. LOL. 

Ranko was half off and I think she was the last one. The Umi and Saber Alter were $10 off.

Other stuff.


I found a complete copy of Cave Story at Gamestop for 13.50. =D I know it got rereleased on the Switch, but I couldn't say no. 

Mass Effect and SAO were from Gamestop's Game Days sale. 

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headphones from local riteaid movie from walmarts. world of final fantasy new. rest of games was buy 2 get one free.

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5 separate boxes from Best Buy yesterday


And the one from GS just showed up.........and JERKY!



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got some good finds these last to weeks. the snes/nes games were $5 each. the black one is shinobi.


also got 999 for $20 cib since it is the first print cover


today i got these games for about $10 each


along with those games i also got this today for $10. the deals are still out there. i can not believe i own this game!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I used to get annoyed by the nendroids every day from square.
Now if it goes more than a couple days without one I start thinking "I hope everything is ok"
An Arcade Block that has some items theyve sent before and a few new items....its not my E Gamer box though


Couple booklets from Ebay and Hey Pikmin from GS


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My composite/svideo to hdmi box died and I wanted to play my Goodwill PS1 games so I ran into GS and bought 1 of the 2 PS3/360/Wii component cables they had. Not gonna lie, they look really good on my 4k Samsung running on the PS2 Slim with component! I also got what Im assuming is a higher quality composite/svideo to hdmi box from Amazon, I like to use it when Im just testing older games and systems I pick up on my Playstation 3D monitor in my bedroom. Its just easier to plug everything in on that then on my main setup.


I see three of us have Macross Delta Scramble now. :lol:

Fun game but I think Gundam Battle SEED Destiny is better, just due to the amount of suits and custom suits you get. Be sure to to download the Update when you play.

got these for only $57 total. call of Cthulhu is badly scratched but still works fine so i will be getting it resurfaced,  the games are complete except for sonic adventure's manual. finished off the Mario party set for gamecube and i only need resident evil 3 for the gamecube set as well


Crash bandicoot I picked up night before release.
Astro a10

Also picked up dark souls 3 and bloodborne.
LootGaming Box


Traded my Darth Vader and Luke Skywalker Force FX lightsabers for this super clean SNES 1CHIP V03 with controller, Monster svideo cable, Earthbound repro, atomic purple N64 controller, and faded label Pokemon Snap. Guy had to school me on the SNES model and cables....wonder how many of those I mightve sold on Ebay without knowing theyre worth more! (long story short, they have the best video quality).


VGM- havent had one box were I didnt get extra games yet


Entertainment Earth WON figure

Picked up some ds games from gamestop the past week, had to go to a few different stores,, then do a return and rebuy to use with the b2g1 free coupon from getting the pur

Dokapon journey$36
Shin megami 4 apocalypse $31.50
Solatorobo free

At another store picked up
Little red riding hood zombie BBQ 13.50$

No manual on zombie BBQ and Shin megami apocalypse but they have the original case. The other 2 are cart only but still for what I paid, I'm more than happy. Funny story about zombie BBQ, someone else had just traded it in earlier in the day and the cashier fished the case out of the trash for me, its in extremely good shape regardless.

I picked up a switch this evening as well from gamestop for
300 plus tax and put in an online order for Mario kart switch from gamestop for 45.26$ total after shipping, hope to get a complete copy, or if I don't hopefully my local gamestop will just give me a manual and case if I ask

Picked up a jap wii for 37 shipped and will commence to raid the shop channel games that will never see the light of day here
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i got these yesterday for $15 each all are complete but megaman zero is a little rough and label is torn in middle of cart.


I noticed that but I also tried imgur & tinypic. Tinypic wouldn't upload and imgur the link and img tag didn't work.
With imgur you need to use the direct link now, not the one they provide you after upload in order for it to work with image tag.

It's sort of annoying, but yeah...

Example: <----doesn't work with image tag <----works just fine with image tag

Basically adding that "i." at the beginning will solve the issue.

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